House Flipper 2 Achievement Guide

Unlock progress-driven achievements in House Flipper 2! Explore our Achievement Guide for details on earning and the benefits they offer in the game.

If you want to find out what are the achievements that will take you forward as you earn in House Flipper 2 and what they do, check out our House Flipper 2 Achievement guide.

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House Flipper 2 Achievement Guide

This guide will be continuously updated as you progress through the game, and there might be occasional inaccuracies.

Achievements List


  1. Meet an old friend.
  2. Answer Tom’s phone call.

First Steps

  • This is just the beginning.
  • Complete the first order.

Charming Conversationalist

  • It’s good to know who you’re working for.

Ready for Anything

  • Unlock all tools in story mode.

With Great Power…

  • Unlock all upgrades.

Pinnakova Vicinity

  • No job in the city’s vicinity can go unfinished.
  • Complete all tasks in the Pinnakova Vicinity.

Crayfish Coast

  • Everything seems more exciting on the coast, even work!
  • Complete all tasks on Crayfish Coast.

Coralroot Forest

  • Work won’t hide even in the deepest forest.
  • Complete all tasks in Coralroot Forest.

Got it!

  • And that’s the whole story.
  • Unlocks after completing the “No More Ugly House!” task.

Work Smart, Not Hard

  • Who said a street container should be on the street?
  • Bring the trash container into the house.

Hat Trick

  • Throw the garbage bag into the bin 3 times in a row.

Not So Simple

  • Someone’s trash is not always another’s treasure.
  • Try to sell a trash bag.


  • Throw the garbage bag into the bin from a distance of 10 m.
  • In the “Tiny House Makeover” task, you can throw it from the roof.

Fast and Clean

  • Complete a job in less than 5 minutes.
  • Can be achieved in the “Get Rid of the Clutter!” task by reaching one star, upgrading skills beforehand.

There Was a Lot of This

  • No stain will escape from you.
  • Clean 3000 stains.

Full Control

  • Connect 20 items to one switch and turn it off.

Don’t Try This at Home!

  • Spray the electrical outlet during cleaning.

Special PC Cooling

  • Put the laptop in the refrigerator.

Everything Fits

  • Using the Flipper tool, copy and paste the style of an item 5 times.
  • Requires unlocking the second Flipper tool upgrade, “Fashion Lawmaker.”

Change of Opinion

  • This color looked better in the store.
  • Requires unlocking the third Flipper tool upgrade, “Designer,” and changing the color of an item 50 times.


  • Cover a distance of 42 km.

Mount Everest

  • Roll a distance of 8848 m.

Business is Booming

  • House flipping at its best.
  • Sell a house for the first time.

Pack Rat

  • I have sentimental feelings towards things.

They Come and Go

  • Sell 5 houses.


  • Earn your first 1,000,000.
  • Accumulative achievement.

Money Absorber

  • Spend your first 1,000,000.
  • Accumulative achievement.

According to the Instructions

  • Assemble 1 item.


  • You really enjoy collecting items, don’t you?
  • Collect all items in the Collection; there are 12 in total. Not necessary for all stars.

Environmental Change

  • Why sell a house when you can move?
  • Buy a house and move your office into it.

Role Reversal

  • Someone has to make a mess so someone else can clean it up.

Deja Vu

  • This job looks very familiar…
  • Restart a completed task.

I’m an Architect!

  • Building from scratch is so fascinating.

I’m Grateful

  • Find Riva’s lost diary.

In the “Not Enough Light” task in Coralroot Forest, on the second floor in the room on the left.

Full House

  • How many Bessies are there?
  • Collect 9 beaver Bessie figurines.

Pinnakova Vicinity

  • Task “So, you want to be a house flipper?” – in the bedroom on the shelf
  • Task “I have a new task for you” – in the garage on the shelf
  • Task “Get rid of the clutter!” – In the hallway on the boxes
  • Task “Space for the baby” – in the living room, in a box

Crayfish Coast

  • Task “Tiny house for a makeover” – in the living room on the top shelf near the window in the ceiling
  • Task “Team’s arrival” – in the laundry room in a drawer

Coralroot Forest

  • Task “The house lacks coziness” – on the second floor on the shelves
  • Task “Exterior repair” – on the second floor in the children’s room on the shelf
  • Task “Need a music studio” – first floor, kitchen, in a box on the wall

World’s Best Flipper

  • Unlock all achievements.
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