Hunter’s Arena: Legends – Mir Solo PvP Guide

If you’re uncertain of your talent, you could exercise towards Bot or in TAG/FFA matches. But […]

If you’re uncertain of your talent, you could exercise towards Bot or in TAG/FFA matches.

But that doesnt put together you absolutely for what is gonna appear in solo, due to the fact you could get ambushed whenever on the worst time or simply get instakilled through a person who has 10 000 extra electricity than you.
Practice and TAG offers you sufficient expertise the way to shield your self and counter-assault.

Mir Solo PvP Guide

Lobby – Preparations

Well properly, there’s it, Gates aren’t opened but and you’ve a thousand cash to spare.

Equipment :

Go to Equipment service provider and purchase Skill primarily based totally weapon (image below)

Skills :

I everytime use 1st or 2d talent (Ctrl+1-2) however its actually as much as you. 1st Skill is superb for sending human beings up and begin comboing then and popping their Escape Skill.

Ability :

With our PVP construct for Mir we gonna goal first for Fighter’s Spirit and later for Accuracy. (I by no means goal for Harmory except i’ve a variety of factors for spare, usually after lv 28+)

Where to go?

99% instances i usually head to: Tower of screams (image below)

The reasson for that is, its very near primary Town and it has lots of mini-bosses + chests and usually instances you’ll have sufficient time to complete lv 20 there + kill Boss on pinnacle earlier than barrier reaches you.

And maximum importantly, you do not want horse to get there because it takes simplest 25 seconds to get there.

Entering Dungeon

Your primary precedence is getting all three talents ready!!
Later getting lv 20 for 4th talent.

1st scenario :

You will input dungeon with a couple of human beings.

In that case i advocate to cover in 1st ground and kill mini-boss to advantage right away 2 talent factors that you use to liberate 2 final abilities.
Now you’ve got got 2 options, in case you belive in your self, pass and kill different gamers to advantage large electricity boost + crystals, or preserve farming till lv 20.

2d scenario :

You will input dungeon alone.

In that case pass on closing ground (now no longer pinnacle of constructing wherein is boss) and anticipate chests to respawn.
Lure monsters to assault after which open the chest, you’ll get EXP books from them and you could quicker stage up, due to the fact killing mini-boss with 1st stage is without a doubt pain.

After getting three talents ready, simply farm till lv 17-20 and while you hear (The boss has appeared) pass on pinnacle of the constructing and kill boss + keep in mind to loot his chest.

Types of chests :

Main Bosses usually have Legendary chest close to them.

You can without difficulty understand which chest you’re beginning through searching at their beginning time (or color) :

Basic Chest (White) : 2 seconds
Rare Chest (Blue) : three Seconds
Legendary Chest (Yellow) : four seconds


Again, that is simply my opinion and you could have exclusive techniques of upgrading your character.

Level 1-15

First of all, you gonna spend all of your factors till you gonna have Skill assault powerup absolutely upgraded.

This is what your talents atleast must looks as if atleast earlier than you pass on Boss (i had simplest lv eleven there so i went for Chief harm as a substitute Skill defense)

Level 20+

Basically we’re upgrading simplest proper aspects of Fighter’s Spirit + Accuracy (if you purchased extra factors to spare later, you could pass for extra health)

Leaving Dungeon

After killing Main Boss on pinnacle of the constructing (or attaining stage 20) (otherwise you simply needed to go away due to barrier) head to the principle metropolis which may be very near.

You must atleast have 2000 cash (great might be when you have 5000+)
But not anything is lost, you could nonetheless usually promote your guns for cash (now no longer recommended)

Potions :

First of all, visit the General Merchant

Depends in your cash, both purchase Regular HP potion or Greater HP potions + 2x Potion Replenisher

Belive me, even having 160x Regular hp potions wasn’t sufficient, due to the fact barrier can without difficulty devour a hundred potions of you, in case you are unlucky.

Equipment :

If you’re lacking any a part of equipment, pass and purchase it, then head to the Blacksmith and begin upgrading lowest rarity objects till you’re out of Crystals “Coals”

In Advanced equip. service provider i usually purchase once more Skill-primarily based totally weapon (simplest exception is whilst i already acquired Legendary weapon from chest or player, in that case, purchase Legendary armor or Helm)

Level 20

If you controlled to get stage 20, make sure to examine Super talent, its very usefull and works just like Escape talent due to the fact it may be used whilst you’re protecting M1 and protecting your self.

Leaving Town

You can both use Glider in center of Town when you have two hundred cash spare and barrier may be very near or purchase horse.

After this factor its all as much as you the way you gonna play the relaxation of the recreation, you could clearly pass in center wherein barrier is shrinking to, cover in bush and wait.

Or pass and preserve gaining ranges to advantage increasingly more electricity. (recommended)
Leveling up offers a lots of electricity, harm etc.. Hiding entire recreation is the worst issue you wanna do.


My effects from Solos with this strategy :

Why Mir?

In my opinion, every of his talent may be very pleasant balanced for any form of fight towards Solo or Multiple gamers.

First Talent

  • Lengthy variety very op and tough to counter if used properly (as an instance whilst opponent is knocked down and gonna stand up)

Second Talent

  • Stamina eater, correct to take a couple of goals without delay with excessive radius

Third Talent

  • Properly thats kinda meh, i take advantage of it on occasion however not anything unique, attacking warring parties flank and throwing in the back of myself isnt some thing super.

Fourth Talent

  • Unstoppable tornado, what might be higher than 7 instances hit enemy and devour their stamina or push them off the cliff or into barrier.

Not to say Mir were given god rattling 2 Escape talents! Basic M1 + M2 and his unique cappotential Exploding Rage which fits precisely equal as Escape talent.

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