Interactive Map for DayZ 1.0

This is an interactive map of the latest Stable DayZ version. Buildings are sorted into loot […]

This is an interactive map of the latest Stable DayZ version. Buildings are sorted into loot categories and are marked on the map. All markers are clickable to display more information of that building.

DayZ 1.0  Interactive Map

I started working on this map due to it not existing any up-to-date maps of the current 0.63 experimental version. I will keep the map updated whenever a new experimental version gets released.
There will never be any kind of advertisements on the site, I prefer to keep it clean.

Can be found all locations this map: Farm locations, military, civilian, industrial, hunting, police stations, firefighter, medic, special locations, vehicles, basebuildings points, landmarks, churc, crane, lighthouse, radio tower ,radar tower and tall tower.

We are working for you, keep our site open 🙂

Interactive Map
Link to the map: DayZ 1.0 Interactive Maps

DayZ 1.0 All Changes

Updated: DayZ 1.0.149918
Added: Vehicle Spawns
Added: Planks

Updated: DayZ 0.63.149525

Updated: DayZ 0.63.149358

Added: Cookie Notice (Sorry, it’s required)
Added: Cookies that remembers your current map location & filter settings

Added: Missing model images

Added: Ability to link to current location. URL automatically updates when panning around, and should link to your current view.

Added: Foundation for search menu.
Added: Searching for DayZ Coordinates

Added: Distance measuring tool
Added: In-game coordinates onto the overlay alongside GPS coordinates.

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  1. we have downloaded the server files off steam to play as a family.
    we have been to the vehicle spawn just up from Olsha a number of times and there is no vehicles. On top off this we have ran a large portion off the map and have seen no vehicles any help on this will be greatly appreciated thanks.

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