Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Resonance Formation List

If you're in need of detailed information about resonance formations in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe, our guide provides the necessary insights.

If you need detailed information about resonance formations in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe, you can use the information in our guide.

Resonance Formations List in Honkai Star Rail

Delve deep into the complexities of Honkai Star Rail’s Simulated Universe with our ultimate guide on Resonance Formations. These game-changing buffs hold the key to elevating your team’s performance. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through unlocking and mastering each Resonance Formation, providing detailed insights into their effects and strategic applications.

Unlocking Resonance Formations

  • Acquiring Blessings: Discover how to obtain 3 Blessings from a chosen Path Resonance at the start of a Simulated Universe stage.
  • Activating Path Resonance: Spend 100 Energy to unleash the power of Path Resonance.
  • Resonance Formation Milestones: Unlock powerful Resonance Formations at 6, 10, and 14 total Blessings.

Preservation Resonance Formations

  • Zero-Dimensional: Transforming attacks into critical hits.
  • Eutectic Reaction: Providing shields and applying Amber.
  • Isomorphous Reaction: Energy regeneration and increased Energy per shield.
  • Preservation Effects: Understanding Quake and Amber mechanics.

Remembrance Resonance Formations

  • Total Recall: Enhancing freeze application chance and resistance reduction.
  • Rich Experience: Applying Eonian River debuff and Energy regeneration.
  • First Love Once More: Energy regeneration and additional Energy per Damage over Time (DoT).
  • Remembrance Effects: Unraveling Dissociation and Eonian River mechanics.

Nihility Resonance Formations

  • The Doubtful Fourfold Root: Improving DoT application and stacking.
  • Suffering and Sunshine: Applying Confusion and Devoid debuffs.
  • Outsider: Energy regeneration and Energy per DoT.
  • Nihility Effects: Deciphering Suspicion, Confusion, and Devoid mechanics.

Abundance Resonance Formations

  • Terminal Nirvana: Preventing knockdown at lethal damage.
  • Anicca: Removing debuffs and granting Subduing Evils.
  • Anatta: Automatic Resonance activation and healing reduction.
  • Abundance Effects: Exploring Subduing Evils and Dewdrop intricacies.

The Hunt Resonance Formations

  • Star Hunter: Granting extra actions and Light-Hunting Celestial Arrow.
  • Bow and Arrow: Guaranteeing crits on low HP enemies and Energy refunds.
  • Perfect Aim: Increasing Energy cap and Energy regeneration.
  • The Hunt Effects: Unveiling Light-Hunting Celestial Arrow and Critical Boost mechanics.

Destruction Resonance Formations

  • Cataclysmic Variable: Converting HP loss into damage and shields.
  • Extreme Helium Flash: Applying Entropic Retribution debuff.
  • Event Horizon: Activating Resonance without Energy cost at low HP.
  • Destruction Effects: Understanding Entropic Retribution and Fighting Spirit mechanics.

Elation Resonance Formations

  • Doomsday Carnival: Applying Sensory Pursuit debuff.
  • Dance of Growth: Increasing Energy consumption for more follow-up attacks.
  • Instant Win: Energy regeneration with follow-ups.
  • Elation Effects: Detailing Sensory Pursuit and Aftertaste mechanics.

Propagation Resonance Formations

  • Proboscis: Extending Metamorphosis duration and Energy refunds.
  • Phenol Compounds: Increasing Energy cap and gaining Energy from Skill Points.
  • Crystal Pincers: Enhancing Metamorphosis damage and causing Spores to erupt.
  • Propagation Effects: Mastering Metamorphosis and Spores mechanics.

Erudition Resonance Formations

  • Melt Core: Increasing damage to linked enemies using Ultimates.
  • Chain Contagion: Spreading Synapse Resonance debuff to more enemies.
  • Memetic Inversion: Generating Energy based on total enemy Health pools.
  • Erudition Effects: Decoding Synapse Resonance intricacies.

Resonance Formations Table

Path6 Blessings10 Blessings14 Blessings
PreservationZero-DimensionalEutectic ReactionIsomorphous Reaction
RemembranceTotal RecallRich ExperienceFirst Love Once More
NihilityThe Doubtful Fourfold RootSuffering and SunshineOutsider
AbundanceTerminal NirvanaAniccaAnatta
The HuntStar HunterBow and ArrowPerfect Aim
DestructionCataclysmic VariableExtreme Helium FlashEvent Horizon
ElationDoomsday CarnivalDance of GrowthInstant Win
PropagationProboscisPhenol CompoundsCrystal Pincers
EruditionMelt CoreChain ContagionMemetic Inversion
Resonance Formation Table

Unlock the full potential of your team in Honkai Star Rail’s Simulated Universe by mastering Resonance Formations. This in-depth guide ensures you grasp the nuances of each Path Resonance and Formation, enabling you to become a formidable force in the ever-evolving world of Honkai Star Rail. Level up your strategy and dominate the Simulated Universe with our comprehensive Resonance Formation guide.

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