Holdfast: Nations at War – Beginners Guide

In this Guide I will be explaining to you, all of the essential and core Features of Holdfast: Nations at War for the Army Gameplay! This Guide is meant as a Starter-Introduction, for any new Players who are considering buying the game, or have already purchased it and don’t know what to do.


Nations at War is a competetive Multiplayer Game, set in the Napoleonic War era. Currently, it is still in its Alpha stage, but for its Development so far, it is a great and mostly stable Game. In Holdfast: Nations at War you will be playing mostly on Public Servers, which are provided by the Game Developers themselves. Here you will be introduced to the few Gamemodes and Map variations the Game has to offer.

Here is a quick rundown on them (Keep in Mind some of the names listen down bellow aren’t the Official names of the Mapmodes you will meet ingame. But Im sure you will be able to figure out which one is which.)


Basically a huge Team Deathmatch. There is a certain amount of Time (usually around 14-18 minutes per Round) in which Players can select between 2 different Nations and Classes. Then they go on and fight eachother. The Team that has more Kills in the End wins. But be careful! Your team only has a limited amount of Respawns or Tickets. If your team happens to run out of tickets, noone can respawn.


Very straight forward bascially, 1 Team defends, 1 Team attacks. Siege Maps can also sometimes be played in the “Conquest” Game mode, so always make sure you check what kind of Gamemode the current Map is played on, so that you are aware of what you’ll have to deal with!

Capture Zones

Basically a Map with usually between 2-5 Capture zones or points. Each Team must capture these Points and hold them in order to gain “Points”. At the end of the Round (when the Round-timer is over) the Team with the more Points wins. (Keep in mind that the more Points you control, the faster and the more of your points will increase.)

There are in total 7 different Maps. (Some maps have different “Variations” of themselves, so you will maybe be playing on “Grassy-plains 2)

This is it so far for the Mapmodes. Now coming to the Class Systems.

Each Team (or Nation) has a wide range of different Classes you can pick from. Some Classes recieve different Gear (for example Officers recieve Pistols and a Sword) and others have Special Abilities that will help them or their Team in succeeding in their Battles (for example Medics or Surgeons can heal Players while holding the “E” button.)

All Classes in this Game serve a specific purpose, so it is Important to have a “Balanced” variation of all of them. Some Classes can be very essential in taking over Enemy territory, while others are designed to protect other Players and keep them from dying.

Its best to test out all of the Classes on your own, and finding out which Class and playstyle fits to you the most!

Coming to the last Part, which is Melee, Shooting and other Helpful Tips.

Starting with Shooting. The Shooting and Aiming on Public Servers is very easy. Usually you just aim your Reticule at the Enemy straight ahead. Sometimes you have to aim a little to the Right of them. (The Bullets are a bit glitchy at the Moment.) But yet again, Shooting is random at best, but can still be mastered by practicing!

Melee is a very competetive Part of Holdfast. Usually “Regiments” as we call them, or large groups of people, compete in such “Melee Charges” against each other. Unless you want to be Part of a Regiment, this isn’t really a necessity for you to learn, but if you still wish to be Good at Melee, here are some Tips:

1. Of course, the basic: X to switch to your Melee Mode.
2. Right Mouse button to Block, Left one to attack.
3. The direction your Character (or mouse) is facing towards, inpacts the way you attack. ( For example if you aim above the Enemy’s head, your Character will strike from above.)
4. Blocking works the same way too. (If your enemy attacks you from the Top, you have to hold your right mouse button while aiming at the top.)
5. Practice makes Perfect. A lot of people seem to be thinking that Melee is something you can learn very easily. I partly agree and disagree with this because each Person has their own Playstyle, their own speed at which they Learn new things, and they all have a very different Planning when it comes to Melee. The best way to get better at Melee, is to fight others in Melee engagements or join one of the Melee Servers which are also hosted by the Game Developers.

Lastly, here are some Tips for you to help improve your Game settings or just for your general Knowledge:

1. Y is the Standard Key for Ingame Voice Chat communication. You can also change the Keybind in your Settings.
2. P is the Standard Key for Muting Players ingame. If someone is annoying you, just hit the P button, search their name, and click on the Sound icon.
3. Hitting Tab while Chatting (Enter) gives you access to the different Text Channels ingame. (General, Recruitment, Team, ect.)
3. You can also disable the “Recruitment” Channel if you do not want to recieve any Recruitment messages. (You can do this by
pressing Escape, going to your Options > Game and then scrolling down to: Chat Options.)
4. Each Regiment has their own Set of rules. If you are considering to Join a Regiment, make sure you always read their Rules and behave properly, in order to make a Good 1st Impression

This is really it for the 1st Beginners Guide for the Army section of Holdfast: Nations at War. I hoped I was able to give you some Information that you might need in your later Career in the Game. If this Guide is any use, I might consider producing a more Detailed one for the Different Classes, Gamemodes and Melee/Shooting Systems or the Naval section of Holdfast.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this.

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