How to Unlock Character Blocks in SUMMERHOUSE

Detailed guide about how to unlock character blocks in the game.

In this fun and small-scale construction game, you will have some characters to unlock. Unlocking the blocks of these characters will make it easier for you to build. In this guide, we explained all the character blocks in detail.

This guide was created by Yakleaves.

Unlocking Character Blocks

This guide will show you how to unlock all character blocks in the game.

Cat (Unconfirmed)

These two blocks next to each other

(cat may need to be placed on or near one of these wall blocks or near this door)

Balcony Character

Place 2 of this balcony block side by side

Door Character 1

Place this door by these stairs

Person and Cat Character

This door

with these stairs

Door Character 2

This door by this potted plant

Power Line Birds

Place at least 3 of each of the power line options and then place the wooden triangle roof nearby

White Bird Roof

Place this roof by the orange bird roof

Ghost Character (Unconfirmed)

This power line placed near this grass (may need to be placed at night?)


Placing one of this grass

Hotel Sign Bird

Place this sign by the orange bird roof

Payphone Character

Place payphone block by this block from the wall category

Orange Bird Roof

Place multiple orange roofs by each other

Notice Board Character

Place these two notice boards next to each other

Children on stairs

These stairs with this brown door and the green awning

Doorstep Dog

Place this orange pot near these stairs

Cafe Grandma

Cafe sign above large orange window

Reading Character

Place cafe sign over this door

Cafe Bird

Place cafe sign near bird roof 1

Bin Dog

Red Bin underneath yellow awning

Chicken on Bin

Red bin and green bin next to each other

Bird Tree (Unconfirmed)

Current theory: place multiple of this tree, or this tree near other trees

Vending Machine Character

All three vending machines in a row

Window Character 1

Place 2 of this window next to each other

Window Character 2

Place two of this window next to each other

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