Hand Simulator: Survival – How to Survive?

How to Survive? (General Tips) Basics Hand Controls Shift to switch to hand movement / Switch […]

How to Survive? (General Tips)


Hand Controls

  • Shift to switch to hand movement / Switch the hand you are controlling
    move the mouse to control your hand on one plane scrollwheel to move your hand up and down LMB to use all fingers, for grabbing objects
  • RMB to rotate your hand* The hand you are controlling will not react to further movement if you have used WASD controls until you press LMB, RMB, scrollwheel, or SHIFT

Movement and Misc

  • W, A, S, D to move in all 4 basic directions
  • Space to jump
  • Ctrl to crouch down *
  • R to Stand *
  • E to eat things
  • Middle Mouse Button to speak and tilt head
    *This will affect both hands too

Building, Crafting, Fire

Chopping a tree

  • Pick up a rock with LMB
  • Find a tree and hit it with the rock
  • Yields: 3-5 Palm Logs, Unknown amount of coconuts

Getting Planks

  • Hit the logs with a rock until they turn into Palm Planks

Getting Coconuts

  • Hit a raw coconut (the green blobs) with a rock until it gives you a coconut
  • Hit the coconut until it gives you 2 coconut slices

Getting Stakes

  • Hit bamboo (the very thin trees with sparse leaves) until a pole falls off

Killing Enemies

  • Use a rock, plank, or stake and hit the enemy (this includes frogs, tigers, snakes, scropions)
  • When it is dead, hit it with a rock (if it is a snake or frog)
  • Yields 1 Raw Meat, 1 Fat

Crafting Recipes

  • Put Fat and a Bone from the ground together to make a Torch. (Torches can be lit in a fire)


  • Planks and Stakes
  • Rotate a stake with RMB and use the mouse scrollwheel to plant it in the ground
  • Put another stake over the one in the ground and hit the parts that intersect with a rock
  • Position a plank on top of a stake (ideally horizontally) and hit the intersecting part with a rock


  • Grab 5 sticks (naturally spawning woody objects, they vary from looking like sticks to looking like bark) and put them in a pile. Grab two rocks and hit them together near the sticks to make sparks and create a Fire.



  • Vitals, in this case, includes Health, Food, Water, Stamina and Temperature
  • Health goes down when hit by enemies or players
  • Food goes down over time
  • Water goes down over time, and goes down more if you sprint
  • Stamina slowly refills, it allows you to run fast
  • Temperature goes down at 18:00 and back up at 6:00. If it drops to 0 you start taking damage. Fires will keep your temperature up, and torches make you lose temperature slightly slower.
  • Damage Values to Players, Enemies, Buildings
    Note: Enemies cannot hit buildings and Bees cannot be hit (From my knowledge)
  • Building – Rock: 10 damage – Basic: 4 damage
  • Players – Rock: 10 damage – Basic: 4 damage – Stake: ?? damage – Snakes, Scorpions,
  • Tigers(?): 30 damage – Bees: 5 damage – Going Underwater: 5 – 10 damage(?)
  • Enemies – Rock: 15 damage – Basic: 4 damage* – Stake: ?? damage* – Hitting an enemy with any weapon will knock it out instantly as of right now – *These cannot “harvest” enemies to get meat and fat
  • Objects – Rock: 15 damage – Basic: 4 damage
  • Basic Includes Stick, Plank, Coconut, Bone, Torch, Fat, Meat



  • You can escape from 20:00 to approx. 1:00(?) each day by lighting or adding sticks to a fire, requiring ?? sticks for a big enough fire. This will allow you to be saved by the cruise ship by currently unknown means.

Exploring (At night)

  • Have 1 friend with a torch on them, while either of you has a plank / stake. the plank / stake allows defense from a distance, and the torch gives you sight and a little bit less temperature loss.
  • It’s a good way to see what’s out there but as of right now torches do not increase your temperature much, just make it go down slower, so this approach is limited. Using planks or stakes to fight will help in any situation nonetheless

How Time Works

Every “hour” in this game is a minute long.
Every “minute” in this game is a second long.

Example Time: 13:7
This is 1:07 PM, or 13:07.
This is 13 minutes and 7 seconds.
Keep in mind that the “:7” is not my typo, but is possibly an in-game typo.

Example Time: 0:22
This is 12:22 AM, or 0:22.
This is 0 minutes and 22 seconds.

Time Events

1: —
2: —
3: —
4: —
5: Starts to get brighter
6: Temperature regulates from the cold night time
7: Counts as a new day (achievement will be unlocked if available), game starts at this time as well
8: —
9: —
10: —
11: —
12: —
13: —
14: —
15: Starts to get darker
16: Gets a little bit darker
17: Appears as the evening based on “lightness”
18: Temperature starts to drop
19: Completely dark outside
20: Boat comes out
21: —
22: —
23: —
0: Snakes and (possibly) scorpions fall from the sky, they will attack you (although this is not the only time that they spawn)

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