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The Beginner Rifle

The gun that come with each infantry soldier is M1G (US), G43 (GER), and SVT40 (RUS).

All in all, these guns are good. In hands of an experienced player, the heavily modded semi-automatic (SA) rifle are dangerous (2 hit kill) and match winners. Heavy modding makes the cost severely high and therefore, most people avoid it. But there lies a fine balance where this guns can be cheap and deadly.

Use effective mods, that doesn’t cost much (in repairs) and does the trick at medium distance. The effective mods here simple: (a) Trigger Field Trigger Job and (b) Barrel Scout-IIs.

If you’re a beginner and have not unlocked barrel, then the trigger will do just fine.

How to Use the Gun:

This gun is best for open areas such as roads, bridge, open fields etc where you have some line of sight and range of 50m to 125m.

How NOT to Use the Gun:

Never engage in close-quarters-combat (CQC), especially if you know that your opponent has a fully automatic gun.

My Pick


M1G has a smooth recoil when using above mods and without the scope. It is also fairly accurate at 70m to 100m distance and I am used to the iron sight of M1G

Badge: Slot 1 – Tight Grip or Ghillie. Slot 2 – Heavy Set or Fast Reload

The Submachine Gun

The initial submachine gun (SMG) that one can get are M3 Grease Gun (US), MP34 (GER), and PPD-40 (RUS). Anyone who have used or still uses it will definitely say that they’re using this gun to unlock the better SMG like the Thompson M1A1 (US), MP40 (GER) and, PPSh-41 & PPS-43 (RUS).

The biggest advantage using SMGs are (a) repair cost is less and, (b) single mod is enough to make it a better gun to use.

Trigger Marksman Trigger Job or Spring Lightened Spring or both, makes the guns so much better and effective to use.

How to Use the Gun

Better suited for CQC, especially while capping points. Fast sprint and crouching will help in accuracy in tight spaces or sudden ambush. This gun is also good for shooting at incoming vehicles.

How NOT to Use the Gun

Not suited for sprint and hip fire. Shooting at targets for distance more than 30m range will give unreliable results.

My Pick

MP34 and Thompson M1A1

MP34 is very accurate. This gun has got me more headshots than any other SMGs.

Tommy Gun is also very accurate and has smooth sway, perfect for CQC.

Badge: Slot 1 – Fast Reload. Slot 2 – Heavy Set or Ghillie

Lightmachine Gun or Is It?

Don’t let the “light” in lightmachine gun (LMG) fool you. These guns are absolutely beast and shreds the enemy. None of these guns will do you wrong.

US: M1918 Automatic Rifle aka BAR
US: M1919 MG
US: Johnson 1941 LMG

GER: MG 34
GER: MG 42
GER: FG 42 (Paratroopers)

RUS: DP 28

These guns are absolutely monsters even without any mods. If one wants to put the mods, simple trigger and bullet will do just fine.

How to Use the Gun

These guns are absolutely crazy. It can be deadly for 50m to 100m range. Always crouch while using this gun. Use short burst for 50m to 100m targets and full auto for less than 50m targets.

How NOT to Use the Gun

Do not go full auto for targets more than 100m. Never go camping with LMGs in your hand. If you have this gun, go bananas on the enemy. This is what the gun is made for.

My Pick

M1919 MG

Although all the LMGs are great and there is no denial on that fact, but for infantry with minimal modding, the M1919 is the beast that I would recommend. However, the absolute gold star in the game is FG42, unfortunately, its only for German paratroopers.

Badge: Slot 1 – Tight Grip. Slot 2 – Heavy Set or Fast Reload

Bolt Action Rifles: One Hit Kills!

The fully modded one hit kill (OHK) bolt action (BA) rifles with scope are the force to be reckoned with, especially with someone with camouflaged badge and patterned uniform. Most players either hunt for one or grind till achieved. The US has M1903, Germany got Kar98k, and Russia has the infamous Mosin-Nagant.

These are the guns are stock gun for recon class. Furthermore, only the recons of all factions can have 8x scope. The infantry can have 2.2x for US, 3.5x for Russia, and 4.2x for Germany.

To achieve one-hit-kill (for more than 250m) one must have (a) bullet, anschusspatrone s.S. for Germany, Match M72 for US, and 7N1 Sniper for Russia, (b) internal heavy bolt, and (c) barrel Scout II-s for infantry & Chrome Molly for recons. Scopes are necessary if one wants to have sneaky kills, whereas trigger is unnecessary to use, since the its a bolt action rifle. Although the notion of OHK is exciting, but sometimes the repair cost bumps most players post-match.

