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GBF Relink: Best Eugen Builds Guide – Granblue Fantasy

How to play and build Eugen, one of the best characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink(GBF). Lear their best builds, skills and combos.


Eugen B Tier character in granblue fantasy relink tier list
Skybound Soldier

Race: Human
Element: Earth
Style: DPS, Sniper
Skybound Art: Schwarze Faenge
Weapon Specialty: Riffle

Meet Eugen, your trusty ally in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Unlike Rackam, Eugen automatically joins your team early in the game and truly shines when taking on foes from a distance. His precision in targeting specific weak points ensures maximum damage.

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, allies or companions play a crucial role, being recruitable characters who accompany The Captain in both exploration and combat. Each ally brings a unique blend of elements, weapon specialization, combat style, personality, and appearance to the table.

Eugen Skills

SkillDescriptionSkill Type
Armor-Piercing RoundCalls down a barrage of shells with a wide area effect. Hold to aim. Each shell has a minor blast radius.Offense
DetonatorSwitches to sniper vision for a chargeable shot. Hold to charge and aim.Offense
DisruptorFires 4 seeking shots. Hold to change direction. Removes 1 buff on hit.Offense
InterceptDodges backward, then shoots forward. Grants Stout Heart and boosted firepower on perfect timing.Offense
Paralyzing BulletSwitches to sniper vision for a paralysis-inducing shot. Hold to aim.Offense
SumrakSwitches to sniper vision, fires a piercing beam with recoil. Hold to aim and sustain the beam.Offense
Venom GrenadeFires a grenade inflicting Poison and DEF in the blast radius.Offense
Healing BulletRestores allies’ HP within its radius. Hold for sniper vision aim or activate for a close-range shot.Defense
Take AimEnter sniper vision, can’t move, manually aim for more damage.Support
Fists of the MarksmanSwitches to hand-to-hand combat against nearby foes.Support

Eugen Weapons

You can check out the entire weapon list in Granblue Fantasy Relink (GBF) from the all weapons guide on our website.

WeaponLvlHPATKCrit Hit RateStun Power
Leviathan Muzzle40302590%0

Eugen Combo Attacks

Sniper Vision [Hold]
Charged Attack(In sniper vision) [Hold]
Melee Combo(At close range) > >
Grenade (Tosses grenade forward while withdrawing)
Air Grenade(While airborne) (Tosses grenade directly below)
Grenade+ [Hold] (Plants an HE grenade where aimed)
(Sniper) Grenade+(In sniper vision) (Tosses long-range, HE grenade)
Launch(Right after jumping)
Air Combo(While airborne) > >

How to Recruit Eugen

Recruiting Eugen in GBF Relink is a breeze.

  • He’s a key playable character right from the start of the main campaign, automatically joining your party in Chapter 1: The Western Frontier.

How to Play Eugen

Meet Eugen, the seasoned warrior wrestling both external foes and inner demons. Armed with versatile combat skills, he excels in both long-range precision and close-quarters combat.

Sniper Skills:

  • Engage sniper vision by holding . While stationary, Eugen gains precise control for manual aiming and shooting, perfect for targeting enemy weaknesses and dismantling body parts.

Grenade Tactics:

  • Hold to aim and throw grenades, creating a blast zone that damages foes. These explosive devices can be triggered either by time delay or by a well-timed attack.

Optimizing Firepower:

  • The effectiveness of Eugen’s gun attacks depends on the distance from his target. Striking a balance is crucial; too far, and his damage output diminishes.

Strategic Sniper Vision:

  • In sniper vision, Eugen can strategically target specific body parts of larger enemies, maximizing potential damage. Additionally, his grenades gain extended range while scoped, making them valuable for stunning foes and dismantling enemy components.

Best Eugen Build

DPS Eugen Build

  • Weapon: Leviathan Muzzle, Clarion, or AK-4A
  • Skills: Armor-Piercing Round, Detonator, Sumrak, Intercept
  • Sigils: Attack Power, Critical Hit Rate, Critical Damage, Overload/Break Assassin, Exploiter, Stamina, Damage Cap, Concentrated Fire, Skilled Assault

This build emphasizes Eugen’s damaging skills, enhancing his ranged capabilities to unleash significant damage when his skills are active. It also boosts his Sniper Vision attacks, ensuring he remains potent even during cooldown periods. Utilize Intercept for evasive maneuvers, especially against smaller enemies, while saving more damaging skills for primary targets.

Support Eugen Build

  • Weapon: Dreyse or Matchlock
  • Skills: Disruptor, Paralyzing Bullet, Venom Grenade, Healing Bullet
  • Sigils: Health, Improved Healing, Skilled Assault, Concentrated Fire, Aegis, Flex Sigils based on need

Despite his appearance, Eugen can function effectively as a team support. Disruptor removes enemy buffs, such as ATK and DEF Ups, enhancing the team’s offensive potential. Paralyzing Bullet immobilizes foes, granting allies opportunities for uninterrupted assaults. Venom Grenade inflicts DoT and DEF Down, aiding in various scenarios. Additionally, Healing Bullet provides remote healing for allies, even at a distance. Adjust Sigils based on the desired balance between Eugen’s damage output and survivability.

Eugen Fate Episodes and Rewards

Fate Episodes are a unique feature in the game, providing players with a glimpse into each Ally’s perspective on the unfolding events throughout the story. These fully-voiced diary entries offer an insight into the character’s thoughts and feelings as the narrative unfolds. As players advance through the story, level up their characters, and successfully complete Fate Episodes, more of these insightful episodes become available.

Completion of Fate Episodes not only grants players valuable stat bonuses but also unlocks slots for equipping Sigils, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Fate EpisodeReqirementsRewards
Prologue: Defending AugusteNoneHP +10
ATK +3
Episode 1: Family MattersFinish PrologueHP +15
ATK +5
Episode 2: Harsh MemoriesFinish Episode 1HP +20
ATK +7
Episode 3Character level 10 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 2
Stats Increase (TBA)
Episode 4Character level 10 or higher
Finish Episode 3
Sigil Slot Unlock (TBA)
Episode 5Character level 20 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 4
Stats Increase (TBA)
Episode 6Character level 30 or higher
Progress through the main story
Finish Episode 5
Stats Increase (TBA)
Episode 7Character level 40 or higher
Finish Episode 6
Stats Increase (TBA)
Episode 8Character level 50 or higher
Finish Episode 7
Sigil Slot Unlock (TBA)
Episode 9Character level 60 or higher
Finish Episode 8
Stats Increase (TBA)
EpilogueCharacter level 60 or higher
Finish Episode 9
Stats Increase (TBA)

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