Hoop Central 6 Controls (Controller & PC)

Welcome to our Hoop Central 6 Controls guide. In this guide, we will show you the […]

Welcome to our Hoop Central 6 Controls guide. In this guide, we will show you the keyboard and controller controls of the hoop central 6 game.

Hoop Central 6 Controls (Controller & PC)

Hoop Central 6 Controls (Controller & PC)
Hoop Central 6 Controls (Controller & PC)

Keyboard and controller controls of circle center 6 are now here!

The most stressful VR game I’ve played but I love it! It’s the kind of game the you want to win at, even if it kills you. When you finally manage to make it to the end of the level after inventing a dictionary full of new swearwords, you forget what just happened and progress onto the next level. Rinse and repeat. Beating this game requires a combination of coordination, and precision timing. You have to guide the hoop through an obsticle course with parts of the course moving around, while not allowing the hoop to touch anything. The video makes it look easy. It most definitely is not! There are many obsticle courses, each progressively harder than the last.

You are timed on each course, and can go back and try to beat your time if you like. This is a fun and challanging game, and I think younger kids will absolutely love it. It also has a fair price. I love a good challenging game, but I think this is a little too much (especially for the beginner levels). If the first couple levels are too frustrating for people to finish, and you cannot unlock later levels without doing earlier ones… people will miss out on most of your game. I want to see all the hard work put into this game and to explore the other levels! Summary: I’m just not a patient person. If you have no other games to play, then feel free to try this out and play the same level a million times.

Keyboard PC Controls

The following is a list of Roblox Hoops Life’s PC controls: They are all as

  • Rebound = F
  • Screens = V
  • Squad = M
  • Block = Space
  • Shoot = E
  • Guard = G
  • Cross = Z in Right Hand, C in Left Hand
  • Hesi = Z in Left Hand, C in Right Hand
  • Steal = R
  • Drop Ball = P
  • Follow people In the gym = Tab
  • Shift = Sprint
  • Dunk = SpceBar
  • Normal Lob = T + 1,2,3,4
  • Backboard Lob = B + 1,2,3,4
  • Self Lob = V
  • Overhead Pass = 1,2,3,4
  • Chest Pass = Shift + 1,2,3,4
  • Switch Hands= H
  • StepBack = X
  • Behind the back = ZX, CX
  • Spin = ZXC,CXZ
  • Fake Spin = ZXZ, CXC
  • Between the legs = XX

Xbox Controller Controls

You can control your Xbox by using the following controls:

  • Normal Lob = LB + A,B,X,Y
  • Backboard Lob = LB + A,B,X,Y + Sprint
  • Self Lob = Right stick click
  • Overhead Pass = A,B,X,Y
  • Chest Pass = RT + A,B,X,Y
  • Drop Ball = A
  • Rebound = RB
  • Screens = B
  • Squad = RB
  • Shoot = X
  • Guard = LT
  • Shooting / Defense
  • Steal = X
  • Block = Y
  • Sprint = RT
  • Switch Hands = B
  • Dunk = YFollow people In gym = Lb

You can find the hoops central 6 controls in the video below. xbox and pc controls are shown separately in the video.

Click to watch on Youtube

About Hoop Central 6

Welcome to Basketball Hoop Central 6! The most innovative sports game on ROBLOX!

This game is under extreme development, please expect frequent shutdowns and bug issues.

If you play a Basketball game, It would appear on the ROBLOX engine!

  • #1 Basketball Game Out

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