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All Companions There are a total of six different companions in Greedfall, coming from different factions […]

All Companions

There are a total of six different companions in Greedfall, coming from different factions in the world. Don’t expect all of them to get along either. In fact, you may find that some of them refuse to go on missions with others. It’s up to you which companions and factions you choose to butter up, so it’s worth getting to know them all before you commit. Here’s the full list of companion locations in Greedfall.


Kurt is a member of the Coin Guard faction who is proficient in melee combat and heavy armor. You come across him at the start of the game and improve your craftsmanship through his help. He’s a great choice for frontline combat.


Vasco is a member of the Nauts faction and the captain of your ship. You will encounter him right after arriving at New Serene.

He doesn’t have the best protection but this duelist makes up for it with his amazing agility and proficiency with pistols. You can increase your Intuition skill through him.


This Theleme missionary is great for close and distant combat due to this ability to wear different armor sets. He yearns to become a Cardinal someday. A long-range magic user from the Theleme Faction, Petrus can join your party after you complete the main mission in San-Matheus to get him on your side. Work on your friendship to earn a boost to your Charisma.


You encounter your cousin Constantin after you arrive in New Serene. He will go away for a bit. When you meet up with him later in the story he can join as a companion.


Aphra is a member of the Bridge Alliance who is great for long-range combat due to her expertise in firearms and explosives. You’ll meet her when you meet the faction.
Unlike most companions, Aphra from the Bridge Alliance won’t become available until you delve a bit further into the game. You’ll need to beat both the Old Countries in a New World and Scholars in the Expedition main story mission quests, which you can start by visiting the embassies.


Siora represents the Native faction and provides great support due to her proficiency with magic that allows her to heal you. She restores HP and armor while also being able to handle herself in a fight with-one handed blades.

Once you get to New Serene, your cousin will tell you to speak with the natives. She’ll become a member of your Greedfall party from there.

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