Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build

Zi Xiao, the visitor from outland, is coming to meet all you folks with Stars and Astrology! As the first hero designed around Occult Scrolls in “Gunfire Reborn”, Zi Xiao’s ability will obtain bonus effects of different probability and strength depending on the quality of the Occult Scrolls already acquired. Despite the emphasis on randomness, Zi Xiao also ensures sufficient controllability and strategy. Does it sound too complicated? Can’t figure out how to build your hero? Don’t worry, this guide will help you get to know more about this new hero: Zi Xiao and build in Gunfire Reborn.

Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build

Welcome to our Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build guide. This guide will help you get to know more about this new hero: Zi Xiao.

  • Hero: Zi Xiao
  • Evaluation: Fate in hand, stars above head.
  • Introduction: Zi Xiao’s mastery of occult scrolls surpasses all others. With each flick of his fingers, the star cards come alive like sharp blades, gathering cosmic power with each motion. When the moment is right, stars will heed his command, descending from the sky with a dazzling cosmic radiance.


Secondary Skill [Astroforecast]

Zi Xiao randomly obtains [Astroaspects] and summons three cards to guard himself. The cards will track enemies pointed by the crosshair and automatically track enemies within 7m as well. Each card can deal 500 Base DMG. The cards will persist before being released, and both the released cards and the tracking effect will be blocked by walls.

The initial card holding capacity is 10 (which means that Zi Xiao can float up to 10 cards in front of him, which should be distinguished from the secondary skill capacity), which can be increased to a maximum of 20 through Ascensions. Once the capacity is exceeded, using [Astroforecast] will not increase the number of holding cards but will only obtain [Astroaspect] once again.

“Artisan and Magician” Introduction -- Guide of Zi Xiao

Through special Ascension, Zi Xiao can store the excess cards beyond the capacity as ‘Reserve Cards’ and display the quantity below the icon of Secondary Skill.

Primary Skill [Falling Star]

Zi Xiao randomly obtains [Astroaspects] until the [Slot] is filled, and then obtains [Astrohouse]. According to the [Astrohouse], guide the [Falling Star] to attack designated enemies or target areas, and then clear the [Astrohouse]. If the [Astroaspects] are of the same quality, they can be divided into [Normal/Rare/Legendary/Wild Astrohouse]. If the [Astroaspects] are of different quality, it will become a [Impure Astrohouse] without any special bonus effect. The higher the quality of the ‘Formation’, the better the effects of damage, range, etc. of the guided ‘Starfall’. The diagram is shown below:

Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build
Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build

Keywords Annotation

Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build
Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build


Zi Xiao initially has 3 [Slots] to store [Astroaspects]
·Quantity of [Slots] has linking effects with some Ascensions, and it can also be increased by some special Ascensions.


“Artisan and Magician” Introduction -- Guide of Zi Xiao

When using [Astroforecast] and [Falling Star], Players will obtain [Astroaspects] with random quality to fulfill the slot.
· “Initial Probability” of obtaining [Astroaspects] means the Probability of obtaining [Astroaspects] of different quality when players have no Occult Scrolls.
· Under normal circumstances, the more Occult Scrolls of a certain quality in the backpack, the higher the probability of obtaining the corresponding quality [Astroaspects].
· Normal/Rare/Legendary/Cursed Occult Scrolls correspond to [Normal/Rare/Legendary/Wild Astroaspects], and [Wild Astroaspects] can be regarded as any [Astroaspect].
· If the [Slots] are full, the new [Astroaspect] will be added to the queue from the end, and the old [Astroaspect] at the front of the queue will be replaced by the next [Astroaspect].


“Artisan and Magician” Introduction -- Guide of Zi Xiao

It is a combination when [Astroaspects] fulfill the slots.

[Current Probability]

Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build
Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build

Zi Xiao has a chance to trigger additional effects by some Ascension. [Current Probability] indicates the probability of triggering the effect.
· This value starts at 10% and increases as the quantity of Occult Scrolls in the backpack increases.

[Astrohouse Quality Indicator]

Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build
Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build
Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build
Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build

The indicator appears the probability of forming [Astrohouse] of different quality when directly using [Falling Star] to fulfill the [Slot].


“Artisan and Magician” Introduction -- Guide of Zi Xiao

The five talents of Zi Xiao primarily focus on improving ability and combat resilience. Here, we will delve into the details of [Scroll Divination] and [Star Rearrangement].

Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build
Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build

[Scroll Divination] is the soul of Zi Xiao, and this talent brings him two abilities: “Occult Scrolls Enhancement” and “Occult Scrolls Reset”. Players can open their backpacks in a safe area or directly press the C key in the team interface to freely change the quality of Occult Scrolls. It allows them to change the probability of obtaining different qualities [Astroaspects], thereby further impacting Zi Xiao’s battle power.

