Her New Memory Cheats & Commands

Welcome to our Her New Memory Cheats & Commands guide. Save hours of play with these basic cheats that we are going to discuss to you.

Updated on: 01.9.2023

Her New Memory Cheats & Commands

Using cheats or console commands disables accomplishments. However you will get infinite money, infinite relationship points, boundless health, boundless mood, and you can change the time as lot of times as you want.

How to Enable Cheats?

All you have to do is modify the value of a line in a file, we show you the path:

  • Find the file: game folder > renpy > common > 00console.rpy
  • Open 00console.rpy with a text editor like Notepad
  • Find the line “config.console = False” (CTRL+F & config.console = False)
  • Replace the value “False” with the value “True”
  • Close and Save the file 00console.rpy

How to Disable Cheats?

If you want to disable the cheats you just have to go back to the 00console.rpy file and put config.console = False back.

Her New Memory Console Commands

There may be more interesting commands, but with these five that we are going to provide you, you can unlock everything in the game. Replace “X” with the value of your choice, for example “zodiac_coins = 2500” if you want to have 2,500 coins:

  • zodiac_coins = X
  • relationship = X
  • health = X
  • mood = X
  • hour = X

In order for you to unlock everything in the game, several days must pass (4 or 5), so maximize all the statistics with cheats or console commands, play 4 or 5 days and access all the unlocked game content.

We suggest that when you utilize the money cheat you get about 5000 zodiac coins, given that you will need to purchase a larger bed and a good couch to unlock some occasions

But don’t worry, you can re-enter all the commands as sometimes as you want. So essentially you have infinite money, limitless relationship points, boundless health, limitless mood, and you can change the time as sometimes as you desire.

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