How to Unlock Swap Mode in Pizza Tower

Detailed guide about how to unlock swap mode in the game.

You can make the game more fun by using the 2-Player Trading Mode in Pizza Tower. In this guide, we have explained in detail how to unlock the mode.

This guide was created by Burgerface1632.

How to Unlock Swap Mode

This guide will show you how to unlock the brand new 2 Player Swap Mode.

Swap Mode

To unlock swap mode you have to first beat the game as The Noise, and when you next open your save file head back to the top of the tower and jump down to the left where the smoke is coming out.

And once you have jumped you will land in Peppino’s house, feel free to look around but once you go through the door swap mode will now be unlocked.

And to start Swap mode go back to the main menu and scroll down twice, you should now see a new file select.

Once you have started the save it should look like this.

And when you load into it just pick your character and get your other player to press A once you’ve selected Peppino or Noise.

What Swap Mode is

Swap mode is a 2 Player mode that allows both players to compete for a better score or being hit less in a boss fight. but the way that it works is one person plays then once they get hit once it swaps to player 2 and so on and so forth. (you have to be hit 3 times for boss fights).

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