Gladio and Glory Gladiatorial Skills Tips And Tricks

Need tips and tricks to improve your Gladiator skills in Gladio and Glory? You are in […]

Need tips and tricks to improve your Gladiator skills in Gladio and Glory? You are in the right guide, because all the information you need is in this guide! This is a guide that will make you an excellent gladiator in almost any situation. Without wasting time, check out our Gladio and Glory Gladiatorial Skills Tips and Tricks guide.

Gladio and Glory Gladiatorial Skills Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our Gladio and Glory Gladiatorial Skills Tips and Tricks guide. This is a guide that will make you an excellent gladiator in almost any situation.

Do Not Engage & Get Out Of Bad Situations

If there are too many people, and you know you can’t get in the middle of that without having your arm cleaved off, DON’T. As Mr. Miyagi once said, “The best way to win fight is no be there.”

a. They have a bias to attack you: Every single enemy will attack you over anyone else. If you are too far away, however, they will attack anyone else. I have had situations where there are 10 people and a leopard bunched up running after me. Just run in circles until they start fighting each other if you know you won’t win if you fight.

b. Just let me stand up YOU: There will be situations where you will not be able to stand up because one or more enemies are kicking you while you are ragdolling on the floor. You can not get out of this and if you are in the middle of a large fight you may be on the floor for a good while. The second you can, make a break for it and find a weapon.

Pick Your Weapons Accordingly

Here are some tips:

a. One handed weapons (ex: short swords, battle axes, weird wolverine looking things, one-handed mace): They’re fine. Better than fists alone. If you get good use out of these, then use them, unless just use them as throwing things. Only having one can be an issue, but having two weapons in both hands is really good in a lot of situations.

b. Shields: Amazing. Hitting a guy just right can knock all weapons out of his hand and send him flying. Use for getting people away from you or knocking them into pits. If the situation at hand does not call for shields, use them for throwing. You will not regret it. Another tactic is the classic two-shield technique, where you have a shield in each hand. Very funny and also can be very useful for when you are in a really bad place.

c. Two-handed bladed and blunt weapons: Very good for picking people off in the last bits of a fight, due to their high damage and long reach. All of these weapons are on a similar level. These weapons are excellent for throwing, but due to their immense killing power, it is not advised to do so in a normal situation. This is also (imo) the best weapon to bring to a boss/miniboss fight.

d. The stupid spinny mace thing: It’s not very good in your hands. If you can get use out of it, go for it, but if you are like me and suck at the game, I’d stay away or throw it into a pit so your enemies can’t get a use out of it.

Know Your Enemy

Knowing how to deal with each type of enemy is crucial to survival. Some tips are.

a. One handed weapon enemies (both single and dual-wielded guys, and one sword and one shield): These are the second most annoying human enemies to deal with in the game. They will pin you on the ground and end your sad existence while you are flailing helplessly. To deal with them, use very long reach weapons such as the halberd or the two-handed axe; turn off running (if it’s on), look at them, and throw weapons at them; or attempt to slide under them, knocking all of the weapons out of their hands.

b. Shields (1 or 2): Not very good. Although if they hit you, you may go flying a bit, you can just stay away, slide under them, or hit them with a longer range weapon.

c. Two-handed weapons (excluding halberd and spinny mace): These guys can be tough. They render one handed weapons almost completely useless, except for throwing purposes. They also deal an absurd amount of damage. To deal with them, you can use an either even longer reaching weapon, the halberd; slide under them to rush them and knock their weapons out of their hand; throw some weapons at them; or if you are using shields, attack them from the opposite side of what hand you have a shield in to block their swing. If you are double-fisting shields, you can attack from anywhere.

d. Halberd: These guys can pick at you from further away than any weapon in the game. This comes with a major drawback though: at close ranges, they are vulnerable. You can use all of the points in the two-handed weapons section in this one, excluding the first one about the halberd, cause that’s stupid. A new way to fight them is to get up close and grab them, spin them around, and throw them.

e. The spinny mace: OH GOD NO. Fighting the people who wield these is unbelievably painful. They can hook you on their mace and fling you across the map. My best advice is wait for other people to kill the person wielding this. If you must fight this guy, throw weapons.

f. Archer: These guys aren’t all that bad, really. As long as you are constantly running/sliding/rolling, you should be okay. Kill them asap, however, because they can mess you up if you are fighting somebody else.

g. Elephant*: They hit hard, but they are really slow. Run around them and hit them in the butt. You can also throw weapons at them.

h. Elephant & Archers: This is painful. A 1v1 with this is nearly impossible to win, but if there are other people fighting with you, let them fight it. However, these guys who are sent to help you WILL DIE (probably). You will have to kill the elephant and archers on your own. To win, do the same as you would do to an elephant, and just pray to god that the archers don’t screw you up too much. Once the elephant dies, you will have to kill the rest of the archers.

Minotaur: The minotaur is a heavy hitter and can screw you up really fast. However, if i remember correctly, the AI for the minotaur is massively screwed up. If you are far enough away from it, it won’t attack you. Use this to your advantage and throw the weapons the game provides you at it. Another way to kill it is significantly riskier, but it can work wonders. If you slide under the minotaur, it will temporarily fall over, allowing you to deal massive damage to it.

i. Giants* (or whatever they are called, they’re the big fat guys): basically smaller minotaurs without the broken ai. Use the throwing tactic.

j. Big Knights*: imo the easiest enemy in the game. Slide under them, knocking them over, and then kill them with whatever weapon you have.

k. Leopard & Bear*: I have grouped these two together because they are basically the same enemy. When fighting them in a 1v1, use overhead swings to deal massive damage. NEVER STOP RUNNING. If you can, throw weapons. Also use the arena to your advantage, running around near circular saws, spike pillars, and pits to make them possibly run into/fall into them, dealing massive damage or killing them. Just remember, if you are caught by these guys, you have a high chance of dying, right there.

*If there are other enemies in the arena, let them fight each other and pick off who remains.

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