Harvestella Best Fighter Skills

Welcome to our Harvestella Best Fighter Skills guide. Harvestella’s fighters initially seem simple in nature. However, […]

Welcome to our Harvestella Best Fighter Skills guide. Harvestella’s fighters initially seem simple in nature. However, they can benefit from proper training if they develop ranged combat and strategies. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the HARVESTELLA game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our HARVESTELLA guide.

Harvestella Best Fighter Skills

Square Enix game company Harvestella is a mix of classic JRPG and farming simulator. The player can only start with the Fighter job, but can later unlock other combat-oriented jobs. These specializations give the fighter an advantage in combat.

Melee jobs as a fighter are the character’s default option. It doesn’t matter what other skills the player learns as long as they become more involved in melee combat. Even jobs without many skills can feel rewarding thanks to skills learned from other classes.

Final Fantasy Origins features a job called Tyrant that grants access to skills related to working in a similar to a specific position.

Blaze – Harvestella Best Skill Choices

In Harvestella, fighters can learn the first skill for their class at the lowest cost: just 10 JP. This skill, Blaze, is a combination of fire and slashing attacks; it also gives fighters some elemental abilities for use. Only learning this one Fighter skill unlocks the option to learn other skills— because the game doesn’t open up additional options until Fighter characters have learned four skills. To increase the job tier of Crescent Slash to Blaze II, the move requires Step to be learned and costs 200 JP. Once it’s learned, a character can use Crescent Slash to approach enemies from a distance. This ability’s damage can then be increased to Blaze III with additional JP.

Enhance Normal Attack

Crescent Slash must be learned before the next skill can be used. Doing so costs 450 JP and boosts the player’s normal attack by 10%. Adding 10% damage increases the damage you deal by 1%. This can be stacked with the Tier 2 Fighter Skill Enhance Normal Attack II for a larger increase in damage. The 1,800JP cost applies to both abilities.

When the player reaches Tier 2 Fighter Skills, they can gain access to augmentations to their existing toolkit. This will help players add some unique character to the job, while not having to worry about unlocking a new job via a challenging boss fight, as they would with the Hellblade in Bravely Default 2, or switching to another job. However, one of the more valuable skills is Reduce Physical Damage, which will reduce physical damage taken by 20% and costs 1,500 JP. This will help sustainability in dungeons.

Flame Tongue

Flame Tongue is an additional fire attack that deals damage over time and carries a secondary benefit of inflicting ongoing damage to the enemy. Purchasing Increase Fire Damage costs 1,000 JP; this action boosts the damage dealt by Flame Tongue by 20%. Many Fighter abilities hinge on Flame Tongue, so getting this as early as possible is recommended.

Harvestella’s default Fighter job — one of many options available to her — is easy to learn and has many helpful tools. These include using the Paladin job in FFXIV, as well as having both ranged and melee combat options. This job also has a damage over time effect, which increases its own defensive capabilities passively.

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