Hearts of Iron 4 Best Division Templates

Hoi4 best division templates in this guide. You can find Hoi4 Division Templates that are still up to date in our guide.

Hearts of Iron 4 Best Division Templates

The division template system is one of the key mechanics of Hearts of Iron IV. A division is 1 basic unit depicted on the map during gameplay. The composition of each division is specified by its division template. Division templates can be created and modified by the player using spending army experience. The composition of your division can make or break a battle.

Hoi4 Where and How to Edit Division Templates

You can edit division templates by going to:

Recruit & Deploy: Then click “Edit” on the desired division.

Hearts of Iron 4 Best Division Templates 2022
Hearts of Iron 4 Best Division Templates 2022

Each division has a division template.

Here is an example of a 7 Infantry – 2 Artilery division template:

Hearts of Iron 4 Best Division Templates 2022
Hearts of Iron 4 Best Division Templates 2022
  • Reset: Reset the edits you’ve made but haven’t saved.
  • Duplicate: Create another division template just like this one without spending army experience, useful if you want to make a new division template while still keeping this one.
  • The 3 Arrows: Red is for backup units, they are the last to receive quality equipment, white is for normal units, and yellow is for elite units, they are the first to receive quality equipement (new weapons or of you’re lacking equipment they will be the first one to be filled). You can manually choose which divisions you consider to be elite, normal or backup.

This is how a division looks like:

Hearts of Iron 4 Best Division Templates
Hearts of Iron 4 Best Division Templates
  • Each division consists of up to 5 combat regiments and 5 support companies.
  • Each combat regiment is composed of up to 5 battalions.
  • It costs 5 XP to add a battalion to a division, regardless if it is the same or new regiment.
  • Adding a battalion of a different unit type (infantry, mobile, or armored) adds a penalty of 20 XP per additional unit type.
  • A division may have any number of the same unit type for battalions, but only one of each unit type for support companies.
  • A division template may be specified as reserve, regular, or elite. Elite divisions will be prioritized for better equipment, followed by regular divisions and finally reserves.
  • Each division template can receive specific types of equipment if multiple types are available. An example would be elite divisions only using the latest weapons and reserve divisions using the oldest.

Hoi4 Best Division Templates 2022

IC-cost, attack values etc. may differ due to various factors.

  1. Close Air Support planes (CAS) have a much larger impact on combat than tanks: start building tanks only after building enough planes!
  2. In Multiplayer, tank-on-tank battles are much more common, so replace medium tanks by additional tank destroyers for extra hard attack.

Hoi4 Best Defensive Divisions Templates

10W Infantry (Multiplayer)

10W Infantry Division Template
10W Infantry Division Template

This division’s main purpose is to hold their position as long as possible. A division width of 10 is chosen, since this is the smallest width at which the stacking penalty is nearly 0% (only -2% in plains). This is the best design for garrison duty, but this division should be used on the front line too! Enemies will have a tough time breaking through all the ORG this division offers, and its soft attack per combat width is excellent. Using sufficient air support, these divisions can also be used for attacking.

Add Anti-Air if the enemy has air superiority.

10W Infantry (1940)

10W Infantry Division Template (1940)
10W Infantry Division Template (1940)

After researching rocket artillery, you can add an extra ‘artillery’ to your divisions in the form of rocket artillery. It has essentially the same stats as artillery, so loads of soft attack for a low price! In addition, AA was added as well, since CAS starts to hit hard after 1940.

Hoi4 Best Offensive Divisions

In Multiplayer, players typically use 10W divisions (typically 5 INF) and push with CAS. In practice, you should never go for tank divisions, unless you already have air superiority.

General note on tank designs: 27W tank divisions are better than 44W (section still has to be updated); 27W take more losses, but have more ORG per combat width.

Attack Infantry

Attack Infantry Division Template
Attack Infantry Division Template

This division is designed to be cheap and push across the whole front line. It uses a bit of fuel, but not too much. IC-cost wise, this division makes very effective use of support artillery and light tanks. Make sure to have adequate supply with this division; you suffer from a -90% attack reduction when out of fuel.

Attack Infantry (1940)

Attack Infantry (1940) Division Template
Attack Infantry (1940) Division Template

This version is more expensive, but includes Rocket Artillery and Anti-Air. More stats for a higher cost. Anti-air was included since CAS is more powerful from 1940 onwards.

