GBF Relink: Chapters Routes

All chapter routes and details to help you progress in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

You can benefit from all the chapter routes in our guide to learn how to progress and complete the Granblue Fantasy Relink.

The chapter routes for Granblue Fantasy Relink provide a comprehensive progression plan, including a suggested path to complete the main story of the game. It’s important to note that the Game Walkthrough offers only an overview of the main campaign and its climax.


  1. Speak with your crew
  2. Defeat the Wyverns
  3. Knock some sense into Proto Bahamut

In the prologue chapter, players undergo a tutorial sequence, selecting either Gran or Djeeta as their Captain and familiarizing themselves with basic movement and combat mechanics. Interact with crewmates aboard the Grandcypher to grasp movement basics, then confront Wyvern enemies for combat instruction. Afterward, face Proto Bahamut, who becomes frenzied, leading to a battle where players dodge, block, and learn boss attack patterns. With teamwork, subdue Proto Bahamut and witness a stylish conclusion. Rewards: x1 Prism Chip, x1 Fortitude Shard.


  1. Search for Lyria
  2. Defeat the Timber Wolves
  3. Find a way out of the forest
  4. Defeat the Quakadile
  5. Head for the nearest town
  6. Explore the town
  7. Wait for your allies at the church
  8. Chase after the man
  9. Get ready and head to the dock

The quest commences with Vyrn waking The Captain in the Sundappled Grove. Locate Lyria, battling Timber Wolves to save her. Learn combat mechanics and elemental properties, facing Hornbirds and breaking through obstacles. Encounter the Quakadile, strategizing to exploit its weaknesses and deplete its meter. After victory, explore the town, engage with NPCs, trade with Sierokarte, and enhance equipment. Meet Rolan and form a party, then choose to depart for the next chapter. Rewards: Landbeast Claw x2, Fortitude Shard, Earth Shard, Rafale Coin x2.


  1. Search for the islanders who failed to escape
  2. Rescue islanders at other settlements
  • Liberate the windmill settlement
  • Liberate the waterfront settlement
  1. Rescue pursued islanders
  2. Defeat the Goblins
  3. Speak to the islanders
  4. Rescue captured islanders
  5. Defeat Greatshield Madbeat

Embark on a journey to Tempeal’s floating island, encountering Goblin threats amid unusual weather. Control Gran, Katalina, Rackam, and Io, navigating challenges and liberating settlements from Goblin assaults. Explore, engage in combat, and unlock rewards, including resources and strategic items. Confront Greatshield Madbeat in a boss battle, uncovering hints about the island’s mysteries. Prepare to delve deeper into the narrative and confront Tempeal’s primal beast.


  1. Stop the primal beast’s rampage
  2. Escape the collapsing bridge
  3. Climb the shaft
  4. Escape the shaft
  5. Stop Furycane’s rampage
  6. Defeat Furycane
  7. Defeat the mysterious man
  8. Meet up with your crew

Embark on a perilous journey in the Mines of Tempeal, facing the primal beast’s wrath. Lower bridges, confront enemies, and navigate collapsing structures to evade danger. Traverse through the cave, overcoming obstacles and hostile encounters. Reach the Halewind Altar and prepare for a showdown with Furycane. Engage in a fierce battle, utilizing tactics to exploit weaknesses and survive devastating attacks. Witness the aftermath as Lyria is captured by a mysterious assailant, setting the stage for a tense confrontation. Reunite with your crew and strategize your next move.


  1. Get ready and head to the dock
  • Speak with Katalina
  • Speak with Eugen
  • Exit the church
  • Speak with Rosetta
  • Speak with Io
  1. Speak with Rackam
  2. Fight off Avia’s Forces
  3. Chase the red ship
  4. Fight back with an ether cannon
  5. Neutralize the enemy ships
  6. Escape from the enemy ship
  7. Chase the red ship
  8. Destroy the grapnels
  9. Chase the red ship
  10. Neutralize all enemy ships
  11. Escape from the enemy ship
  12. Defeat Gallanza

Prepare for departure and engage with your crew, ensuring everyone is ready for the upcoming mission. Navigate through dialogues and interactions, gathering insights and support. Confront Avia’s Forces, engaging in intense aerial battles and strategic maneuvers. Pursue the red ship, facing challenges and adversaries along the way. Utilize the ship’s weaponry and skills to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious. Confront Gallanza in a thrilling showdown, securing victory and advancing the narrative.


