Hello Kitty Island Adventure Gift Guide

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Gift Guide: Guide to nurturing your relationships with each character and discovering the item types they prefer!

Hello from our Hello Kitty Island Adventure Gift Guide. Hello Kitty Island Adventure invites you to join a world of friendship and love, as you make a home with your favourite Sanrio pals. To advance in the game, maintaining strong friendships is crucial, and daily gifts will empower you to take on more perilous challenges.

Gift & Friendship Guide

Welcome to our Hello Kitty Island Adventure Gift Guide. Below is a comprehensive guide to nurturing your relationships with each character and discovering the item types they prefer!

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty’s diverse range of tastes makes her a delightful recipient for various gifts. Among them, baked goods stand out as the easiest and most effective choice to please her.

Likes: Sweet things, baked goods, and fancy things


  • Mama’s Apple Pie: Crafting material: Flour, Apple
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Crafting material: Flour, Strawberry


Chococat proves to be a friendly companion, as he enjoys connecting with others over a wide array of easily-crafted items, such as Blank Books and Mechanisms, both of which can be made from paper.

Likes: Mechanical items, books, and chocolate


  • Ancient Inventions: Crafting material: Blank Book, Mechanism


Pekkle proves to be quite discerning when it comes to gifts, and you might face some challenges finding the perfect ones to strengthen your bond. While some items can be crafted with the appropriate blueprints, the simplest way to win their friendship is by investing time in gathering Calming Crystal from the mountains or capturing Mountain Bugs in the nearby region.

Likes: Instruments, mountain gifts, and crystal gifts


  • Music Box (any kind)
  • Calming Crystal


Hangyodon’s tastes are rather peculiar, and it might require some patience and effort before you uncover the most effective methods to cultivate your friendship.

Likes: Underwater items, fish, and books


  • Fish (any kind)


Pompompurin is an elusive character you’ll encounter later in the game, concealed within the Oasis. Like the other characters, his preferred recipes involve a combination of at least two of his favorite items. To please him, consider gifting anything that combines Cactus Cream and Milk or any crystal-themed presents.

Likes: Frozen desserts, crystal gifts, and milk


  • Pudding: Crafting material – Coral Milk, Cactus Cream


Keroppi, the amiable frog residing on Friendship Island, happens to be the least fussy resident when it comes to gifts. You’ll find an abundance of easy-to-find presents that are just perfect for this lovable character.

Likes: Bugs, swampy gifts, wood


  • Grassy Glowbuddy
  • Lily Frog
  • Orchid Glowbuddy
  • Pumpkin Spiceler


Retsuko’s desires are straightforward, and you’ll discover many of her favorite things conveniently located in Mount Hothead.

Likes: Hot things, instruments, and ingots


  • Ingot
  • Magma Bloom
  • Toasted Almond
  • Volcanic Music Box
  • Swampy Music Box


Cinnamoroll can be the most challenging member to connect with on Friendship Island due to his constant flitting from place to place. Moreover, his likes are quite specific and niche, with many of them only becoming accessible in the later stages of the game.

Likes: Coffee, chocolate, and spicy foods


  • Chocolate drinks (any kind): Crafting material: Espresso Machine
  • Coffee (any kind): Crafting material: Espresso Machine

My Melody

My Melody adores a variety of sweets, although some are considerably easier to acquire than others.

Likes: Sweet things, dreamy things


  • Candy Cloud
  • Macaron
  • Strawberry
  • Swampmallow


Befriending Pochacco is a breeze, as he has a diverse range of likes primarily centered around health-related items.

Likes: Sports items, healthy items, and plant-based items


  • Tofu
  • Spinip


Kuromi might seem a bit prickly at first, but she’s surprisingly easy to befriend, thanks to her deep affection for all things spooky. Exploring Spooky Swamp will unveil a variety of items that she adores.

Likes: Sparkly things, autumn things, and spooky things


  • Jack-O-Lantern: Crafting material: Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie


Tuxedosam is another laid-back buddy on the island. You can easily win him over by gifting a variety of items, such as Tropical Bugs and Coconuts, both of which can be found in the Seaside Resort.

Likes: Books, tropical items, fancy items


  • Tropical Gift: Crafting material: Sand Dollar, Gift Box


Badtz-Maru is quite selective, but don’t worry, there are several easy-to-craft items that can help you build a strong friendship with him.

Likes: Prank items, tropical items, pizza


  • Water Balloon
  • Coconut
  • Blue Berryfly
  • Sunset Scooter
  • Sunslime
  • Dragon Darter
  • Castle Crab
  • Honey Bandit
  • Tofu Pizza
  • Dessert Pizza
  • Pineapple Pizza

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