GOD EATER 3 – Tips and Tricks

God Eater 3 Tips Just adding any random tips and tricks i find noteworthy, includes which […]

God Eater 3 Tips

Just adding any random tips and tricks i find noteworthy, includes which Aragami have which materials.

Basic stuff

– You can use the Shield dive from gun form, this instantly switches to weapon form.

-You share Burst level with anyone you are engaged with, so you can link burst an engaged ally to raise your own burst level.

– Any Aragami attack that spreads out from their position like a burst of energy(as if they exploded) can only hit you once, so if you get hit or block it the first time around, you can go for an attack even if the explosion is still there.

-Friendship and Beloved send members of the same/opposite sex into full burst when you are incapacitated, this does mean level 3 burst.

– No that is not your mind playing tricks on you, this game has jiggle physics

– When playing in a group (not assault) press F1 to bring up the chat, whenever you are at the caravan, F2 to bring up emotes.

-Weapons and shields can only be upped to +30

-Remember to check when hope shows up to see if she has was you need since she sometimes has rare materials and such.

-You can achive a perfect guard by performing a shield dive at the right time.

Regarding Ra

-Ra(the Ashborn that floats on a sphere)’s Devour can be blocked with perfect block. Normal block does not work though, blocking with perfect block negates the devour and staggers Ra.

– The beam attack starts with the Ra gathering 2 orbs in front of him, if someone shield dives into the orbs before the beam fires it will distrupt the attack (worked once, not tested further)

-When Ra devours someone and goes into burst, a gem on his chest opens up and is able to be hit for ~2.5X damage. You can use gun mode to hit this for massive amounts of damage and stagger him (all Ash aragami has this, however this is the only one with a known position)

Regarding Nuadha

– Like Ra, Nuadha’s devour can be blocked by a perfect block, doing so distrupts the devour attack combo.

Aragami Materials

-Acala From Nuadha
-Alcyone From Glacial Ra
-Aker From Svartr Balmung
-Ako From Fallen Havakiri
-Angel From Zygote
-Arachne From Blast Spider
-Argyro From Blast Spider
-Avian From Chi-You
-Bahamut From Caligula
-Barghest From Anubis
-Beetle From Dreadpike
-Bushi From Havakiri
-Chimera From Vajra
-Corvid From Nemain
-Draconic From Gboro-Gboro
-Gaoh From Barbarius
-Goddess From Sariel
-Gore From Barbarius
-Gorgon From False Idol
-Hydra From Chrome Gawain
-Idol From Fallen False Idol
-King From Quadriga
-Knight From Borg Camlann
-Kubera From Namhaid Nuadha
-Lugh From Fallen Barbarius
-Maera From Anubis
-Mammon From Dromi
-Mars From Marduk
-Mot From Balmung
-Muninn From Fallen Nemain
-Ogre From Ogretail
-Oreb From Nemain
-Pardosa From Blast Spider
-Pixie From Cocoon Maiden
-Ronin From Havakiri
-Satori From Nuadha
-Serpent From Hannibal
-Shrine From False Idol
-Simian From Kongou
-Sol From Ra
-Surtr From Axe raider
-Vulpine From Kyuubi
-Yama From Balmung

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  1. this info is outdated, gear can now be upped to +55 by clearing the traversing the past episodes, more to come since its still to be continued so it may cap at +60 or go all the way up to +100 if we’re lucky, itd be nice as guns got massively nerfed with messed up bullet creation (bullet creation is now virtually useless which means theres no need to spend hours making a single bullet recipe, i have made several for fun but only use a crafted L beam for more continuous fire from a beam gun), another trick you might wanna add for ra is that its devour attack cant hit you if youre at point blank range (ie standing against its kiln), for balmung, fight in an area with varying terrain levels (ie raised platforms) its devour attack is stuck on a single level (tho its final rush can change levels so be aware of that), this also works for anubis (be aware that anubis has no build up time for devour like the other ashborn), dromi is best to run in a tight circle around it since it will allow you to stay just out of reach until attack ends (doesnt always work but its more effective then running as dromi can run faster then you), another tip for ra is to use the terrain aswell but in this case its based on debris or buildings, this will cause the attack to basically fizzle and be rendered useless (hiding beneath a raised area works great aswell as the attack will hit the ground everytime at the edge or pass harmlessly over you, note that some “debris” wont work fully, as the attack will pass through the edges, an example of this is the first map you play on in the game (forgot the name), the attack will only fizzle if it hits more toward the center, and it can pass through the fences near the church aswell so be aware of that aswell), nuadha is the biggest issue for devour tricks, the game can “cheat” with this one, ive literally had a nuadha jump across the screen and devour me several times, and by jump i mean a distance several times greater then the normal distance, out of all the ashborn the dromi is probably the hardest to damage as its attacks are harder to avoid then the others when up close and guns dont do much until you break its bonds. as for weakpoints all are on the chest area somewhere, if you fire just below the heads of anubis and balmung youll hit the weak point, nuadhas is more around the belly area same for dromi, havent got any tricks for odin yet as ive only fought it twice so far, but with the new gear levels you can clear an ashborn in about 2-3 minutes if things go well, the extra missions against the ashwrought after clearing the game (located under rank 7 missions) are probably the hardest missions in the game hands down, ive only cleared the ashwrought caligula with ai team so far and that took over 20 minutes since it can start healing for 1000 hp every second, so max level gear is a must for them, hope this info helps people out, this is what ive learned on top of everything here in over 120 hrs of gameplay

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