  1. Journey to the Monastery
  2. Confront Nazarbonju
  3. Traverse Snowquilt Ravine
  4. Monastery Battle: Cyaegha Horde
  5. Protect Historiath in Tredame Sanctum
  6. Face Off: Id and Managarmr
  7. Dialogue with Rackam

Embarking on this quest, your path leads you to Mt. Neigelith on Leautagne Island. Follow the route, breaking through ice barriers along the way. Be cautious as the second barrier collapses, evading falling ice chunks. Arriving at the Monastery, confront new foes, Frosty Bones, and clear the area. Ascend the stairs, battling more Frosty Bones, and cross the bridge, aware of collapsing sections.

Continuing, descend into Snowquilt Ravine, defeating enemies and breaking ice barriers. Reach the quest marker, facing Cyaegha enemies. Defeat them and proceed, breaking more ice barriers for loot. At the Monastery, trigger a battle with Cyaegha horde, then witness Historiath’s intervention, leading to Tredame Sanctum.

In Tredame Sanctum, safeguard Historiath as she works her magic to open doors, facing waves of enemies. Protect her until completion, facing Scarmiglione as she finishes. Defeat the boss to proceed.

After a short respite, journey onwards to the next marker, encountering Lyria and Id in a cutscene. Engage in a predetermined battle against Id, leading to a confrontation with Managarmr. Despite efforts, the battle concludes similarly to Chapter 3.

Dialogue ensues before boarding the ship with Rackam, concluding this segment and paving the way for Chapter 6: In Search of Hope.


  1. Seek Family Zathba’s Base
  2. Aid Zathba’s Underlings
  3. Gather Intel on the Threat
  4. Speak with Informants
  5. Investigate the Alley
  6. Eavesdrop on Guards
  7. Report Findings and Regroup
  8. Prepare to Depart
  9. Meet with Zathba
  10. Locate the Catalyst Stone
  11. Unseal Central Ruins
  12. Confront Sword Veil Fellowship
  13. Battle Maglielle
  14. Face Excavallion

Arriving in Seedhollow, proceed to Zathba’s base, aiding his associates. Gather information on the looming threat from various sources. Investigate the alley to resolve a minor scare involving a cat. Eavesdrop on guards to discern the extent of the threat. Report findings to Zathba and prepare for departure.

Meet Zathba at the bar, negotiating a deal for vital information. Embark on a mission to Dahli Island to retrieve the Catalyst Stone. Navigate ruins, confront guardians, and unlock the seal. Battle through Sword Veil Fellowship members and face Maglielle, retrieving the Catalyst amidst chaos.

As the situation intensifies, encounter Excavallion, a colossal foe threatening Zathba’s ship. Utilize strategic maneuvers and assistance from allies to defeat Excavallion and conclude this chapter’s quest.


Head to Frightflame Altar

  • Chase the primal beast that abducted Lyria
  • Defeat Vulkan Bolla
  • Defeat Lilith
  • Speak with Rolan
  • Fight off Avia’s forces
  • Speak with Rackam

As you embark on the quest, stay on the main path, but keep an eye out for loot and chests. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the first Hallowed Ground for this quest. Utilize it to prepare for the upcoming boss fight if needed. Proceed up the stairs to reach the altar, triggering a short cutscene upon arrival. In this area, you’ll find Id and the Vulkan Bolla engaged in combat, with Id seemingly fighting to save Lyria. After the cutscene, continue following the primal beast, ensuring to avoid sinking into the magma as you progress. Keep an eye out for loot and chests along the way. Once you reach an area where you can engage with the Vulkan Bolla, the first phase of the boss fight begins.

During the battle with the Vulkan Bolla, it’s crucial to note that two additional phases follow the initial one. To trigger the second phase, inflict substantial damage on the boss. Id will temporarily assist you during this phase. The Vulkan Bolla primarily inflicts Fire damage and is vulnerable to Water. As its HP drops to 90%, the second phase begins, marked by the boss creating a magma wave. Seek cover to avoid Burn damage, indicated by red indicators on the ground. Proceed to the next area following the quest marker for the second phase of the battle.

