Space Haven

Space Haven – Blueprints & Crafting Resources

Space Haven Blueprints & Crafting Resources The useful resource tab is where all of your machine blueprints exist. Chemical Refinery Produces refined chemicals. Hazardous gasses and Noisy. Energy Refinery Transforms power crystals into energy rods and raw hyperium into hyperfuel. Hazardous gasses and noisy. Assembler Produces basic construction components. Soft blocks, hull blocks, infrablocks. Micro-Weaver Creates fabric from fibers. Metal Refinery …

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Space Haven – Oxygen

Oxygen I’m including this section because I have died to asphyxiation. And it changed into a process to get it solved. First make certain you’ve got water stored somewhere you could get admission to it. Then ensure there may be oxygen in the generator. This sounds overly simple, but it is able to keep you. …

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