Hitman 2 – Three Headed Serpent Assassination Tips&Tricks

There are 13 different ways to assassinate your enemies in the Three-Headed Serpent mission in Hitman 2. Below are some helpful tips to accomplishing them all.

Three Headed Serpent Tips & Tricks

Hard Hat Area: Completed in the Hallowed Ground Story

Caution: Heavy Machinery: Push Franco into the drug machine at the end of the Half Baked Story

Exit, Stage Left: Kill both Martinez and Delgado with the statue during the Heart of Stone Story

A Strong Foundation: Use the concrete mixer to kill Martinez during the Hallowed Ground Story

Still as a Statue: Completed in the Heart of Stone Story

Special Delivery: Deliver an explosive package to Martinez and when she opens it, she will go boom

Mind the Step: Push Franco off a cliff while he is searching for rare flowers It Looks Just Like Her Completed in the Deadly Art Story

Splash Landing: Completed in the Submerged Story

Deadlier Art: Shoot the chandelier in Delgado’s office when he walks under it
Bait and Switch Completed in the Undying Love Story

The Secret Ingredient: Use deadly poison instead of rat poison in the Half Baked Story

A Bite Out of Crime: Push Delgado into the water when he visits his hippos

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