GUNDAM EVOLUTION How to be Newtype

Welcome to our GUNDAM EVOLUTION How to be Newtype guide. Guarnteed to make three times better […]

Welcome to our GUNDAM EVOLUTION How to be Newtype guide. Guarnteed to make three times better at this game through sheer determination, skill, heightened understanding, and potentially a mommy kink.

GUNDAM EVOLUTION How to be Newtype

A “newtype”, for those of you who don’t know, are people who were born in space; As such they have developed psychic powers and a fondness for crashing giant objects onto earth.

Here’s What Really Matters

All you need to do,if possible, is pick a server that exists well outside of your current location, be it living on another space colony, or in the future from forced evolution, or the result of some space magic, you just need to be in a server that ensures you have absurdly high ping to maximize latency/hit registration abuse/etc. All the good stuff!

  • From here, just pick GM Sniper or Dom Tropen (or any suit with an AOE ability that does damage).

If it’s the former, you can aim at a torso for a headshot OR roughly 30ft away from the target’s head; don’t worry it’ll still register on their end. If it’s the latter, blast radiuses will be deceptively larger then they appear. Your also aiming at the ground/walls/etc with these rockets, it’ll still do maximum damage*


Because of how latency/etc works, any time you damage anyone, from your target’s end they will see shots/explosions/etc happen well away from their mobile suit, but it’ll still do damage to them; this isn’t cheating, you just saw their movement into the future and acted accordingly; it’s just like how Char/etc can predict movements before they happen. Lala even said so! Don’t worry, this also works in reverse as well; they can get point blank to you and shoot you with Sazabi’s shotgun(for example) and it’ll do zero damage to you! Because what they were shooting at is clearly just an afterimage with mass, and your real hitbox was located behind them the whole time!

And that’s all it’ll take for you to easily climb the ranks and become the bestest player ever!

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