Icarus Prometheus Map

Navigate Icarus Prometheus Map: Unveil new frontiers, resources & challenges. Master survival, conquer unknown terrains. Begin your odyssey now!

Hello from our Icarus Prometheus Map guide. ICARUS is a PvE survival game for up to eight players. Explore a savage wilderness in the aftermath of terraforming gone wrong. Survive the Open World, complete timed Missions or build your Outpost. Explore, build, craft and hunt while seeking your fortune and prospecting for exotic matter. Did you need a map of Icarus’s Prometheus? Then you’re in the right place! Because in this guide you will find the information you need about the Prometheus map!

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Icarus Prometheus Map

Welcome to our Icarus Prometheus Map guide. This guide will show you detailed information about prometheus map in the game!


Prometheus Map. (constantly updated)

  • Red – Caves
  • Purple – Drill Depp
  • Yellow – Enzymes
Icarus Prometheus Map

About Icarus

Icarus was once envisioned as a potential twin of Earth. Unfortunately, the grand venture of terraforming that sought to replicate Earth’s conditions collapsed. Consequently, the atmosphere turned noxious, and humanity’s aspirations of inhabiting a fresh celestial sphere were shattered. Icarus evolved into a subject of ridicule, emblematic of humanity’s ambitious quest for the unreachable stars that ultimately ended in failure. Xeno-engineers salvaged what remained viable, introducing genetically modified embryos and suspending the terraforming initiative.

Three Distinct Gameplay Modes: Open World, Limited-Time Missions, or Creative Outposts

Regardless of your preferred approach to encountering Icarus, you have the freedom to choose.

Carve out your territory in the Open World, confronting environmental challenges and apex predators to endure and pushing the boundaries of your survival acumen.

Participate in time-sensitive Missions aimed at mining exotic resources, earning Ren as you fulfill assignments for the overseers who hold sway over the planet. Descend to the planetary surface with minimal supplies, establish a base from the ground up, and make your escape before the clock runs out.

Unleash your imaginative prowess in the Outpost sectors, where resources regenerate, and secure settings foster an environment conducive to creativity.

Written by SGT.Lucek

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