Helldivers 2: Wraith Guide

Detailed guide about wraith fundamentals and tips.

By using the strategies, tips and tricks in this Wraith guide, you can survive the game and achieve many victories.

Wraith Fundamentals

So you want to become the ultimate survivalist on your squad or just solo helldive difficulty on your own? Tired of one bad encounter leading to corpse cascades and an easy win is suddenly a loss? Well, this guide here to put you through a little training course to get you on you to the Hero of Democracy you know you can be.

This section will be short and sweet, basic mechanics all helldivers should know and at least try to utilize.

1. Get your reinforce and resupply strategems down to muscle memory unless your stunlocked this takes about 1.3 seconds even under serious suppression. learn it.

2.PRONE my diver in liberty… go prone. alot. it recuces explosive damage bt 65-90%. those insta kills robot grunts get from a mile off? na 10% of your health. live a tanks main assault turrent beam to the face. PRONE.

3. Dont CoD reload. the guns arent magic.that ammo is gone.

4. Learn what your stratagems DO and, and how to call out with enough time for your team to clear out. warning them an airstrike behind them while they lead 3 bile titans away from the objective only to say look out bro a second before impact is on you not them. learn your blast rasius too.

5. COMMUNICATE AND STRATEGIZE! you thick the game might lose its luster if you take 2 minutes to plan before each op? wrong, now yor team has an outline, hits the fan, no ones scrambling, plan in effect this will cut alot of your frustration out.


Wraith / Ghostwalking (Effective yet Speedy Stealth Play)

The key to becoming a ghost every bug and bot fears and has ptsd about until they finally meet thier personified fears I.E. YOU, are stealth tactics, quick strikes, and using effective decoys. lets go over stealth basics ill link my stealth guide soon here.

1.Stop running everywhere unless your being actively pursued or shot at. use your radar, use cover jog or crouch. hell army crawl in prone through no mans lands between two heaviliy fortified bot strongholds and survive without detection if you practice, destroy both from within with out ever firing your guns. smoke, weather conditions, and spore clouds can all be extremely effective cover and attract little to no attention when done well. watch full patrols a of bots 30 yards long walk inches from you and never suspect thier death could lick thier shiny metal feet(if your into that).

2.Tactics and Strategy- get into desired position hopefully with little to no contact with your foe. use map position elevation, enemy location and approximate route,and decide how tp either destroy your objective in one or two strokes, or in the case of nukes and terminals use decoys or lures to fool the foes into leaving you be long enough to screw thier whole steez up without them knowing a thing.

3. Break Contact- simply put, break line of sight, juke crouch crawl misdirect and make the enemy lose you instead of that 80 bot army thats been chasing you across the map for 15 minutes. utilize above tactics and this should be simple.

4. DODGE,DUCK,DIP,DIVE, AND… DODGE!!! In all seriousness, have a crowd on your ass? are you in the middle of what seems to be an inescapable horde? heres my thing serpentine, use suppression, dive HEAL ON GROUND AFTER DIVE UNLESS CHARGERS ARE ON YOU HEAD, use elevation.

5.Practice. also, rocket pack is a divers best friend. eagle and orbital smoke are good for every situation. a decent handicap when practicing your wraith skills.

Earning the Title of Wraith

Well well not so complicated in theory huh? heres a few milestones to check off.

1. Solo at least an extreme bug campaign.

2. Solo at least 1 extreme level campaign on a bot world.

3. try no to be detected or have an alert or breach called on you more than 5 times on a nuke mission from suicidal to helldive. both fronts

4. in a 4 man team, never become the horde or a heavys focus or raise an alarm

5. contact me either here on steam or requst my helldivers ID and ill put you to a trial that if you can complete, ill award you and give you the honor off having the title Helldiver: Wraith/GhostWalker.same thing your choice of flavor

I hope this helps some of you out and i cant wait to see who steps up to the challenge first, more so to the first to achieve this with me.

Written by Crow

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