In the second phase, the Vulkan Bolla retains its previous moves but introduces new ones, including Link Charge, which reduces damage from regular attacks. Wait for Vyrn to intervene and release the barrier during this phase. Following a brief cutscene, the third chase begins. Break through the wall that the Vulkan Bolla smashes and encounter the second Hallowed Ground. Utilize it to heal your crew and replenish items before proceeding. After a short cutscene, the third and final phase of the boss fight commences.

This phase intensifies the battle as the Vulkan Bolla traverses through the molten lava, launching magma balls across the area. Dodge the red circles to avoid burns and focus attacks on the crystals in its arms for increased damage. When the boss enters Overdrive Mode, evade the massive magma wave caused by the “Odium” attack. Additionally, prevent the boss from summoning a giant ball of fire by targeting the mana-emitting body parts within the time limit. Capitalize on opportunities presented during the Link Charge phases to deal significant damage. After defeating the Vulkan Bolla, collect your rewards and proceed with the quest.

Upon Lyria’s liberation from the catalyst and the removal of her collar by Vyrn, Lilith appears and initiates a boss fight against the crew. However, this battle is predetermined, resulting in defeat for the crew. Lilith spares their lives, implying Lyria’s disapproval of their deaths. Rolan arrives and breaks the barriers, freeing the crew, who then return to the ship with him.

Speak with Rolan upon reaching the ship, where he unveils his and Lilith’s true identities as Astrals. He discloses Lilith’s plan to harness Angra Mainyu’s power to open a gate, leading to Zegargrande’s destruction. Suddenly, the ship is ambushed by Avia’s forces. Fight them off to proceed, followed by a dialogue with the crew. Conclude the quest by speaking with Rackam, and the crew decides to ally with Rolan, planning to thwart Avia’s plans and return to Seedhollow. The transition to Chapter 8: Relink commences.

Prepare to storm Seedhollow Castle

  1. Head to the depths of the castle
  2. Fight off Avia’s Forces
  3. Head to the depths of the castle
  4. Fight off Avia’s Forces
  5. Head to the depths of the castle
  6. Defeat the Tayu’itar
  7. Neutralize the enemy ships
  8. Head to the depths of the castle
  9. Fight off the Generals
  • Defeat Gallanza
  • Defeat Maglielle
  1. Head to the depths of the castle
  2. Head to Hollowhaze Altar
  3. Defeat Id
  4. Go through the interdimensional gate
  5. Defeat Angra Mainyu
  6. Defy Angra Mainyu
  7. Destroy Angra Mainyu

The adventure begins with a cinematic scene, showing Gran and his crew returning to Seedhollow. Tension fills the air as the soldiers of Seedhollow and Zathba’s family anxiously react to the Avia threat. As Gran, your first task is to prepare for an assault on Seedhollow Castle. Descend the stairwell and, as you approach the castle, notice a purple orb on the left, granting you the “Order for Emergency.” Your initial destination is Sierokarte, where you’re warmly greeted with expressions of gratitude for your aid. Sierokarte briefs you on the Church of Avia’s attack on the castle, leading to temporary lockdowns in the city’s wards. After the conversation, you acquire another Crewmate Card.

After checking your inventory, head to the next waypoint—Zathba. Next to him, you find a purple orb containing the “Memo from Zathba.” Engage in dialogue with Zathba, who expresses surprise at your swift return. Grateful for your past assistance, he offers valuable information freely. Zathba reports that Avia is selectively targeting the castle, with over 5,000 troops and both manned and unmanned boats. He emphasizes the collaborative efforts of the Sword Veil and the Silver Wolf Corps, expressing his concern for the city’s well-being. Despite his eagerness to join the fight, Zathba entrusts you with delivering a decisive blow to the leader on his behalf.

After conversing with Zathba, proceed to the next waypoint, which leads to the doors of the castle, and prepare to storm it. Upon entering, a cutscene reveals the struggling soldiers of Seedhollow inside. Proceed straight into the corridors, where you encounter injured soldiers of Seedhollow.

Passing through the doors, you immediately engage in battle with Aviaeth Soldiers blocking your path. The first group comprises Aviaeth Saber, Aviaeth Lancer, and Aviaeth Archers. This encounter unfolds in two waves, so once victorious, proceed forward into the depths of the castle. Ascend the stairs, encountering debris that Rolan destroys to grant you access. Navigate through the corridors, following the waypoint. Avia battleships attempt to attack you from above. Upon reaching a broken-down stairwell, descend and collect another blue orb containing Patalena Glass.

