Gotham Knights Owl Puzzle Solution

Welcome to our Gotham Knights Owl Puzzle Solution guide. If you are here, you will most likely be surprised by the Gotham Knights Owl puzzle. But no worry; not just you, as it’s one of the most devious problems in the superhero game that would require a detective’s wits to solve.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Gotham Knights game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Gotham Knights guide.

Gotham Knights Owl Puzzle Solution

During Mission 2.2 in Gotham Knights you are tasked with infiltrating the Powers Club in Old Gotham. After finding the switches to operate the mechanism and uncovering a path that winds under the mace, follow the trail of blood to a room with an owl puzzle that you must solve to advance and learn more about the courtyard to learn about owls.

Gotham Knights Owl Puzzle Solution
Gotham Knights Owl Puzzle Solution

Owl Puzzle

As you walk through the Court of Owls headquarters, a mural will appear on a door with blood below blocking it Path. Examine the pool of blood first, then the spotlight to be prompted to turn it on. This casts a shadow on the mural of, the four statues in front of us. To the left of each is a button that allows you to rotate the segment to one of four positions. In order to open it and solve the Gotham Knights Owl puzzle, you have to line up the puzzles so that the light casts the shadow of an owl trying to grab one of the masked people on the mural in front of you.

Owl Puzzle Solution
Owl Puzzle Solution

How does the Mechanism Work?

Each piece in the middle contains a switch; push it to rotate the selection.

  • The claws are rotated by the first owl piece.
  • The body of the owl is rotated by the second owl piece
  • The huge (foreground) wing is rotated by the third owl piece
  • The little (background) wing is rotated by the fourth owl piece

You want the owl to fly toward the masked Court of Owls members on the right side of the mural. Switch the switches so that the owl’s body and claws face right and its wings face left.

Align the owl figurines such that the yellow line runs through all four of them. The task will be finished once you’ve made the owl silhouette depicted in the picture above. You must wait for a few seconds if nothing happens. The wall will then open when a cutscene is played.

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