Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them Mystic Hints

Welcome to our Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them Mystic Hints guide. This guide will show you the least amount of help!

Hush Hush Only Your Love Can Save Them Mystic Hints

For those who want a minimal amount of help!

Mystical Hints

For those who want a minimal amount of help:

  • July 1 (Free)- Mio’s first secret is no neck pain. He will tell the first soul who understands technology
  • July 2 ($1 Money)- You can’t stick to jokes for Iro’s first secret. Ask ‘sensitive’ questions. That is all.
  • July 3 ($3 Coins) – Cassie’s first secret may confuse you. Ask the hard question – ‘are you lifting’ girl?
  • July 4th ($5 Money)- Elle’s first secret is nothing. Just share your “opinion”… It doesn’t mind the pain.
  • July 5th ($10 Coin)- Quill’s first secret is nothing to be afraid of. Just be a good friend and scratch her right ‘hearing’.
  • July 6 ($25 Coin)-Mio’s next secret is the source of his fame. Aiming without shame is the name of the game.
  • July 7 ($40 Coin)-As you search for Elle’s secret, you just need a little care. All you have to do is ask about the hair to distract your mind.
  • July 8 ($75 Money)-You can’t be too skinny in week 2 for Cassie. Speaking privately, you should have a look.
  • July 9 ($100 Coin)- Iro’s next secret isn’t a big deal. You just need to be Suave and look ‘awesome’!
  • July 10 ($150 Coin) – For Quill’s second secret, either make an exception, ask about the danger, or be forced to cheat.
  • July 11th ($222 Coin)- Leave Mio alone for secret #3. Then fulfill your wish… By fixing your phone.
  • 12 July ($444 Coin)- For Elle’s third secret, when champagne is drunk, you must successfully help a prank succeed.
  • July 13 ($666 Coin)-Your patience is being tested for Cassie’s next secret. Don’t let him be rude. Don’t let your phone slide.
  • 14 July ($999 Money)- You have to be selective and diligent for Iro’s next secret. Dark- seek its secrets. light – envy him.
  • July 15 ($1,234 Coin)- For Quill’s third secret, he should be in the mood. Tease him and prepare to be nasty.
  • July 16 ($1,776 Coin)-Mio will tell you this alone in the rain. But you have to answer the phone to make sure you hear it.
  • July 17 ($1,000 Money)-Elle’s fourth secret will test your honesty. when it falls asleep, look for the new incoming mail.
  • July 18 ($2,222 Currency)-Cassie’s fourth secret is the hardest to find. You will need a buff body. But also your mind.
  • July 19 ($3,141 Coin)- Iro’s fourth secret is definitely going to be annoying. You must break his heart by ratting out his father.
  • July 20 ($5,678 Coins)- You’ll have to get lucky for Quill’s fourth secret. And trust me- pulling your ears is just silly.
  • July 21 ($6,300 Money)- Mio’s last secret will wear down your money. When he broadcast his auction live. YOU have to win.
  • July 22 ($7,531 Money)- Cassie’s last secret will cost you, I’m afraid. Money or violence. The line is drawn here.
  • July 23 ($7,777 Currency)-Elle’s last secret is the hardest to see. The goddesses won’t let us. even me. (You get your money back for this. +7,777$ Money)
  • July 24 ($8,675)- Iro’s final secret is the hardest to hear. Just talk about the ring. And prepare for tears.
  • July 25 ($10000 Money)- Quill’s last secret is easy – just ask. But to find that date- aha! That’s the task!
  • July 26 (Free!)- For four different endings, here’s your quest. Save all the girls. And the Villain… unmask

That’s all the clues in the game and now you should get the achievement. He was such a fun character.

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