“Artisan and Magician” Introduction -- Guide of Zi Xiao

First of all, “Occult Scrolls Enhancement” allows automatic improvement of the quality of Occult Scrolls in Zi Xiao’s backpack without altering their original effects. Each upgrade of an Occult Scroll consumes one enhancement count. The picture shows the performance of upgrading a normal Occult Scroll to a Legendary Occult Scroll, which requires two enhancement counts. Players can adjust the enhancement mode or discard already upgraded scrolls to reclaim enhancement counts.
Since “Occult Scroll enhancement” is an automated system, the game also provides players with three enhancement strategies for players to choose:

  1. “Normal Least”: Prioritize improving the quality of Normal Occult Scrolls, reducing the proportion of Normal Occult Scrolls, and lowering the probability of [Normal Astroaspects] appearing.
  2. “Rare Most”: Prioritize improving the quality of Normal Occult Scrolls to Rare, improving the proportion of Rare Occult Scrolls, and increasing the probability of [Rare Astroaspects] appearing.
  3. “Legendary Most”: Prioritize improving the quality of Rare Occult Scrolls to legendary, improving the proportion of Legendary Occult Scrolls, and increasing the probability of [Legendary Astroaspects] appearing.

Players should plan their own distribution idea of Occult Scroll qualities to decrease the probability of unnecessary constellation appearances. Different strategic considerations should be demonstrated in different stages and specializations. Ideally, ensuring a higher probability of obtaining higher quality [Astroaspects] in the later stages of the game is a universal goal for players to play as Zi Xiao.

Then move to ‘Occult Scroll Reset’, it can transfer low-quality or unwanted Occult Scrolls into brand-new Occult Scrolls of no lower quality than the original, thereby improving the strength of Zi Xiao in terms of [Astroaspects] probability and deck composition.
Its usage counts are less than the “Occult Scrolls Enhancement”, and each Occult Scroll can only be reset once. Players need to consider it carefully.

[Star Rearrangement]

Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build
Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build

To prevent players from feeling powerless due to relying too much on luck while playing Zi Xiao, [Star Rearrangement] provides a basic probability boost. As the levels progress, the initial probability of high-quality [Astroaspects] appearing increases while the probability of low-quality [Astroaspects] decreases. Therefore, there is a guaranteed probability to make it easier for players to draw satisfactory [Astroaspects].


If players want to understand Zi Xiao’s awakening, they should take some time to carefully read the “Keywords Annotation” above and figure out how various mechanisms work. Unlike the Ascensions of other heroes in the past, which often directly strengthen skills/weapons/survival effects, Zi Xiao’s Ascensions requires players to “Redo several times” with card capacity, slot capacity, [Astroaspects] obtain, [Astrohouse] quality, and other aspects to indirectly enhance Zi Xiao’s combat ability.

Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build
Gunfire Reborn Zi Xiao Build

Zi Xiao’s Ascensions are divided into three major directions:

  • Strategy Thought – Enhance Star Card Rotation. It mainly increases the DMG dealing frequency of [Astroforecast] and cards additional enhancement effects.
  • Star Sparkle – Enhance Star Power. It improves the damage of “Starfall” and the probability of high-quality formations appearing mainly through “Increase Slots Capacity” and “Optimize [Astrohouse]”.
  • Arcane Arts – Enhance Weapon Potential. It comprehensively enhances weapon performance through various aspects such as [Slots], [Cards], [Astrohouse], [Astroaspects], and [Magazines].
  • It should be noted that Ascensions in a single direction will not only strengthen one of [Astroforecast], [Falling Star], or [Weapons], but also interweave between the three. Therefore, players need to spend some time thinking about the specializations and choosing the most suitable one.

Specializations Recommendations

After comprehensively realizing the various mechanisms of skills, talents, and ascensions, we can finally see how to build Zi Xiao’s unique specialization.

The “Pure” specialization. It is constructed around the primary skill, focusing on maintaining the purity of scrolls and chases for the similarity of Occult Scrolls’ quality through the talent [Scroll Divination]. By optimizing the [Astroaspects] obtaining rules and acquiring ascension of [Star Sparkle], players can obtain a stable and pure [Astrohouse] to maintain the DMG efficiency of primary skill.

The “Cards” specialization constructed around secondary skill has a strong demand for higher quality Occult Scrolls. Skill damage and special bonus can be obtained from the frequently obtained high-quality [Astroaspects] by combining ascension of [Strategy Thought].

The “Weapon” specialization based on weapon DMG is unique because the bonuses from [Arcane Arts] awakening are related to “Reload”’ and “Emptying the Magazine”. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a weapon without a magazine or reloading, or a weapon with the latest Gemini Inscription of “Shoot Out” which has equally good effects.

The BD strategy for ZI Xiao’s genre is not difficult to understand, but the real challenge lies in integrating its new mechanisms and various components, which requires a high level of proficiency. However, this also means that Zi Xiao is a hero worth exploring. The high learning curve naturally brings a high upper capacity of strength. Players will gain satisfaction and excitement gained from mastering it.

All folks are engaged to be in more practical battles as Zi Xiao. Lead the stars, Strategize, and gradually uncover his mysteries.

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