How to Get Extra Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG

Discover the Extra-Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG easily with our guide - find its location and learn how to get it in simple steps!

In this brief Super Mario RPG guide, we explained in a very simple and plain manner where to find the Extra-Shiny Stone, its location, and how to obtain it.

How to Unlock Extra Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG

Are you eager to get your hands on the coveted Extra-Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG? U’re in luck mate! This guide simplifies the process, helping you unlock this special item with ease. Follow our simple 2-3 steps to add this powerful artifact to your collection.

Where to Find the Extra-Shiny Stone?

The key to obtaining the Extra-Shiny Stone lies in defeating Duel-Ready Johnny. Here’s how:

  1. Complete the Main Story: The journey to the Extra-Shiny Stone begins after finishing the main game story.
  2. Boss Rematch Sequence: You must face several bosses in a specific order before challenging Johnny. These include:
    • Scratchy-Throat Belome (Recommended Level: 21)
    • Leveled Up Punchinello (Level 24)
    • Engine 023 Booster (Level 24)
    • Extra-Fancy Bundt & Raspberry (Level 24)
    • Finally, Duel-Ready Johnny (Level 24)
  3. Defeat Culex First: A crucial step is defeating Culex in Monstro Town. You can’t challenge Johnny without this achievement.
Location of the Extra-Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG

Extra-Shiny Stone Details


  • Type: Special
  • Effect: Opens the sealed door in Monstro Town for a second time.


  • Defeat Johnny in a rematch at the Sunken Ship.

Using the Extra-Shiny Stone

Once you’ve opened and conquered the challenges behind the sealed door in Monstro Town, it will reseal. To access this area again and face Culex in a rematch, the Extra-Shiny Stone is essential.

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