HoloCure Collabs List

HoloCure Collabs: Two upgraded weapons fuse using a Golden Anvil. Exclusive initial weapons like Ame's Pistol Shot aren't collab eligible.

HoloCure Collabs, a shorthand for collaborations, represent advanced weaponry achieved through the fusion of two fully upgraded basic weapons using a Golden Anvil. It’s important to note that exclusive initial weapons, such as Ame’s Pistol Shot or Gura’s Trident Thrust, are not eligible for inclusion in a collab.

HoloCure Collabs

The collaborative weapon functions as a weapon at its maximum level and can solely be enhanced or enchanted using an Anvil. It’s important to note that weapons involved in a collaboration won’t reappear in the rotation for leveling up or other progression methods.

Much like standard weapons, collabs can be categorized into three types: Melee, Ranged, and Mutishot. Since players have only five weapon slots available, a maximum of four collab weapons can be equipped simultaneously.

Collab Mechanics

Collab weapons bring a whole new level of power to your arsenal in the game. Understanding the intricacies of crafting and enhancing these weapons is crucial for maximizing your combat potential. In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the mechanics of collab weapons, covering everything from crafting to enchanting and unlocking the game’s pinnacle – Super Collabs.

Crafting Collab Weapons: To get started with crafting collab weapons, you’ll need a Golden Anvil, a rare item that drops from targets once you’ve upgraded two weapons with an available collab to level 7 or higher. The drop chance increases over time, giving you the opportunity to collect this valuable item. Once you have a Golden Anvil, head to the anvil menu and choose two weapons that meet the criteria. These weapons must be level 7 or higher and have a collab combination available. Look for the shiny visual effect to identify eligible weapons.

Golden Anvil

Crafting a collab necessitates a Golden Anvil. Golden Anvils begin to drop from targets after the player has upgraded two weapons that qualify for a collab, reaching level 7 or higher. The initial drop chance is 1 in 100, and it increases by 1 in 2000 for every passing minute. Once a Golden Anvil is on the ground, it can be collected to initiate the collab crafting process.

Within the anvil menu, the player can select two weapons for fusion. These chosen weapons must both be at level 7 or above and have a compatible collab combination. Weapons eligible for collaboration exhibit a distinctive shiny visual effect. Similar to regular anvils, the player can exit the menu to use the anvil later. However, a new Golden Anvil won’t drop until the previous one is utilized.

Enchanting Collabs

Ordinarily, an enchanted weapon can only hold a single enchantment at any given time, and re-enchanting it will replace the current enchantment. This principle generally applies to collabs as well. Yet, when crafting a collab, it inherits all enchantments from its components, enabling the collab to feature up to two enchantments concurrently. Additionally, when a collab is re-enchanted, it acquires a new enchantment for each of its existing enchantments. In practice, if a collab with two enchantments is re-enchanted through an Anvil, both existing enchantments will be replaced by new ones.

Character Bonuses

Character skills that grant bonuses to specific weapon types extend their influence even if the weapon transforms. In the case of collabs, this translates to bonuses affecting the components being applied to the resulting collab. For instance, Suisei’s Suicopath, which bestows a healing effect upon axe-related weapons like Psycho Axe, will continue to grant its bonus to the collab form of that weapon—MiComet and BL Fujoshi—even if the visual appearance is no longer axe-like.

Collab List

CollabWeapon 1Weapon 2Attack type
Absolute WallCollabs and items listBounce BallCollabs and items listCutting BoardRanged
BL FujoshiCollabs and items listBL BookCollabs and items listPsycho AxeMelee
Bone Bros.Collabs and items listCutting BoardCollabs and items listEN’s CurseMultishot
Breathe-In Type AsacocoCollabs and items listHolo BombCollabs and items listPlug Type AsacocoMultishot
Broken DreamsCollabs and items listCEO’s TearsCollabs and items listSpider CookingMultishot
Dragon FireCollabs and items listFan BeamCollabs and items listPlug Type AsacocoMultishot
Eldritch HorrorCollabs and items listEN’s CurseCollabs and items listSpider CookingRanged
Elite CookingCollabs and items listElite Lava BucketCollabs and items listSpider CookingRanged
Flattening BoardCollabs and items listCutting BoardCollabs and items listHolo BombMultishot
Frozen SeaCollabs and items listBL BookCollabs and items listWamy WaterMultishot
Idol ConcertCollabs and items listGlowstickCollabs and items listIdol SongRanged
I’m Die, Thank You ForeverCollabs and items listHolo BombCollabs and items listX-PotatoRanged
Light BeamCollabs and items listFan BeamCollabs and items listGlowstickMultishot
MiCometCollabs and items listElite Lava BucketCollabs and items listPsycho AxeRanged
MiKoroneCollabs and items listElite Lava BucketCollabs and items listX-PotatoMultishot
Rap DogCollabs and items listIdol SongCollabs and items listX-PotatoRanged
Ring Of FitnessCollabs and items listBounce BallCollabs and items listCEO’s TearsMultishot
Snow Flower SakeCollabs and items listGlowstickCollabs and items listWamy WaterMultishot
Stream Of TearsCollabs and items listCEO’s TearsCollabs and items listFan BeamRanged
Crescent BardicheCollabs and items listIdol SongCollabs and items listPsycho AxeMelee
Curse BallCollabs and items listBounce BallCollabs and items listEN’s CurseMelee
Legendary SausageCollabs and items listBL BookCollabs and items listSausageMelee
Lightning WienerCollabs and items listPlug Type AsacocoCollabs and items listSausageRanged