Follow the waypoint until you reach a hallway containing new enemies led by their captain, Reaper Alavan. Reaper Alavan seals the door leading to the next area, necessitating the defeat of the defending enemies to progress further. Subsequently, proceed to the doors again and follow the waypoint. Traverse through the corridors, encountering another group of Aviaeth Lancers blocking your path. Eliminate them and press on. Upon reaching another door, you’ll enter a spacious hall. As you move forward, an enemy unexpectedly bursts through the walls on the right. This adversary is known as Tayu’itar, serving as a boss in this quest.

The Tayu’itar stands as an impressive Aviaeth mechanized arsenal, designed as a heavily armored assault vehicle capable of traversing various terrains on its multiple legs. Armed with an extensive arsenal, it possesses the capability to decimate an entire enemy battalion with its formidable firepower. Upon defeating this boss, it drops Mythril Wheel, Light Shard, Fortitude Crystal (S), and Glittercrystal.

After defeating the boss, a cutscene plays, revealing two more Tayu’itar on their way to engage in battle. Rolan leaps onto the defeated one from earlier and summons a spell to take control of it. You now assume the role of the Tayu’itar to confront the other two. Additionally, you’ll need to combat the enemy ships hovering in the area. To destroy the hovering ship, target the four glowing cores. Once all cores are destroyed, the ship falls, and you revert back to The Captain. Proceed towards the castle depths again and follow the waypoint. Rolan demolishes the debris blocking the stairwell, so wait for him. Afterward, ascend the stairs, and you’ll discover the second Hollow Ground in the middle of the staircase. Once done, continue straight toward the waypoint and enter through the doors. This initiates a cutscene featuring Gallanza and Maglielle eating together, anticipating the arrival of the Captain and his crew. This triggers another boss battle, this time against both of them simultaneously.

Gallanza and Maglielle join forces against you and your crew. Maglielle, one of Avia’s three generals, holds the position of commander of the secretive Sword Veil Fellowship. Renowned as an avid collector of weapons, Maglielle leverages her magical prowess to control her arsenal with elegance and grace. Glanza, another of Avia’s three generals, serves as the commander of the formidable Silver Wolf Corps. Armed with a massive halberd, Glanza inflicts fear upon his adversaries by infusing the element of earth into his attacks, delivering powerful and wide-reaching area-of-effect assaults. After defeating the two generals, a cutscene unfolds with Gallanza expressing no regrets. Maglielle’s Sword Veil Fellowship attempts to defend her, but Maglielle approaches the crew, pleading to spare her family, members of the Sword Veil Fellowship. Gallanza interrupts, urging the Captain to take him instead. Vyrn informs the generals that the crew simply wants to proceed and assures that as long as they don’t impede, no further conflict will arise. The crew then moves forward while Gallanza and Maglielle express regret for failing Lady Lilith.

After the cutscene, you regain control of The Captain. Make your way through the castle and follow the waypoint. Proceed to the waypoint until you reach a circular room glowing green. On the left side, on a desk, you find a purple orb containing “Memoir of Patrolman”. Move to the center, where Rolan summons a spell, revealing a hidden stairwell on the ground. Go through the stairwell and follow the path. Another Hollowed Ground will be located before the door in this area.

Once you enter the doors, a cutscene unfolds, showing Lilith and Id casting a spell on Lyria. Id appears concerned, and suddenly, The Captain’s crew arrives on the scene. Lilith is taken aback, not expecting to see them again. Katalina confronts Lilith, insisting that Lyria is returning with them. Lilith signals to Id to prepare for battle. Vyrn questions Id about his broken promise to protect Lyria, leaving him stammering. Lilith resumes her spell, and Lyria pleads for help. Rolan then charges towards Lilith, launching an attack. Lilith defends herself using her staff and expresses surprise, saying, “It can’t be… Astraeus?” Rolan refers to Lilith as the Director and proceeds to stab her. Despite Id’s concern for Lilith, she reassures him not to worry and to focus on The Captain. Rolan then declares that he has been waiting for Lilith’s return to open a gate and destroy Angra Mainyu. He attacks, chasing Lilith through a portal. The spell grabs Lyria and brings her into the portal as well, leaving Id alone with you and your crew.

