HARVESTELLA Recipes and Cooking Delivery

Welcome to our HARVESTELLA Recipes and Cooking Delivery guide. This guide is a resource to help you complete tasks and lists and obtain bonuses for gathering.

HARVESTELLA is a brand new life simulation RPG from SQUARE ENIX! Lead a self-sufficient life in your home and cooperate with allies to overcome various threats. Stuck on this adventure between keeping 20 of each crop in storage and damaging your bottom line or not having what you need to sell everything and possibly cook later? Buy only what you need, sell everything else. Get your achievement while grinding that grill. Check out our HARVESTELLA Recipes and Cooking Delivery guide for details.

HARVESTELLA Recipes and Cooking Delivery

Welcome to our HARVESTELLA Recipes and Cooking Delivery guide. This guide is a resource to help you complete tasks and lists and obtain bonuses for gathering. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the HARVESTELLA game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our HARVESTELLA guide.

The Short Version

Below are tables of every dish and the ingredients required to cook them, just as a reference. If you’d like a quick and dirty “Get this many then cook them all at once after you beat the game,” here it is:

  • For Head Chef–one of every dish
  • 1 Vegetable Juice
  • 2 Coffee
  • 1 Tomato Juice
  • 1 Watermelon Juice
  • 1 Peach Juice
  • 1 Lemon Juice
  • 1 Grape Juice
  • 1 Orange Juice
  • 1 Apple Juice
  • 1 Moon Juice
  • 8 Egg
  • 14 Milk
  • 30 Flour
  • 8 Cheese
  • 1 Mayonnaise
  • 10 Black Pepper
  • 6 Curry Spice
  • 8 Syrup
  • 21 Sugar
  • 3 Coconut Milk
  • 2 Smoked Meat
  • 1 Smoked Egg
  • 1 Vegetable Jam
  • 25 Meat
  • 5 Premium Meat
  • 9 Wild Leaf
  • 12 Little Mushroom
  • 5 Cool Leaf
  • 1 Hermit’s Root
  • 6 Red Leaf
  • 2 Ginger
  • 2 Wasabi
  • 1 Powder Leaf
  • 1 Gran Truffle
  • 1 Queen Leaf
  • 1 Opera Leaf
  • 1 Wise Man’s Root
  • 15 Carrop
  • 6 Dress Lettuce
  • 8 Unionion
  • 6 Cucumble
  • 3 Morrocorn
  • 1 Bellhop
  • 5 Lumpotato
  • 6 Royal Eggplant
  • 10 Rainbow Bean
  • 4 Lantern Pumpkin
  • 16 Nemean Tomato
  • 4 Tingle Radish
  • 5 Strawbuddy
  • 7 Shatollan Paprika
  • 10 Seatide Garlic
  • 2 Islet Watermelon
  • 6 Argene Cabbage
  • 4 Chilly PLant
  • 15 Sudor Pepper
  • 11 Eden Rice
  • 1 Nitro Pineapple
  • 4 Wisty Peach
  • 4 Numblemon
  • 3 Macocoa
  • 5 Grouply Grapes
  • 3 Princess Chestnut
  • 4 Snowcap Mikan
  • 3 Promised Fruit
  • 1 Moon Fruit

For Encyclopedia, if you care, you just need the same things but high quality. in many cases, you don’t need all HQ ingredients, only some. Use what you find, as often it’s the difference between working to find HQ meat or Cool Leaf or forgoing the extra money earned from an HQ crop. in a few cases, however, one ingredient is neither required for gourmet nor does it even help. So to make one of every gourmet, you can confidently substitute these for normal- or low quality versions while stocking up on those HQs.

  • 2 Flour
  • 1 Cheese
  • 2 Sugar
  • 1 Meat
  • 1 Little Mushroom
  • 1 Cool Leaf
  • 2 Red Leaf
  • 1 Dress Lettuce
  • 1 Morrocorn

Lethe Recipes

Mountain Stir Fry1 Wild Leaf1 Little Mushroom
Picnic Sandwich1 Dress Lettuce1 Flour
Ketchup Omelet1 Egg1 Nemean Tomato1 Dress Lettuce
Lethe Hamburger and Egg2 Meat1 Egg2 Little Mushroom
Lethe Vegetable Salad1 Dress Lettuce1 Carrop1 Unionion
Lethe Breakfast1 Flour1 Egg1 Dress Lettuce
BBQ Churrasco2 Meat2 Carrop2 Cucumble2 Little Mushroom
Lethe Ratatouille2 Carrop2 Royal Eggplant2 Cucumble
Cucumble & Mince Sandwiches1 Cucumble1 Meat
Lantern Pumpkin Gratin1 Lantern Pumpkin2 Meat2 Flour2 Cheese2 Milk
Tacos1 Morrocorn1 Meat1 Nemean Tomato
Oyster & Veggie Udon1 Bellhop1 Unionion1 Flour1 Wild Leaf
Warm Pumpkin Soup1 Lantern Pumpkin1 Unionion1 Milk
Chilled Corn Soup1 Chilly Plant1 Morrocorn1 Milk
Rainbow Bean Curry1 Curry Spice1 Rainbow Bean1 Morrocorn
Eversweetfish Meuniere1 Eversweetfish1 Flour1 Wild Leaf
Fall Salmon & Veggie Hotpot1 Golden Egg Salmon2 Carrop2 Rainbow Bean2 Wild Leaf2 Little Mushroom
King Cake2 Rainbow Bean2 Sugar2 Flour2 Egg2 Milk
Mont Blanc1 Princess Chestnut1 Sugar1 Flour
Vegetable Muffin1 Vegetable Juice1 Vegetable Jam1 Sugar1 Flour
Lethe Special Dinner1 Premium Meat2 Golden Egg Salmon1 Lantern Pumpkin2 Carrop2 Little Mushroom
HARVESTELLA Recipes and Cooking Delivery

