Hydroneer Beginner Machine Guide

Welcome to our Hydroneer Beginner Machine guide. This guide will show you how to make a small contraption to farm money early in the game.

Hydroneer Beginner Machine Guide

Simple Cash Farm Mk. I

First off, the image below is how our farm will look finished. It will only have the bare minimum for now, but we’ll get to potential expansions later.

Hydroneer Easy Beginner Machine
Hydroneer Easy Beginner Machine

Required Parts for Mk. I

For our small cutesy contraption, we will need the following parts:

The Heart and Soul of our Farm

Hydroneer Easy Beginner Machine
Hydroneer Easy Beginner Machine
  • Used Iron Drill – 432c
  • Used Iron Harvester – 320c

Both of which you can find in the used parts shop close to your starting location.

The Connections

Beginner Machine
Beginner Machine
  • 1 Straight Pipe – 22c
  • 1 T-Shaped Pipe – 28c
  • 1 Curve Pipe – 25c
  • 1 Intake Pipe – 36c

Bonus Tip:

Use your Wooden Cart to carry all of your pipes, and items in general, at once. And don’t forget to buy Tool Bags (220c) as a backup, in case your machines or pipes break.


So, if we do the math, we come up with a sum of 863c that we require for our little machine.

Bonus Way

Beginner Machine
Beginner Machine

If you get bored by all the diggin’ ‘n’ stuff and don’t mind spending 52c on a fishing pole, harvesting the river is another valid and nice way to reach our money goal.

The Magic – Hydroneer Beginner Machine Guide

Try to build the contraption like this:

Hydroneer Farm Money
Hydroneer Farm Money

Once you’ve placed both machines and our pipes, make sure to grab your shovel and place one (1) patch of dirt riiiiiight under our drill.
Really, only one small patch is enough for it to work, pinky promise~ :b

Also, remember to place your pan close to our harvester so you don’t have to pick every ore up yourself.

If everything is set up correctly, the drill now automatically spits dirt into our harvester and, in return, into our pan.

The Sky is the Limit

Now, this is definitely a really solid setup, but what if you want more?

Don’t fret, I’ll also show you a little idea for an expansion I went with. But like they say,
“The Sky is the Limit”

Hydroneer Farm Money
Hydroneer Farm Money

Gromp’s Mk. II – Hydroneer Beginner Machine Guide

If you want to build something along the lines of the picture above, this is what you’ll need in addition to the parts you already have:

  • 10 Straight Pipes – 22c each
  • 1 T-Shaped Pipe – 28c
  • 5 Curved Pipes – 25c each

We will also want some of those tasty conveyor belts, which you can find at the shop here:

Hydroneer Farm Money
Hydroneer Farm Money
  • 1 Straight Conveyor – 220c
  • 1 Vertical Conveyor – 323c
  • 1 (or more) Splitter Conveyor – 532c each

Some extra goodies that aren’t required but which I definitely recommend:

  • 1 Valve Hook – 85c
  • 1 Pressure Tank – 142c
  • 2 Funnels – 110c each
  • 2 Water Filter Hooks – 74c each
  • 1 Smelter – 1320c
  • 3 Concrete Floors – 5c each
  • 1 extra Pan – 12c

Pressure tanks allow you to reset your water pressure back up to 100% if you put in either a raw shard (the blue glowy crystals), or a bar. Eventually you will need them because the pressure drops by 3% (2.5% with Tier 2 pipes) with each pipe path.

The Water Filters, on the other hand, increase the quality of the water. Each gives 2 points, while you can have a max of 10 quality points per water intake.
Higher quality water damages your machines less, so that is always nice. C:


If you use my recommendation for parts, your total cash, which you’ll need for the new upgrade, will come to around 3375c.

Damn, that sounds like a lot…

However, with our little cash farm that we already have, it shouldn’t take long for us to get to this goal.
Additionally, you can also always keep fishing while you wait for your machine to give you that sweet, sweet ore~

Setup of the Mk. II

If you already successfully built the Mk. I, setting this one up will be a breeze for ya.
Try to follow the guide of the images below, or mix it up and build your own version~ C:

Keep in mind that the conveyors have to be connected with pipes as well. I recommend placing a pipe and then just putting the conveyor on the same building square as the initial pipe. Or in reverse, but the conveyors need those pipes. :b

After building it, put the resources you would like to filter out on the tray of the conveyer splitter, like in the third image above.

Finishing Words


Hydroneer Fast Money
Hydroneer Fast Money

You should now have a fully functioning machine that allows you to easily produce ore and, thus, money. If bigger expansions are on your mind, with new drills or harvesters, you’ll need to use the Icehelm Forge to craft them.

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