How to Use the Gun

OHK BA rifles are meant for providing sniper cover and disrupt enemy attack. When scoped crouching and prone will help to reduce the sway. Changing positions after few kills is good strategy to follow. Having a binoculars is often advantageous against bush or hill campers.

How NOT to Use the Gun

SA against automatic guns, SA will loose majority of clashes. Not recommended for capping if enemy has good SMGs or LMGs. Always move your location to avoid sniper rifle hunters.

My Pick

M1903 OHK rifle without scope for infantry

Mosin-Nagant with 3.5x scope for infantry

Kar98k for recon with 8x scope

Badge: Slot 1 – Camouflaged. Slot 2 – Ghillie or Pointer Quick Fire


Handguns are rarely used in Heroes and Generals, but playing only with handguns are fun. Player with flair and experience can make these tiny loadout very deadly. The 1 equipment point handguns are actually boon to players who wants some extra juice with them for pinch moments. The advantage of such guns is that at close range these guns are deadly and accurate.

US: 1903 Pocketless Hammerless
US: 1911 Pistol
US: M1917 Revolver

GER: Model 1934
GER: Pistol C96
GER: P08 Parabellum
GER: P38 Parabellum

RUS: Korovin TK
RUS: Tula Tokarev 33
RUS: Nagant M1895

How to Use the Gun

Small guns such as 1903, Model 1934 and Korovin TK are handy for recons at close range. If the enemy doesn’t die with OHK shot, then handgun can put them down. Only M1917, Nagant and P38 can attain 2-hit kills. Handguns have mostly complimented players who are anti-tank rambos and carry loads of explosive.

How NOT to Use the Gun

Fast tapping while sprinting and hip fire will cause a lot of miss. Fully modded handguns are very expensive, so needs to be used only in pinch moments.

My Pick

P38 Parabellum

The 2-hit-kill, accuracy and less reload time makes this gun absolutely handy and deadly.

Badge: Slot 1 – Pointer Quick Fire or Fast Reload. Slot 2 – Fast Reload or Heavy Set

Anti-material Gun

These tier of guns consist of newer addition guns (up to date 12 Feb 2019). The Panzerbuchse-39 for Germany, and older PTRD 1941 for Russia. The US doesn’t have any such gun (anti-material rifle) in the game. These are the ultimate OHK gun, instant death! No second chance! The only drawback is that these are slow reloading and the number of bullet is less (less than 20 bullets).

How to Use the Gun

If you know that the team consists of good players. This guns give boost to the team against light armoured vehicles and light tanks & planes.

How NOT to Use the Gun

Trying to fight other gun head on, epecially against semi-automatic or SMGs & LMGs guns in a fight will be fustrating.

My Pick


Badge: Slot 1 – Scavenger or Heavy Set. Slot 2 – Iron Fist or Infantry First or Heavy Set

The “Holy Grail” Gun

The M1/M2 Carbine (US), StG44 (GER), and AVS-36 (RUS), in my opinion is the “holy grail” gun for infantry. All of these guns are fast and can be changed between fully automatic & single shot. The best advantage of this gun is that, these are versatile gun. It can be both used for medium range and CQC scenarios. Plus, these can attach the scope, that makes it more deadly between 75m to 150m.

The M1/M2 Carbine is the US gun and can have the highest RPM in the game, although having high RPM causes less stability, but perfect for CQC. For maximum result and cheap repair, only using the trigger mod can make the opponents cry! If repair cost isn’t such issue, mods such as bullets, trigger and scope makes this gun the angle of death.

The StG44 is the German gun with absolute power and accuracy. Bullet and trigger mods changes this gun to ultimate death machine. This beast with scope is a match winner in the right hands.

The AVS-36 is the Russian gun with carnage and accuracy. The trigger, spring and bullet changes this gun from deadly to invincible. The accuracy of this gun take it to a higher level to its counterparts. Scope and single-action mode can give the same effect as a fully modded SA and the burst at close up can champion any CQC fight. The only issue with this gun is the 15 bullet magazine, which can be compensated by fast reload badge.

How to Use the Gun

You have it, you give hell to the opponents.

How NOT to Use the Gun

Only a wuss would go and camp with this gun.

My Pick


The power and accuracy without scope, is the perfect gun for my play style.

Badge: Slot 1 – Tight Grip. Slot 2 – Heavy Set or Fast Reload

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