How to Counter Enemies in Lethal Company

The enemies in Lethal Company can be quite difficult to deal with. In this guide you will learn how to counter each enemy. While some enemies are quite easy to counter, some enemies are really challenging.

Enemy Counter Guide

This guide shows all the enemies that we can find in Lethal Company, and how to counter them. Already giving you a spoiler, some enemies you just have to accept and pray that you don’t die, since if that happens, it will cause a lot of damage to the company.

This guide will be separated into two parts, where I will show you the enemies and threats you encounter inside the facility and also outside, as nowhere is safe in this game.

Inside Enemies and Threats

Spore Lizard (The Poison Mouth)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Difficulty to counter: Easy

The spore lizard is a lizard with a huge mouth, and will always run away when you try to get close. At first he will try to scare you with his huge mouth. He will attack you if you attack first or if he has nowhere to go. In short, if you see one of these, don’t worry and go on your way.

If he attacks you, you will be hit by a field of poison and he will also try to bite you.

Hygrodere (The Slime)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Difficulty to counter: Easy

The hydrogere is one of the easiest to counter, it is a very large slime that follows you and damages you if you touch it. You just need to be careful not to get stuck in a corner with him, otherwise you’re pretty safe.

Hoarding Bug (The Thief)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Difficulty to counter: Easy

Normally hoarding bugs are not aggressive, they just want to get items for themselves (like us!). They will pick up any item you leave lying on the ground, and they will attack if you go after them, pick up their item, or attack them first.

To counter this, just don’t do anything that might irritate them.

Snare Flee

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Difficulty to counter: Medium

The snare fleas are on the roof of the facility, it is very difficult to see them and if they catch on a player, they will stay there until the player dies or someone hits them.

To counter it, always look at the ceiling and be careful with this monster, if it manages to stick to a friend’s head, you can remove it using a shovel or a stop sign, if it sticks to you, you can get it out by leaving the room and Go outside or pick up your dropped items and try to hit the snare flea yourself.

Bunker Spider (The Giant Spider)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Difficulty to counter: Medium

These bunker spiders always stay close to their webs, so whenever you see webs, there might be a bunker spider waiting for you. They can be on the wall waiting for you, or even on the ceiling, so keep an eye out.

To counter it is very easy, you can climb onto any table, or guardrails, in short, anything that is not on the same level as the ground, as these spiders cannot climb up and attack you and you can kill them that way. If you want to escape, it’s also very easy, as they don’t go very far from the place where you find them.

Thumper (Fastest Man Alive)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Difficulty to counter: Medium

The Thumper is a very fast enemy that comes after you in a straight line.

To counter, try to climb a railguard or a table, as, like spiders, they cannot reach you when you are higher than them. It’s also interesting to stay in corners or places with a lot of curves.

Bracken (Stealth Guy)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Difficulty to counter: Medium

The bracken is that player who loves a stealth game. If he manages to reach you without being seen, he kills you instantly, and pulls your body away.

To counter it, you need to see it before it reaches you or your friend. So he will start to go back and give up on killing you at that moment. But remember, don’t look at him for too long or trap him in a corner, because then he’ll get pissed and give up playing stealth and kill you immediately.

Ghost Girl

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Difficulty to counter: Hard

The ghost girl is one of the rarest monsters in the game, and also one of the most unique, as literally only one player can see her at a time, and it will always be the person being haunted.

If she is standing still and not following you, you can go near her and she will disappear. But if you hear her humming and coming after you, it’s time to run, because if she gets to you, she will kill you. And here’s a tip, there’s no point running out of the facility, as it is one of the only monsters that can leave the facility and follow you to the ship, and kill you inside, even with the door closed.

You can’t hit it with anything, you can’t kill it, and you can’t run away. There are rumors that you can make it disappear by taking a shower, but nothing confirmed.

In the best case, just leave the planet.


Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Difficulty to counter: Hard

Coil-heads are the fastest if you’re not looking at them. In other words, they won’t move if you or a player is looking at them.

In this case, there’s not much you can do when you find one of these, just always look at it and go backwards trying to find the exit. If you have friends, one can guide the person who is looking directly at the coil-head to make things easier.

Jester (Jack in the Box)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Difficulty to counter: Hard

The jester is a jack in the box that walks around, but if you grab him, he won’t do anything but will follow you, but when he starts to turn the handle and play the little song, it’s time to leave running from the facility.

After he turns the crank and plays the little song, you have about 20 or 30 seconds to leave, as he will turn into a gigantic and fast monster and will kill you instantly when he touches you, no matter where you are, basically being impossible to avoid or kill.

Outside Enemies and Threats

Manticoil (Harmless Pigeons)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Just like roaming locusts, these enemies don’t attack you, they just fly around and watch you. But you can scan them, so put them in your diary.

Roaming Locusts (Harmless Flies)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Yeah… Basically they’re these harmless flies that hang around on the map, they don’t cause any harm and if you get close to them, they basically fly away. I put them here just because you can scan them.

Baboon Hawk (Union Brings Strength)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Baboon hawks walk around watching you, but they are very shy and will not attack you when they are alone.

They can attack you when you attack them first, or if they are in a group, then they will probably be threats in your gameplay.

If you want to kill him while he is alone, about 6 hits can take down a Baboon Hawk.

Circuit Bees (U DEAD MAN!)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Circuit bees stay around a bee hive, they will attack you the moment you get close to the hive.

If you take the hive, the bees will become super aggressive, basically trying to kill anyone they see, so if you are going to take the hive to sell (which makes good money), do it at the end of your run.

Save stamina when catching, try to get someone to help you distract the bees while you catch. After that, run to the ship and close the doors when everyone is inside, be very quick.

Eyeless Dog (Dog with the Biggest Mouth)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
Eyeless dogs are, as the name suggests, blind. However, they can hear very well and also bite very well.

To counter this, just remain silent, this includes not talking in the proximity chat. You can’t run, drop items, talk, pick up items that make noise or anything like that.

If he sees you, he will chase you at a very high speed, but always in a straight line, so you can try to avoid it. Another important thing is that he always goes back to the last place he heard the noise.

Earth Leviathan (Big Worm)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
The Earth Leviathan are huge creatures that stay underground waiting for happy people to walk around without worrying so they can come out of the earth and eat them with just 1 hit.

You can see on the ship’s computer where the Earth Leviathan is through a red circle that wanders around. He will attack people who are walking normally on the outside of the map.

To counter it, you need to pay attention to the particles of earth that come out of the ground when it is about to come out of the ground and attack and also the noise it makes. If you notice it, turn around and run away, as it will always try to attack by predicting the direction you were walking in.

Forest Giant (Really Big Giant)

Lethal Company - All Enemies & How to Counter
The feared giant of the forest, they usually appear at night on the moons, and will hunt you to devour every bit of you.

To counter it, you can try to stay in places where it can’t pass, since it’s quite big. It is also possible to make him not see (or hear) you if you are very cautious and hide behind trees, etc.

There is a way for you to cancel the eating animation when he is about to kill someone, if you or your friend is being eaten by him, someone can throw a stun grenade or shoot the zap gun to cancel this animation and save the day .

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