How to Destroy Bug Holes in Helldivers 2

Detailed information about how to close bug (terminid) holes in Helldivers 2.

There are several missions in Helldivers 2 where you have to kill bugs. Your first step should be to close the error holes because you will need it for your other tasks as well. In this guide, we explained in detail how to close bug (terminid) holes.

How to Close Bug Holes

In Helldivers 2, one of the common mission objectives involves sealing bug holes, which are essentially entry points for Terminids, the game’s bug enemies. While this task might seem straightforward, it’s essential to know the most efficient methods for achieving it. Here’s a guide on how to destroy bug holes swiftly:

Utilize Grenades

One of the quickest ways to seal a bug hole is by tossing a grenade inside. The explosion will collapse the hole, eliminating any bugs in the vicinity.

Keep in mind that grenades are limited, typically starting with four at the beginning of a mission.

Resupply Stratagem

  • To replenish grenades, consider using the resupply stratagem from your starship. This can fully restock your ammo, including grenades, allowing you to continue sealing bug holes.The cooldown for resupply stratagems is shared among players in multiplayer, so coordinate with your team.

Trick: If playing with uncooperative players, summon the resupply stratagem away from them to ensure you get access to grenades first.

Orbital Precision Strike

When grenades are unavailable, you can utilize other stratagems like the Orbital Precision Strike. This powerful missile requires throwing a device into the bug hole before executing the strike.

Be cautious of the area-of-effect damage from the strike, and move away to avoid harm.

Consider Alternatives

If you’ve exhausted grenades and the Orbital Precision Strike, other stratagems like Gatling Barrage or Eagle Cluster Bombs can also seal bug holes effectively.

These stratagems can target multiple bug holes simultaneously if aimed correctly.

Remember to communicate with your team and use the minimap to mark objectives for efficient coordination when sealing bug holes during missions.

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