Motorized (1940)

Motorized (1940) Division Template
Motorized (1940) Division Template

A more expensive version of attack infantry (double the cost!), but much faster and much higher breakthrough. Be aware that this division uses LOTS of fuel! Used in conjunction with CAS, you can overrun enemy defenses with this. Later on, you can replace the motorized infantry by mechanized infantry for extra hardness.

Space Marines (1936)

Space Marines (1936) Division Template
Space Marines (1936) Division Template

For our tank division, we need a good mix of organization and soft attack, along with high armor. Since the tanks used are slow, we use marines for their combat and movement bonuses attacking over rivers and marshes. For support companies, AA is always a must, engineer and recon for additive movement speed bonuses, recon provides piercing, maintenance raises the tank reliability to near 100%, and flame tank for massive offensive bonuses.

This design works around having poor combat stats in rivers by using marines instead of motorized. These have similar stats to motorized (except for slightly lower breakthrough). They provide a big bonus attacking rivers and marshes, and amphibious.

The marines provide the division with the capability to attack over rivers. When having motorized we get a -3.6% additive attack penalty, whereas the having marines instead of motorized gives us +21.8% additive attack in rivers. This is very significant, since attacking over rivers gives an additive penalty of -60% to attack. We thus go from a -63.6% to -41.2% modifier, resulting in 0.36 attack VS. 0.58 attack, a 61% difference in stats!

Space Marines (1940)

Space Marines (1940) Division Template
Space Marines (1940) Division Template

In 1940, you can research a new AT gun. Replace 1 Medium Tank with a 1940 TD to gain a massive increase in piercing. This upgrade is cheap and will allow this division to remain competitive versus enemy tanks.

Mechanized Tanks (1940)

Mechanized Tanks (1940) Division Templates
Mechanized Tanks (1940) Division Templates

Use the 1940 TD for this design. When the year reaches 1940, you’ll have mechanized infantry researched. This is a significant upgrade for your tank divisions, as the hardness of year division will increase from 36% to 70%. Assuming enemy infantry only deals soft attack, damage taken goes from 0.64 to 0.30. Switch over to mechanized when you can do so, and make sure to create a cheap mechanized variant.

Amphibious Tanks (1941)

Amphibious Tanks (1941) Division Template
Amphibious Tanks (1941) Division Template

Use the 1941 Amphibious tank design. Replacing a normal tank by an amphibious tank is the best one can do: it has the same base stats as ‘Mechanized tanks’, but massive terrain modifiers for attacking rivers, marshes, and amphibious landings. Truly the best late-game design. These use lots of special forces, so watch for hitting your special forces cap.

Garrison (Offmap) Division

Cavalry is more efficient at suppression than infantry manpower-wise, and in addition slightly more cost-effective IC-wise (3 VS 3.3 IC per suppression). The combat width of this division does not matter. If you have a pure cavalry division empty of support companies, use that one. Else, create a new division, and put 1 cavalry in it as shown below. To do this, open any division via ‘edit’, click the arrow, then ‘create empty’. This way, this division will only cost 5 army XP.
The theoretically best design is 1 Military Police (MP) support company with 25 cavalry divisions, but your army XP is better spent on other things first.

Hoi4 Best Division Templates 2022
Hoi4 Best Division Templates 2022

A garrison division that costs only 5 army xp, use this in most of your games.

Hoi4 Best Division Templates 2022
Hoi4 Best Division Templates 2022

This garrison is the most cost-effective, giving +40% suppression (1939) due to MP. From 5 divisions onwards, MP becomes worth adding in terms of cost-effectiveness. Only upgrade your garrison division after finishing your doctrines! (or being very low on manpower)

Hoi4 Best Division Templates 2022
Hoi4 Best Division Templates 2022

Change garrison division here.

Hoi4 Aerial Warfare

Aerial warfare is extremely important for land combat, since CAS is very strong in the current patch.

In Hoi4, using close air support (CAS) is vital to achieving military success. You can perform CAS missions with:

  • CAS-planes (short range; western Europe)
  • Tactical Bombers (long range: anywhere outside of western Europe).

CAS Bonuses

  • CAS deals damage directly to enemy divisions in combat.
  • CAS gives your divisions a up to 25% bonus to attack and defense/breakthrough.

