Hand Simulator: Survival – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks – How to Make Everything? How Eat? 1: Move food to mouth 2: […]

Tips and Tricks – How to Make Everything?

How Eat?

1: Move food to mouth
2: Press e to engulf the food

How Get Meat?

1: Get rock or sharp stick
2: Violently bang said rock or sharp stick against an animal such as a frog, tiger, or scorpion
3: Keep violently banging until food appears

How Get Coconut?

1: Get rock
2: Get the coconut (green things on ground)
3: Smash them together
4: Smash the brown part of the coconut that comes out

How Make Torch?

1: Kill thing
2: Take things bone
3: Take things fat
4: Put things bone and fat together
5: Put bone and fat torch near fire

How Build House?

1: Find cool rock
2: Find a small tree
3: Bash small tree with cool rock
4: Take small spear things
5: Stab 4 small spear things in ground
6: Grab some more spear things
7: Hit new spear things against the upright spear things with a rock, and ensure the spear thing is parallel to the ground as a frame to place the floor
8: Ensure the parallel spear thing is stuck to the upright spear
9: Repeat with all sides until a nice square forms
10: Find big tree and smash into logs
11: Smash logs into planks
12: Go to the square and place planks on top of parallel plank and hit with rock to secure it
13: Repeat until a floor starts to form
14: Ensure the floor does not collapse
15: Go on top of floor with more planks
16: Place plank parallel against upright spear to form wall
17: Smash parallel plank against spear with rock to make wall
18: Repeat until desired wall is achieved
19: Try the floor thing but with a ceiling
20: Don’t die

How Make Spear and Spear Things?

1: Grab rock
2: Cut thin bamboo looking tree with rock
3: Take cut bamboo looking thing and put it in your hand like a spear
4: Lightly graze something with it and watch as you steal its life-force
alternate step 4: violently shank the creature until it disintegrates
5: See how to harvest meat

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