Super Collabs

Super Collabs are special weapons created through the fusion of a collab weapon and an item, combining and enhancing their individual functions while potentially adding new abilities to further bolster the character’s power. Intended for late-game use, Super Collabs are the game’s pinnacle weapons.

About Super Collab mechanics:

To create a Super Collab, you must acquire a unique drop item known as a Golden Hammer, which allows for the creation of Super Collabs at a Golden Anvil. Certain conditions must be met for a Golden Hammer to appear, including:

  1. The necessary Collab weapon must be present.
  2. Player must either be at least Lv. 50 OR have at least 3 Collabs total.
Super CollabCollabItemAttack Type
Collabs and items listHoly FireCollabs and items listDragon FireCollabs and items listGorilla’s PawMultishot
Collabs and items listIdol LiveCollabs and items listIdol ConcertCollabs and items listIdol CostumeMultishot
Collabs and items listJingisukanCollabs and items listElite CookingCollabs and items listUber SheepMultishot
Collabs and items listSnow QueenCollabs and items listSnow Flower SakeCollabs and items listSakeMelee

Item List

As you may have noticed, some items require certain requirements to be unlocked, some of them can be found in achievements, but some are not and here is a list of them.

Collabs and items listCutting BoardSurvive for 10 minutes in a single run with Ninomae Ina’nis.
Collabs and items listBounce BallReach 10 minutes in any Stage using a flat character(Gura, Ina, Suisei, Matsuri, Shion, Ollie) with Cutting Board equipped.
Collabs and items listIdol SongSurvive for 10 minutes as IRyS in a single run.
Collabs and items listX-PotatoSurvive for 10 minutes in a single run with Korone.
Collabs and items listLimiterSurvive 10 minutes in a single run with Tsukumo Sana.
Collabs and items listPlushieSurvive 10 minutes in a single run with Hakos Baelz.
Collabs and items listMembershipClear Stage Mode with Super Chatto Time! equipped.
Collabs and items listChicken’s FeatherSurvive 10 minutes in a single run with Takanashi Kiara.
Collabs and items listEnergy DrinkSurvive 10 minutes in a single run with Calliope Mori.
Collabs and items listGWS PillDie with the Halu item equipped.
Collabs and items listHope SodaClear the Stage With IRyS.
Collabs and items listKusogaki ShacklesSurvive 10 minutes in a single run with Murasaki Shion.
Collabs and items listFocus ShadesSurvive 10 minutes in a single run with Vestia Zeta.
IconItem NameDescription
Collabs and items listSuper Study GlassesIncrease EXP gain by 40% and double the chance of getting a Rainbow EXP drop.
Collabs and items list Super Idol CostumeReduce Special cooldown by 45%. Allows the use of Special once more immediately per charge.
Collabs and items listSuper Super Chatto Time!Targets drop 150% more HoloCoins. All HoloCoins are picked automatically. Gain 1% ATK for every 10 HoloCoins picked.
Collabs and items listSuper Gorilla’s PawAttack damage is multiplied by 1.5 times.
Collabs and items listSuper Body PillowGain a shield that absorbs up to 40 damage. Shield refreshes every 15 seconds. Reduce damage taken by 30%. Heal 10 HP every 3 seconds when shield is full.
Collabs and items listSuper Knightly MilkIncreases attack size of weapons by 30%. Increases Pick Up Range by 100%. Increases Max HP by 20.
Collabs and items listSuper Energy DrinkIncrease Haste by 30% and SPD by 60%.
Collabs and items listSuper Credit CardCost of enhancing is reduced by 50%. Anvils appear twice as often. An anvil appears every minute.
Collabs and items listSuper Chicken’s FeatherGain 5 revives. On each revive, gain +20%/+10% to ATK/SPD, heal 50% HP, and defeat all non-Boss targets.
Collabs and items listSuper SakeGain 30% crit chance, but aiming direction becomes slightly unstable.
Collabs and items listSuper LimiterGain 500% Pick Up Range. EXP and HoloCoin gain increased by 15%.
Collabs and items listSuper Nurse’s Horn30% chance to life-steal 8 HP and 5% of max HP upon defeating a target. Chance to heal 30% HP when hit with HP below 15%.
Collabs and items listSuper Headphones40% chance to negate 1 hit, heal 10% max HP, and create a shockwave that knocks back all targets.
Collabs and items listSuper Hope SodaIncrease critical hit damage by 50%. Every 10th hit is guaranteed to be a Critical Hit.

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