In this boss fight against Id, his level will be hidden, making it challenging to gauge the difficulty. Id, one of the three generals of Avia, distinguishes himself as a formidable swordsman dedicated to carrying out his duties unquestioningly

to fulfill Lilith’s will. Despite his strength against the element of Dark, Id exhibits notable resilience, devoid of weaknesses to other elemental forces. Throughout this fight, there will be cutscenes in between, depicting various attacks that The Captain will execute against Id. At 50% health, Id undergoes a transformation into a demonic being, significantly amplifying the potency of his attacks. Once Id is defeated, he drops Quality Refinium, Fortitude Crystal, and a Combo Finisher II Sigil. However, the cutscene following his defeat shows Id declaring that he is not done yet. He proceeds to revert to his human form and kneels on the ground. This moment signifies the opportunity to head through the interdimensional gate.

Upon passing through the gate, a cutscene unfolds with The Captain finding Lyria lying on the ground. Lyria expresses gratitude for being rescued. Suddenly, turbulence occurs, revealing Rolan and Lilith engaged in an intense battle. The battle pauses with Rolan held by Lilith’s spell, and Lilith proceeds to cast Angra Mainyu. A colossal being emerges from a portal, and Rolan vanishes, presumed by everyone to have been killed. The crew is shocked, and everyone prepares for battle against Angra Mainyu.

Angra Mainyu, a primal beast that distorts space itself, proves to be an overpowering foe that easily subdues Rolan. Initially, you won’t be able to defeat Angra Mainyu, as the battle gets interrupted by a cutscene where it captures Lyria. Id catches up to the battle and witnesses Lyria being drained by Angra Mainyu and Lilith. The Captain tries to intervene but is easily trampled by Angra Mainyu’s arms. Lyria, however, believes it isn’t over and expresses faith in The Captain’s ability to save them all. Lilith instructs Angra Mainyu to take The Captain’s life, but Id intervenes to save The Captain.

Lilith questions Id, who explains that he wanted to protect Lyria, so why do this? Lilith asks Id to calm himself, stating that his duty as her guardian is no longer needed. Lilith attacks Id using Angra Mainyu, overwhelming and capturing him. Id tells The Captain to focus on his link, leading to The Captain concentrating and gaining strength, slashing away Angra Mainyu’s arms.

The battle with Angra Mainyu resumes. At 50% health, a cutscene shows The Captain thrusting the sword on Angra Mainyu’s head. Things get blurry, revealing Lyria trapped by purple vines, and The Captain is also ensnared. While reaching for Lyria’s hand, her hand glows blue, dispelling the vines. They hold hands, and Angra Mainyu’s head appears, consuming them.

The next scene shows The Captain and Lyria opening their eyes, still holding hands. They shout “Bahamut,” summoning a red and black dragon to combat Angra Mainyu.

You now play as Proto Bahamut, making it faster to damage Angra Mainyu. At 10% health, a cutscene shows Bahamut summoning a final attack, requiring button presses to defeat Angra Mainyu, signaling its defeat.

The subsequent scene depicts The Captain, the crew, and Lyria rising from the ground. Rolan appears, stating that The Captain and Lyria restored everything back to normal. Lilith attacks Rolan from behind, revealing her plan to open the gate to the Astral realm. Rolan warns that this would destroy the world. Lilith proceeds to open a portal to the Pillars of Vayoi, where she plans to build a bridge to the Astral Realm. The crew is then teleported back to the castle, without Rolan, marking the end of this quest.


  1. Speak to Zathba.
  2. Get ready and head to the dock.
  3. Speak with Rackam.
  4. Head to the top of the pillar.
  5. Defeat Furycane Nihilla.
  6. Defeat Managarmr Nihilla.
  7. Defeat Vulkan Bolla Nihilla.
  8. Defeat Angra Mainyu.
  9. Thwart Lilith’s plans.

Begin the quest by descending the stairs and following the quest marker to find Zathba in the area. Initiate a conversation with him after discussing the plan with Zathba and Historiath. Make necessary preparations such as upgrading weapons, assembling your party, and equipping Sigils before heading to the quest marker. Once prepared, head to the dock and speak to the Airship Engineer to board the ship and depart from Seedhollow. Speak to Rackam on the ship to receive Rolan’s Notes 8 and officially depart Seedhollow Airspace.

