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Movement Guide Settings Turn “Auto-Grab” off, it gives you less control overall. You will often find […]

Movement Guide


  • Turn “Auto-Grab” off, it gives you less control overall. You will often find yourself accidentally grabbing things you don’t want to grab if you keep this on.
  • (Optional) There is scroll-wheel jumping, but you have to enable it.

General and Not so General Stuff

  • Turning(changing direction) on the ground loses speed.
  • You can run on the ground for a bit of time without losing much speed.
  • You go where you look. Everytime you rotate yourself your movement direction will be changed too.
  • You can queue jumps. Which means you can hold space before you land, and you will jump as soon as you touch the ground. You can’t hold space the entire time though, but has to release it after each jump.
  • There is a speedcap of 17m/s (+13.5), if you go past this speed and hit the ground you will die. But you can go faster than this if you’re on surf ramps or trampolines. (You can also run on the ground with this speed but if you jump or touch walls you will die, but there are no scenarios where you would be able to attain this speed on the ground). If the map or level has turned off fall damage, this will not apply.
  • There are some surfaces which prevent fall damage, such as the blue gym mats.
  • When jumping onto certain objects it is sometimes easier to get on top of them if you are coming at them from a certain angle.
  • Some floors are slanted slightly, if you try to run on the upward slope you will lose speed.
  • Alternatively there are some spots where the downward slope will give you a tiny bit of speed while running on it.


  • 2 Parts, Air-Strafing and B-hopping.
    -Air-Strafing: Turning in the air to gain speed.
    -B-Hopping: Jumping to maintain speed.
  • Unlike bhopping in CS, you have to hold ‘W’ and press the strafe key (A or D) at the same time.
  • Other Nuances
    -Turning smoothly = more speed.
    -Can only boost one direction per jump.
    -Have to turn a slight amount before you start receiving speed.

Crouch Jumping

  • If you jump while crouched, you will get less height from the jump and hit the ground sooner.
  • Crouch-jumping also helps when going through areas where the ceiling is short, since you’ll hit your head on it less.
  • You can’t gain boost while doing crouch jumps.

Late Jumping

  • You can jump late off of objects, giving you extra distance.
  • You have a little more than ¼ of a second to late jump after falling off of an object. (~250ms)

Sliding/Object Boosting

  • You can gain speed off of objects that are sloped/slanted. Each individual boost gives different speeds and may require different execution to activate.
  • You get more speed if you fall from a greater height onto the object.
  • In the freezer in Wholesale you will find a lot of meat bags moving around. These can be used for boosting too. They will push you back in the opposite direction that you hit them with and often give a good amount of speed. If you hit them in the opposite direction which the meat bags are moving (so you will get pushed in the direction they are moving in), you will have a higher chance of getting a boost and also getting the most speed.
  • Crusher boosting: In the vent system in School, you will find some crushers. You get some speed when getting hit by them. If you can get hit by them and getting away before you get crushed/killed, you will have a pretty good speed boost.


  • Surfing is directional, you go where you look.
  • The more height you have falling onto a surf the more speed you will have.
  • The lower you land on the ramp the more speed you will get (Kind of the same as the last bullet point)
  • Looking neutral horizontally when landing on ramps will give you the most speed. (in most cases)
  • Holding the strafe button that is opposite of the direction of the ramp you are on, turning your mouse the same way, and jumping will give you more height.
  • Surf stack prevention: You have to land on an object before landing on a surf again to be able to gain speed from the surf. So going from surf to surf will not gain you extra speed.
  • But going from surf to object to surf will.


  • There are bars(and ribbons) you can swing off of.
  • The timing of the jump matters, if you jump at the wrong times you will lose speed.
  • If you fall and grab a swing you will get launched up to the height you were at when you started the fall.
  • There is a very small window of time where you get extra speed from the swing, if you jump at this exact time you will keep that speed
  • There are also headboosts you can do with swings (see Headboosts)


  • Use W & S to climb up and down the pipe. If you look up, press W for going up. If you look down, press W for going down.
  • If you grab the pipe with a decent amount of speed, you are able to keep a good percentage of that speed when jumping off the pipe.

Wall Bars (The ones you hang off of)

  • You can keep your speed by jumping off of them immediately. You can also headboost off of them.
  • There are some spots where you can use them to gain extraordinary speed, but its inconsistent.

Headboosts / Ceilingboosts

  • Hitting and edge of an object with your head will result in you getting speed in the direction the edge is facing.
  • The force at which you hit your head also determines the speed, for example falling onto a pole from a great height (And jumping off of it) will launch you back up to that height, meaning that upwards momentum would convert into a headboost/forward momentum.

Wall Jump

  • Wall jumps are directional, you will go the way you are facing when you jump off of them.

Wind Tunnels

  • By holding jump, you will go upwards fast.
  • By holding crouch, you will fall down in the fan.
  • By holding neither jump or crouch, you will go upwards slow.


  • You can gain a bit more height if you jump when landing on it.
  • The more downwards velocity you hit the trampoline with, the more height you get.
  • Crouch jumping can gain you a little extra height.


  • You keep your speed through ropes if you time it out correctly.
  • You can also jump off the rope immediately to keep your speed.
  • If you keep jumping on the rope you can climb up all the way to the top of it.


  • Conveyor belts give you a bit of speed when you run on them, you can boost on them and gain even more speed.


  • You have to crouch in vents, which means you are slowed down to crouching speed.
    If you go into a vent with speed you will be able to use it for a short period of time, but even a little bit of speed can save you heaps of time, because vents are so slow normally.


  • You can gain speed by timing your jumps with when you land.
  • If you press space a bit of time before you land, you can keep your speed while doing a low jump.
  • You can jump higher when not pressing W. This can be useful for making high jumps in high speed, and can be done by untapping W just before you land. If done correctly you will also keep a decent amount of speed.
  • You are able to start off with a speed of +1.4~ on second jump. You can do this by holding W for a short time, then release W and start holding A or D (depends on what direction you prefer), then release A/D and start holding W again, and then time your jump with space.
  • You can also get Headboosts in pogo, but you will lose almost all of that extra speed when you do your next jump.

Tiny Toy

  • There is no boosting in tiny toy, but there still is bhopping to maintain momentum.
  • Boost pads launch you in whatever direction they are facing, you also need to have your camera facing the direction of the pad to get the boost from it.
  • You can get a super boost off of the boost pads, if you jump at the exact time it launches you. The easiest way to do this is to b-hop onto the pad and jump as soon as you hit it.
  • Batteries give you a small speed boost (0.49 m/s)

Chase / Pursuit Levels

  • If you touch the object that you are chasing, it will give it a temporary speedboost.
  • If you fall too far behind or get too far ahead of the object, you will die.

Buddy Mode

  • If you hold the “throw” button you will get a further throw.
  • You can’t boost with buddy, but you can gain speed and then pick him up and maintain that speed.
  • When holding buddy your jumps give less height.
  • If you right click you can place buddy, instead of throwing him.

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