House Party – Commands Guide

Commands Line Guide

For those new to House Party or just struggling with commands, this helps break it down.

Commands Made Easy

For those of you new to House Party or struggling with how to use commands an easy way to see a breakdown of all what you can do is to type help.

Remember that the majority of commands will disable achievements, so use at your own caution.

The only exception, well one of the few anyways, that will NOT disable achievements is the unstuck command, which comes in handy. The good news is the game lets you know if it disables achievements so there is no guessing. Anyways below is a breakdown to get you started.

Help brings up all the commands to start with.

Next type example and whichever command you want to know more about.

You can try example combat if you want to see how to get others to fight or example bodysize to see how to change body partsize. Body size can go up to size 10 or even as low as 0.1 if you want to shrink something.

Combat command

  • Amy stephanie combat fight

Body part size command

  • Bodypart head frank 10

You can get really creative by changing the size of an item such as toaster or computer and then mount it to someone.

Example below:

  • Changesize toaster 6.0 and then item toaster mount stephanie head true

As you can see you can mix and match for all kinds of crazy, funny situations.

Example intimacy will show you all the ways to get intimate with someone and you can pick any player to get down and dirty with the other or even yourself.

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