GreedFall – Item & Monster Guide

Item & Monster Guide Devoted to missions found in the starting area on the Continent in […]

Item & Monster Guide

Devoted to missions found in the starting area on the Continent in Serene.

The first main quest is Find the Charlatan.

Find The Charlatan

Pick up this quest from Ambassador Sahin of the Bridge Alliance. You’ll automatically pick this quest up by talking to Sahin. He is worried about a “charlatan” hawking fake potions.

Sahin is located in the Bridget Alliance Embassy. Talking to him will automatically trigger the Charlatan quest.

Head out of the door straight down across the bridge and hang a left then another left to trigger the cut scene. After going through the dialogue, head around back to a black gate (to the right if your facing the charlatan’s kiosk and down on the left). You’ll encounter 3 enemies, make short work and pick up the chest in the back (no lock picking needed).

From there, pick up the three items and go back to encounter the charlatan. He’ll eventually run away when you finish the dialogue.

You’ll find him on the second floor of the tavern. From there, you’ll have a choice to make.

1) Arrest him – to complete the quest return to Sahin and report the charlatan’s location to him to receive some gold and 1,000XP.

2) Help the charlatan escape – this gives you more branching options!

2a) Convince the mob to let him go by bribing them with potions (you’ll need 5 health potions which is tough to obtain), threatening them (might turn out in a massacre) or by trying option 2b.

2b) Go to the back room and look at the back entrance door. You’ll need to either bribe the tavern owner to open it (50 gold – jeesh that’s pricey) or you can find a store room key on the second floor (it’s around the wall by the staircase). The storeroom key opens the storeroom which is by the locked back door. In there you’ll find a chest that has the key to the back door. Open the back door then return to the charlatan.

You’ll need to escort the charlatan and take down 3-5 enemies if you go around back. From there you need to report into Sahin where you can confront the Bridge Alliance on their less than scrupulous behavior or let it slide (the choice is yours….)

Coin Guard Merchandise

This mission is automatically obtained from Kurt, your first companion on your journey. Kurt is tasked with getting Coin Guard supplies but a merchant is asking him to double pay!

To begin with, head to the merchant and hear how his boss is causing the trouble. You have a few options depending on your starting talents. If you have charisma, you can convince him otherwise use Intuition to bribe him. Once you get him to deliver the merchandise, head to the Coin Guard Quartermaster who tells you that you need to somehow get the merchandise on your ship. Unfortunately Captain Vasco is not wiling to “smuggle” the goods so we have to sneak into the Harbour Master’s lodgings and add in the Coin Guard merchandise in the ledgers.

From there we have to convince the guards to leave so we can smuggle the merchandise in the warehouse to then be loaded on the ship. Here you have a few options. You could poison the guards by creating a drink (Brandy and Sleeping Potion required and can be purchased from the merchant) or you can put on the appropriate uniform “sailors coat” which you can loot from one of the chest (no lock picking required) in the Harbour Master’s building.

Once you convince them to leave, head over to the porters to tell them to move the merchandise in. The rest of the quest takes place in New Serene… To be continued…

Disappearance Among the Nauts

This quest is automatically obtained from talking to Captain Vasco. One of his cabin boys hasn’t shown up for duty and foul play is presumed!

We learn from Vasco that Flavia and Lauro are the Nauts two best friends. Talking to Flavia reveals Lauro thinks he saw the Naut taken by a group of men! Talking to Lauro reveals that he saw the cabin boy taken and thinks there was another witness.

Head over to the tavern and talk to the tavern keeper who points you in the direction of a regular customer. Talking to the man (standing against the wall), the man tells you that a merchant Fontaine took the boy!

Head over to the Fontaine’s to speak with Mrs. Fontaine who reveals that the cabin boy is her son and was taken by Nauts. Confronting Vasco and our trusted adviser, it’s confirmed that it is common practice to sell children to the Nauts as part of contracts and it’s important for us to get the Naut back!

Returning to the Fontaine’s reveals a letter about a warehouse. Head over to the warehouse where you have two options – go around the back (kill 2 guards) and either lock pick, blow up a wall (science or alchemy) or go through the front and confront Fontaine and his men. If you confront Fontaine you can use Charisma (if you have it) to convince him he was wrong to take the boy, even if it is his son, and he should let him decide what he wants to do. If you don’t have charisma, you’ll have to threaten and potentially fight and kill everyone to obtain the jail cell key.

Talk to the cabin boy who wants to return to his ship then report back to Vasco. You receive 1,000XP on completion and +3 Reputation.

The Continent (Serene) Hidden Items

This section is devoted to “hidden” or special items that you can obtain.

The first two items I’ve found require lock picking (level 1) so if you like what you see, ensure you pick the lock picking talent.

Ancient Calvary Sabre (Requires Agility 1 to Use)

The Ancient Calvary Sabre can be found in the tavern on the second floor in the room (the one without the charlatan around in the back). Be sure to pick up lock picking and agility if you want to use this item!

Monk’s Ring (Requires Mental Power 1 to Use)

The Monk’s Ring can be found in the chest on the bottom floor of the Harbour Master’s building under the stairwell. Requires magic ability so roll magic and lock picking if you want to use this item early on.

Note: It is substantially better than your starting regular ring which is 88 magic damage only!

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  1. though the game seem made at low cost control, the hands on feeling is not too bad

    man, i select science at initial talent, and forget our first companion – Kurt has a equipment +1 lock picking… thanks for reminding, will check on the two “blue” item you mention tonight, they seem powerful at beginning 🙂

    by the way, we may easily find that, each equipment has an “quality” value, do we have chance to craft equipments with high quality (with high craft talent point?) or we could only pick up enemy drops and pray high quality value upon?
    besides, what’s quality conception in this game really stand for? higher damage/defence? white -> green -> blue (one more line feature)

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