Nemean Recipes

Cheese & Tomato Caprese1 Nemean Tomato1 Cheese1 Cool Leaf
Eggs Benedict1 Egg1 Flour1 Meat
Tomato & Eggplant Cheese Bake1 Royal Eggplant1 Nemean Tomato1 Cheese
Meaty Antipasto1 Smoked Meat1 Tingle Radish1 Cheese
Nemea Meat Pizza1 Nemean Tomato1 Meat1 Flour1 Cheese
Nemea Bolognese1 Nemean Tomato1 Unionion1 Meat1 Flour
Chilled Tomato Pasta1 Chilly Plant1 Nemean Tomato1 Flour1 Cool Leaf
Cherry Salmon Marinade1 Cherry Salmon1 Tingle Radish1 Unionion1 Cool Leaf
Cup of Tea1 Queen Leaf1 Milk1 Sugar
Strawberry Shortcake1 Strawbuddy1 Sugar1 Flour1 Milk
Peach Rose Mousse2 Wisty Peach2 Sugar2 Flour2 Milk
Nemean Splendid Spring1 Premium Meat1 Gran Truffle2 Cherry Salmon2 Nemean Tomato2 Strawbuddy
HARVESTELLA Recipes and Cooking Delivery

Shatollan Recipes

Seabream & Octopus Carpaccio1 Rosy Seabream1 Octopus Traveler
Shrimp & Mushroom al Ajillo2 Roly Poly Prawn2 Seatide Garlic2 Little Mushroom
Shatollan Seafood Salad1 Octopus Traveler1 Roly Poly Prawn1 Shatollan Paprika
Fisherman’s Sandwich1 Roly Poly Prawn1 Shatollan Paprika1 Flour
Vongole Bianco2 Memoriam1 Roly Poly Prawn2 Seatide Garlic2 Flour
Tom Yum Soup2 Roly Poly Prawn2 Sudor Pepper2 Wild Leaf
Shatollan Acqua Pazza1 Rosy Seabream2 Memoriam2 Nemean Tomato2 Numblemon
Coconut Meat Stir Fry2 Meat1 Coconut Milk2 Seatide Garlic2 Cool Leaf
Coconut Milk Toast1 Coconut Milk1 Syrup1 Sugar1 Flour
Super Sweet Shatollan Smoothie1 Islet Watermelon1 Coconut Milk1 Syrup2 Sugar
The Seasons1 Peach Juice1 Lemon Juice1 Grape Juice1 Orange Juice
Red Moon1 Moonfruit Juice1 Apple Juice1 Watermelon Juice1 Tomato Juice
Bitter Cafe Mocha1 Coffee1 Macocoa1 Milk
Great King Tuna Tartare1 Great King Tuna1 Shatollan Paprika1 Royal Eggplant1 Cucumble1 Grouply Grapes
HARVESTELLA Recipes and Cooking Delivery

Argene Recipes

Argene Cabbage Stew1 Argene Cabbage1 Lumpotato1 Meat
Pepper Cream Penne1 Flour2 Black Pepper1 Milk
Jansson’s Temptation2 Frosty Herring2 Lumpotato2 Unionion2 Cheese
Herring in a Fur Coat1 Frosty Herring1 Argene Cabbage1 Mayonnaise
Meat with Herbs & Spices2 Meat2 Curry Spice2 Black Pepper2 Red Leaf
Summer & Winter Spicy Fish2 Frosty Herring1 Rosy Seabream2 Sudor Pepper2 Seatide Garlic2 Black Pepper
Chilly Pollock & Roe Blini1 Chilly Pollock1 Sudor Pepper1 Red Leaf
Mapo Tofu2 Rainbow Bean2 Meat2 Royal Eggplant2 Sudor Pepper
Susper Spicy Argene Hotpot3 Sudor Pepper1 Chilly Pollock2 Frosty Herring2 Argene Cabbage2 Black Pepper
Meat with Spicy Argene Sauce3 Sudor Pepper2 Meat2 Red Leaf
Ice Cream1 Chilly Plant1 Sugar1 Milk
HARVESTELLA Recipes and Cooking Delivery

