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Inkbound Glossary of Terms

Hello everyone from our Inkbound Glossary of Terms guide! Play alone or in a group in […]

Hello everyone from our Inkbound Glossary of Terms guide! Play alone or in a group in Inkbound as you dive into the magical, dangerous books of the Atheneum Library and fight to save this rich, ever-expanding world. Find what you need for this adventure in our guide to glossary of terms!

Inkbound Glossary of Terms

Welcome to our Inkbound Glossary of Terms guide. This is a work-in-progress glossary of terms used in Inkbound, focusing on those that lack in-game tool tips. This is guide is intended to help smooth over that process of learning terminology.

Gameplay Basics

  • Aspect: a character class. Can be switched between runs.
  • Binding: activated abilities, located on the left side of the hotbar. Every Aspect (class) starts with three, and two more can be added during runs.
  • Augment: improvement for a Binding (ability). Each Binding can have three Augments, they are displayed as small dots along the Binding icon.
  • Ascension: variation for a Binding (ability) that changes it more dramatically than Augments. Each Binding can only be Ascended once.
  • Vestige: item that provides passive benefits, located on the right side of the hotbar. Players can carry a max of seven Vestiges, but they can be swapped out.
  • Potions and Fish: consumable items that provide a short-term buff, located just left of center. Players can carry two potions or fish in combination.
  • Kwillings: gold currency used to purchase and reroll in shops. Located on your player nameplate in the upper left.
  • Glyphs: purple currency used to reroll certain reward selections. Located on your player nameplate in the upper left.


  • Binding Empowerment: gives an Augment (ability improvement) plus you can purchase a second Augment.
  • Carver’s Refuge: can purchase Vestiges (equipment) and can purchase healing at 75 Kwillings (gold currency) for 15 HP.
  • Font of Wisdom: gives a Stat increase.
  • Glyph Globule: gives Glyphs (reward reroll currency)
  • Kwillings Cage: gives Kwillings (shop currency)
  • Sea Breach: gives a short narrative prompt with multiple choices, each giving you different gameplay effects.
  • Tethered Shrine: seems to just be a Font of Wisdom (stat increase) with no combat encounter? Still investigating if there’s more to this one.
  • Trove of Bindings: gives a new Binding (ability) or Ascend a Binding (ability variation) if you already have five Bindings.
  • Vaults: gives a Vestige (equipment).
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