Generation Zero – Weapons


Assault Rifles

  • AI-76 – Uses 7.62mm rounds, capable of firing in fully-automatic, semi-automatic, or burst modes.
  • Automatgevär 4 – Uses 7.62mm rounds, fires in fully-automatic or semi-automatic modes.
  • Automatgevär 5 – Faster than the 4 and has 30 rounds per mag. Uses 5.56mm rounds, fires in fully-automatic or semi-automatic modes. (5.56mm)


  • Meusser Hunting Rifle – Basic sniper rifle using .243 rounds.
  • Älgstudsare Hunting Rifle – Can fire semi-auto but only carries four rounds per magazine. Uses .270 rounds.
  • Pansarvärnsgevär 90 – Very powerful sniper rifle that can fire in semi-auto.
  • Granatgevär m/49 – Classified as a Recoilless Rifle, it’s essentially as grenade launcher.


  • Möller PP – Semi-auto handgun that uses .32 ACP rounds.
  • Klaucke 17 – Standard 9mm pistol.
  • .44 Magnus – .44 Magnum Revolver that’s pretty powerful.


  • M/46 “Kpist” SMG – First fully auto weapon you get. Uses 9mm Armor-Piercing or 9mm FMJ bullets.
  • HP5 – High rate of fire but low damage 9mm SMG.


  • 12G Pump Action – Uses three types of ammo, each changing spread, damage, and number of pellets (12ga Buckshot Ammo, 12ga Birdshot Ammo, and 12ga Slug Ammo).
  • Sjöqvist Semi-Auto – Similar 12 Gauge shotgun.

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