CAS also uses combat width similar to ground troops; typically the maximum reinforcement with is around 300. CAS does not suffer from an overstacking penalty, so airwings of 1000 CAS is best for maximizing damage!

Having planes in the air increases your ‘air superiority’. Heavy fighters provide 1.25 air superiority, strategic bombers 0.01 superiority and all other planes 1 air superiority. Having more air superiority than the enemy gives the following (maximum) bonuses:

Air Superiority Bonuses

  • Up to -35% defense/breakthrough to enemy divisions.
  • Up to -30% movement speed to enemy divisions.

These penalties to enemy divisions scale by 1% per 50 air superiority more than the enemy has.

CAS is vulnerable to being disrupted and shot down by fighter planes. To keep your airspace safe, you’ll need to build fighters, which hunt for enemy fighter planes and shoot down enemy CAS. You should have at least the amount of fighters the enemy has. As a rule of thumb (single player), build 2 fighters for every 1 CAS.

In general, you’ll want as many factories on planes as you can, since the direct damage dealt by CAS (both to ORG and HP) is extremely high.

Germany attacking Poland with 90 CAS supporting them.
The CAS obliterates the polish troops.

Normally losses in this scenario would be about equal on both sides. However, the CAS allowed Germany to inflict 3x as many casualties as Poland!

Hoi4 Air & Sea Battles

Summary For Air Battles:

  • It is best to keep planes in Airwings of 100. Ace bonuses are tailored for that size and it makes it easy to move them around.
  • Your bombers can actually defend themselves fairly well, but will operate rarely and may achieve their actual objective without a fighter coverage.
  • Detection chance and bombing damage are decreased at night.
  • If you are unable to challenge enemy air superiority you should put your Fighters on “Intercept” mission. It will allow you to semi-reliably stop enemy bombers while not engaging enemy Fighters head on. Your forces will still suffer air superiority penalties.
  • Agility and Speed are two most important statistics of a fighter only then followed by Air Attack.
  • Strategic bombing can cause serious damage to the industry and infrastructure of an enemy.
  • Both Radar and Air Superiority in a region provide Naval intelligence.
  • When starting a campaign you should disband all your airwings and create a new ones.
  • Disbanded planes go back to your reserves.

Summary For Sea Battles:

  • Destroyers are cheap and best at dealing with Submarines.
  • Light Cruisers provide the best surface detection allowing you to find enemy ships.
  • Heavy Cruisers and Battlecruisers are good against Destroyers.
  • Battleships have the highest health points and damage.
  • Carriers aren’t as good as Battleships but have a nice damage if they aren’t attacked from too many sources, you can strike with bomber and flighter Aircraft in land and annoy major powers.
  • Submarines are the best against Convoys, but they can also be efficient in fleets if the enemy doesn’t have many Desteoyers.

Hoi4 No Step Back Division Templates

Click to watch on Youtube:

Hoi4 Division Tips

Hearts of Iron 4 Best Division Templates 2022
Hearts of Iron 4 Best Division Templates 2022
  1. 1 Anti-air decreases damage from CAS by 75%, so Anti-air is quite strong.
  2. Use the attrition graph to determine how much reliability your variant equipment needs.
  3. Given enough air support, even basic infantry can push through enemy lines.
  4. CAS is less effective than Naval bombers against ships, but can still be used for this purpose.
  5. Flame tanks, support equipment, anti-air, anti-tank and tank destroyers are vulnerable to attrition due to their low quantities in divisions, so put extra factories on them to prevent shortages.
  6. Set all field marshals to ‘supply by truck’ (3 trucks icon): this increases the supply range of supply hubs dramatically for all units under that field marshal. Use transport planes to supply your troops advancing into enemy territory: railroads require quite some time to repair themselves.
  7. When in a stalemate, but you have superiority in the air, logistics strike will cripple enemy supply.
  8. Railway guns decrease enemy attack, defense and entrenchment. Though expensive, they can be well-worth the cost.
  9. Obtain the expanded special forces program technology to increase special forces capacity.
  10. Refit your tanks after obtaining now technology, such as improved radio.
  11. Use the combat width simulator to find the optimal division width for the theater you’re fighting in.
  12. Creating a variant of mechanized equipment can reduce its cost from 8 to 4 IC, halving its cost.
  13. Send an attaché to countries that are at war to receive 20% of their army xp gain.
  14. Use a Tank Designer Company to give the tank you’re researching extra stats.

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