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Hold The Noise: Achievement Guide

Guide to all achievements and how to get them in Hold The Noise.

You need to get some achievements in order to progress in your small room adventure where you will hear beautiful sounds. In this guide, we explained the achievements and how to get them.

This guide was created by RaNDoMiNimaze.

All Achievements

You can learn about the achievements in Hold The Noise and how to obtain them from the list below.

Your First Gameover..

  • Just get a game over for the first time.

Your First HighScore!

  • Achieve highscore for the first time in gameplay.

Hidden past!

  • In main menu press left button on keyboard (D-pad left if play with controller).

as of now

  • In Scoreboard press right button on keyboard (D-pad right if play with controller).

Infinite The Noise

  • Die more than 14 times.

Free The Noise

  • Press one of H,E,L,P button on keyboard (RB if play with controller), wait 1800 to achieve secret screen. Better do it on 225 score so you can get all achievements except 1972.11.21.

War is Over!

  • Play until reach 1945 score.

Mr.Kim is Dead.

  • Play until reach 1972 score.

Cold is Ended!

  • Play until reach 1991 score.

Now in 2000.

  • Play until reach 2000 score.

Now current!

  • Play until reach 2024 score.


  • You need to play until reach 19721121 score. Crazy…

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