Follow the quest marker to the next area, encountering two Keepers and a Watcher on the way. Eliminate the Watcher blocking your path by defeating the two Keepers, then enter the Wormhole to transport to a different dimension. Attack the Watcher from this dimension and return to the original dimension to progress further.

Continue following the quest marker until encountering Ominous Form enemies and a Watcher blocking the path. Enter the wormhole, defeat the Watcher from the other dimension, then return to the original dimension to progress. Reach the quest marker to find a Hallowed Ground for HP recovery. Proceed through the arch past the Hallowed Ground, preparing for the upcoming boss battle with Furycane Nihilla.

Furycane Nihilla exhibits various attacks, including Arrow Gale, Void Ripper, Soulless Storm, Last Tempest, and Sword Swings. Dodge and strategize to defeat Furycane Nihilla and earn rewards.

Exit the area and continue following the main path, encountering the second Hallowed Ground. Encounter more Ominous Form enemies, Keepers, and a Watcher blocking the path. Repeat the process to progress and face Managarmr Nihilla, utilizing strategies from previous encounters with Managarmr.

Follow the quest marker to trigger a short cutscene and prepare for the boss battle. Vulkan Bolla Nihilla retains similar moves but deals blight damage instead of burn. Defeat Vulkan Bolla Nihilla and claim rewards.

Continue following the quest marker until reaching the Lobby of the Stars, finding the fourth Hallowed Ground. Reach the top of the pillar, triggering a cutscene before facing Angra Mainyu. Dodge laser projectiles and destroy Keepers to progress through phases, defeating Angra Mainyu.

Enter the final phase, where Lilith and Angra Mainyu fuse. Engage in battle, utilizing strategies to defeat the fused entity. Claim rewards after successfully defeating the boss.

A cutscene occurs, showing the aftermath of the battle, with Id undergoing a transformation and defeating Lilith. This concludes Chapter 9 and transitions to the Final Chapter: Id.


  1. Speak with Rackam.
  2. Defeat Bahamut Versa.
  3. Prevent Bahamut Versa’s reemergence.

The crew discusses Id’s transformation into Bahamut and decides to save him. Explore the Grandcypher, collecting Fortitude shards and the “Letter from Zathba” behind Rackam. Speak to Rackam to continue the next task.

As the Grandcypher approaches Bahamut, Rolan and the crew work together to hold Id with a spell. Engage in a boss battle with Bahamut Versa, utilizing teamwork and strategy to defeat it. Bahamut Versa represents destruction and is a copy of half of the god of all creation.

During the battle, Lyria summons her own Bahamut to counter, lowering Bahamut Versa’s health. Bahamut Versa summons a corrupted Id, leading to a two-phase battle. Destroy crystals around Id to weaken Bahamut Versa, ultimately defeating it.

A cutscene shows Lyria, The Captain, and Id summoning Bahamut to attack Bahamut Versa, pushing it back into an Interdimensional Gate and securing victory. However, Bahamut Versa returns, leading to a final showdown. Rolan sacrifices himself to save The Captain and Id, pushing them back to the real world.

The Captain wakes up, relieved to find everyone safe. Rolan communicates through the Transceiver, expressing gratitude and promising to return. The crew sails towards Folca, with Id seeking redemption for his mistakes. The game concludes with a moment between Lyria and The Captain, promising to find Rolan and thank him, marking the end of the journey.


  1. Speak with Id.
  2. Speak with the Caring Man.
  3. Finish the missions Rolan Started.
  4. Head to the Dock.
  5. Speak with Id.
  6. Settle the score with Bahamut Versa.

Return to Folca, where Vyrn questions the next steps. Id suggests finding Rolan’s house in a church. Explore Folca and unlock Fast Travel between town services. Head to the church and converse with Id, who discusses a rescue plan for Rolan.

The Caring Man appears, expressing excitement about Rolan’s safety. Assist him by completing quests and retrieving Rolan’s belongings. After finishing the missions, gather everyone to devise a rescue plan. Head to the dock, board the Grandcypher, and initiate a rescue mission.

Engage in combat against Bahamut Versa Omega, with Rolan intervening to assist. Defeat Bahamut Versa Omega and escape the dimension successfully. Rolan expresses gratitude to everyone, marking the end of Chapter Zero and promoting to Zegagrande Legend.

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