Halo Reach – Rank System & Tours

Halo Reach Profile Ranks & Tours Within this guide you’ll find all possible ranks within the […]

Halo Reach Profile Ranks & Tours

Within this guide you’ll find all possible ranks within the PC version of Halo Reach plus the tours, of which act quite similarly to prestiges from the Call of Duty series. To explain it in a basic form, once you surpass the max rank “General” – you’ll reset back to “Rookie” with your tour increasing by one. Images are provided within this guide of each rank and tour within the game, please click this guide to discover.

How Ranks Work

Within Halo Reach on PC, a new ranking system was implemented which changed the way you gain ranks significantly when compared to the console version(s) of the game. On Halo Reach PC you can gain experience by finishing Multiplayer or Firefight games, campaign does NOT offer any experience towards your rank. Experience varies greatly depending on your performance.

There are a total of thirty ranks within Reach, with eleven tours. They are as follows:

  1. Rookie
  2. Recruit
  3. Private
  4. Private Second Class
  5. Private First Class
  6. Lance Corporal
  7. Corporal
  8. Sergeant
  9. Sergeant Second Class
  10. Sergeant First Class
  11. Staff Sergeant
  12. Gunnery Sergeant
  13. Master Sergeant
  14. Sergeant Major
  15. Command Sergeant Major
  16. Warrant Officer
  17. Warrant Officer Third Class
  18. Warrant Officer Second Class
  19. Warrant Officer First Class
  20. Chief Warrant Officer
  21. Second Lieutenant
  22. First Lieutenant
  23. Captain
  24. Lieutenant Colonel
  25. Colonel
  26. Brigadier General
  27. Major General
  28. Lieutenant General
  29. General

After surpassing “General” your rank will be reset to “Rookie” and your tours will increase by one, this can be repeated a total of ten times before you reach the true maximum rank.

Purpose Of Ranks

Ranks have no indication of a players skill, rather their dedication and playtime within the game. Ranks have no purpose besides showing your playtime, unlocking cosmetic items and effects.

Best Way To Gain Experience

From my personal experience, “Griffball”, “Firefight” and “Invasion” are the best modes to gain experience quickly. I’ve also noticed that 8v8 “Slayer” offers a nice amount of experience depending on your performance, with myself gaining roughly 15,000 experience each game. However, “SWAT” and “Snipers” can also prove to be quite a good to obtain experience, practically any game mode of which getting many kills is easy and isn’t too long. Medals seem to contribute largely towards experience.

Halo Reach Ranks System

How did progression work on console?

Progression has been largely modified when compared to the original system, prior you gained “cR” of which would contribute towards your rank. For example, if you had gained a total of 400,000 credits, your rank would be “Major Grade 3”. Credits could be used to purchase the specific cosmetics, that is if you were a high enough rank. Some people including myself preferred that system over the current one, as you could choose the customisations options you wanted, instead of the existing linear path. However, change keeps things fresh and the prior system was a massive grind, the current one is much easier to reach the end rank.

How do you gain season points?

You obtain a season point each time your rank increases, you may use these to unlock cosmetics according to the season.

Will there be more seasons?

I’m not a developer, so I cannot confirm or deny if there will be more seasons coming, however, I do suspect there will be.

Will there be more ranks added in the future?

Again, I’m not a developer or someone with inside information, so I cannot exactly comment on this. Halo Reach on console did add more ranks such as “Inheritor” or “Noble”, when the max prior was “General Grade 4”. However, I do doubt they’ll add more this time.

Do you instantly gain one tour upon reaching rank “General”?

No, upon reaching this rank you’ll need to gain a small amount of additional experience to gain one tour, afterwards your rank will be reset. For myself, this seemed only to be 5,000 experience after reaching General.

Does gaining ranks become more difficult the higher you are?

Yes, the higher ranks do require more experience when compared to the earlier ones. However, upon increasing your tour by one and being reset back to “Rookie”, ranks will become easy to obtain again.

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