GemCraft – Frostborn Wrath – V2 Trial Mode

V2 Trial Mode Guide

This is a guide to some tips for V2 Trial Mode.

V2 Trial Mode Passing Steps

  • Start the waves for a single frame to reach Pool lvl 2.
  • Place a g3 pure yellow in the tower below the beacon.
  • Place 3 g1 yellows in the towers to the top right. (Random targeting priority)
  • Wait until the two top-right blockades are down. If more than 5 monsters leak, restart. (Took me 3 total tries.)
  • Place a single wall to divert the path to the top-right, then move the g3 yellow to the top right.
  • As soon as mana allows, upgrade to have three g3 yellows in the top right.
  • Importantly, it seemed important to not place any more walls than necessary. No amount of amazing seemed to have a positive impact.
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