House Flipper – HGTV DLC – Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide &  HGTV Map Tutorial – Tools Unlocked For the first two hours of the […]

Buyer’s Guide &  HGTV Map

Tutorial – Tools Unlocked

For the first two hours of the game, you will need to complete a series of jobs in order to unlock all of the tools needed for House Flipper and Garden Flipper. HGTV also unlocks more tools available.

I’ve mixed House Flipper, Garden Flipper and HGTV into a series of unlocks. Here are the Portfolio Jobs to complete.

Per every job completed, you will get a Before/After movie which you can skip by pressing ESC.

By default on my uploads, here is my breakdown of what the Buyer Requirements are:


  • Bathroom: Toilet, Tub or Shower, Sink
  • Bedroom: Bed, Dressers, Nightstands, Bookcase, Mirror
  • Children’s Room: Child’s Bed, Bookcase Kall, Ball, Bear, Bunny, Little Bunny
  • Home Library: Desk, Bookcase Venne x4
  • Kitchen: Countertops, Oven, Refrigerator, and Sink (Smoth Family).
  • Living Room: Couch, Coffee Table, TV Stand, TV, Picture
  • Multipurpose Room: Destroy all of the walls. Chang Choi requirement.
  • Office: Office Desk, Office Chair, Safe, Office Bookshelf
  • Sauna: Sauna Bench x4, Sauna Headrest, Ladle, Sauna Heater
  • Storage: Steel Shelf
  • Decorations: Plants, Pictures, Rugs (Required for Veronica Liptson and Jantart Family)


The HGTV DLC has maybe 20 houses to complete or more. Each house after the Job has been done will be featured on your For Sale section.

Apocalypse Loanwolf37

Apocalypse Maria Kolkowsky

Apocalypse Ted Arrown

Chang Choi

Dolan Trusk

Family Jonson

Gorgio Shanua

Jack Tarinton

Jantart Family

Jimmy Traitor

Raphael Erko

Smoth Family

Veronica Liptson

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