HARVESTELLA Achievements Guide 100%

Welcome to our HARVESTELLA Achievements Guide 100%. This guide will show you every achievements in game. […]

Welcome to our HARVESTELLA Achievements Guide 100%. This guide will show you every achievements in game. It will be updated periodically. We’re trying to balance fast progress and video/screenshot capture for the guide, so please be patient.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the HARVESTELLA game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our HARVESTELLA guide.

HARVESTELLA Achievements Guide 100%

This guide will show you every achievements in game!


The Adventure Begins

  • Complete Chapter 1

A Chance Meeting

  • Complete Chapter 2

An Abnormality in the Seaslight…

  • Complete Chapter 3

Suppress Welt Geist

  • Complete Chapter 4

Outside of Eden

  • Complete Chapter 5

The Double Helix Paradox

  • Complete Chapter 6


  • Complete Chapter 7

The Moment of Decision

  • Complete Chapter 8

Beyond Aporia

  • Complete Chapter 9

A World Without Quietus

  • Complete Chapter 10

HARVESTELLA Closeness Achievements

Good Communicator

  • Improve closeness 5 times


  • Reach maximum closeness with everyone

Exchanging Vows

  • Exchange vows with a partner

Pet & Livestock

Coming soon…

Farming & Grilla

Coming soon…


100% Achievements - Harvestella [In Progress]Nice Catch
Catch your first fish

100% Achievements - Harvestella [In Progress]Veteran Angler
Catch 10 kinds of fish

100% Achievements - Harvestella [In Progress]A Good Day for a Big Catch
Catch 20 fish in a day

Catching 20 fish should take no longer than half the day depending on how fast they bite.

100% Achievements - Harvestella [In Progress]Not Your Everyday Quotidicrab
Catch a size 10 Quotidicrab

This is pure RNG but I don’t think it’s too rare.
I caught 2 size-10 Quotidicrabs on the same day at both Lethe Village and the Farm.

100% Achievements - Harvestella [In Progress]Star Fisher
Catch every kind of fish

Will update periodically.
Eversweet Fish, Gazing Carp, and Quotidicrab can be caught in most early game areas.


  • Gazing Carp
  • Quotidicrab
  • Azure Sprat
  • Eversweet Fish

Lethe Village:

  • Argentian
  • Azure Sprat

Higan Canyon:

  • Golden Egg Salmon

Jade Forest:

  • Argentian


  • Octopus Traveler
  • Memoriam
  • Roly Poly Prawn
  • Rosy Seabream
  • Golden Egg Salmon
  • Super Grouper
  • Great King Tuna


  • Cherry Salmon
  • Marigoldfish


  • Chilly Pollock
  • Frosty Herring
  • Ice Faerie (RARE)


Coming soon…

Caves & Bombs

Coming soon…

HARVESTELLA Cooking Achievements

Coming soon…

Colnellu Locations

Conellu Collector

  • Collect 10 Conellu Dolls

Conellu Mania

  • Collect all Conellu Dolls

I have 10/11 screenshots for the 11 I picked up so far (I’m missing one EARLY screenshot). I haven’t broken most walls yet so I can keep track. I’ll update this tonight since this isn’t missable and I want to keep playing and get more locations for. Add me on discord (Jedo#2812) if you can’t wait and want to ask where the first 11 are or want to help me take screenshots for the rest


Coming soon…

HARVESTELLA Miscellaneous Achievements

Coming soon…

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