Other Recipes

Season’s Bouquet Salad2 Dress Lettuce2 Carrop2 Nemean Tomato2 Shatollan Paprika2 Argene Cabbage
Great Plate Steak2 Premium Meat1 Lantern Pumpkin2 Tingle Radish2 Seatide Garlic2 Black Pepper
Watermelon Bowl Fruit Punch1 Islet Watermelon2 Wisty Peach2 Grouply Grapes2 Snowcap Mikan2 syrup
Blessed Charlotte Cake2 Strawbuddy2 Numblemon2 Grouply Grape2 Snowcap Mikan3 Sugar
Salmon Riceballs1 Eden Rice1 Golden Egg Salmon
Nikujaga1 Meat1 Lumpotato1 Unionion
Kamameshi1 Eden Rice1 Rosy Seabream1 Princess Chestnut1 Carrop
Chawanmushi1 Egg1 Roly Poly Prawn1 Little Mushroom
Venin Clam Miso Soup1 Venin Clam1 Rainbow Bean1 Wild Leaf
Big Catch Tempura Bowl2 Eden Rice2 Eversweetfish2 Cherry Salmon2 Roly Poly Prawn2 Chilly Pollock
Premium Tuna Sushi1 Eden Rice1 Great King Tuna1 Wasabi
Smoked Seabream Ramen2 Flour1 Smoked Meat1 Smoked Egg2 Rosy Seabream
Seafood Pho1 Eden Rice1 Memoriam1 Roly Poly Prawn1 Wild Leaf
Curry Rice1 Eden Rice1 Curry Spice1 Meat1 Carrop1 Lumpotato
Superb Eden Curry2 Eden Rice2 Curry Spice1 Premium Meat1 Promised Fruit1 Coffee
Phantasma Choco Churros1 Macocoa1 Sugar1 Flour
Forbidden Apple Pie2 Promised Fruit2 Syrup2 Sugar2 Flour2 Egg
Melting Chocolate Fondant1 Macocoa1 Sugar1 Flour1 Egg
Green Tea Shaved Ice1 Chilly Plant1 Powder Leaf1 Rainbow Bean1 Princess Chestnut1 Syrup
Bunny Buns1 Eden Rice1 Rainbow Bean1 Sugar
Dangerous Nitro Sautee1 Nitro Pineapple2 Meat2 Carrop2 Shatollan Paprika2 Sudor Pepper
Warm Tea Blend1 Ginger1 Syrup1 Red Leaf
Pure Medicinal Porridge1 Wise Man’s Root1 Opera Leaf1 Wasabi1 Ginger1 Eden Rice
Crescent Moonfruit Tart1 Moonfruit1 Sugar1 Flour1 Egg1 Milk
Conellu Bun1 Hermit’s Root1 Meat1 Flour
HARVESTELLA Recipes and Cooking Delivery

Cooking Deliveries and Knowledge Books

One boost you can get late-ish in the game that is massively helpful, but not required, is Knowledge! Each book enhances quantity and/or quality of items obtained from each mining or gathering node. With the full set, you’ll get lots of higher-quality items and twice as many per node.

Near the beginning of the game the player receives a letter from the inn in Lethe Village asking for dishes, which unlocks the delivery system. After this, all other inns will become available automatically. Knowledge books are acquired by delivering any 5 dishes to the four inns after Lethe. You get a recipe for 9 deliveries so you’ll be aiming to finish them all anyway, and each delivery gives more grilla the more you’ve done, but getting 5 is the most important milestone and we want that as soon as possible.

Lethe is pretty good for grilla, but overall, not important. Four easy deliveries for quick cash at the start of the game are in bold text. The five easiest dishes to cook as early as possible for each other inn are also in italic text. Even out of season you can get some ingredients early from chests or quests. If you are using this guide, you’ll have enough for one of everything anyway, so just prioritize dishes on this list first.

In the order of the crafting list, the options for each town include:

Mountain Stir FryCheese and Tomato CapreseSeabream and Octopus CarpaccioArgene Cabbage StewSalmon Riceballs
Lethe Hamburger and EggEggs BenedictFisherman’s SandwichPepper Cream PenneNikujaga
Lethe BreakfastTomato & Eggplant Cheese BakeVongole BiancoJansson’s TemptationVenin Clam Miso Soup
BBQ ChurrascoNemea Meat PizzaTom Yum SoupMeat with Herbs & SpicesPremium Tuna Sushi
Lantern Pumpkin GratinNemea BologneseShatollan Acqua PazzaSummer & Winter Spicy FishCurry Rice
Chilled Corn SoupCherry Salmon MarinadeSuper Sweet Shatollan SmoothieMapo TofuForbidden Apple Pie
King CakeStrawberry ShortcakeThe SeasonsIce CreamMelting Chocolate Fondant
Vegetable MuffinPeach Rose MousseBitter Cafe MochaHerring in a Fur CoatBunny Buns
Lethe Special DinnerNemean Splendid SpringGreat King Tuna TartareSuper Spicy Argene HotpotPure Medicinal Porridge
HARVESTELLA Recipes and Cooking Delivery
Written by Chloe Wolf

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