Jagged Alliance 3 Best Starting Team and Weapons

In this guide, you will find the information you need to build the right team and choose the best weapons from the very beginning.

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Best Starting Team and Weapons

This guide helps you to choose the right team right from the start and choose the right guns. Here you can get 6 mercs right from the start for your main team. I recommend the following teams:

General Strategy:

I.) Main Team

  • 6 mercs for the battlefield

II.) Non-Fighting Team

  • 1 IMP for scouting, creating militia and manufactoring plates in the underground sector

III.) Weapon and Grenade Manufacturing

  • you will get Larry for free, put him to manufacturing of ammo and grenades at the home base

IV.) Guarding Chokepoint F13

  • 2 mercs with good marksmanship and leadership for controlling chokepoint F13 in the later game

Start with the main team with weekly contracts and follow the time table:

  • week 1: Clean Ernie’s island
  • week 2: Get 3 mines
  • later: Get Larry and create your IMP
  • much later: create Team IV and station it in sector F13

The right guns: I recommend only to use sharpshooters. They can kill most enemies with only 1 shot at a distance where the enemy even can’t notice your presence.

6 Mercs Right from the Start

At the start of the game you have only limited money. So you have to build a cheap team that can fulfill all requirements on the battlefield. The following team can be kept during the whole game and you can afford it right from the start. Begin to hire them with weekly contracts until you have enough money to hire them 2-weekly:

Perfect team and perfect guns

Why Thor ?

  • You always need a good medical on the battlefield. Furthermore Thor has sufficient marksmanship to take part on the battlefield and sufficient leadership for to create militia. Thor creates pills that make tired mercs awake again.

Perfect team and perfect guns

Why Ice ?

  • Ice has excellent marksmanship and is the perfect sharpshooter. Bosses have so much health that they can’t be shot down by only 1 shot. Ice can shoot every body part in one turn, that means 5 shots per turn. This is necessary to shoot down bosses in only 1 turn.

Perfect team and perfect guns

Why Grunty ?

  • (Because I like him). You can educate Grunty to a top merc during the game. Grunty can shoot 2 times=2 kills every time the battle switches to turn-based. That makes a large difference on the battlefield.

Perfect team and perfect guns

Why Lifewire ?

  • Never play a game without Lifewire ! She finds the most of all loot locations and can hack ATMs and computers to get more money and intelligence. And if a sector is scouted the presence of Lifewire shows the position of all enemies on the battlefield all the time. No other merc has such excellent capabilities.

Perfect team and perfect guns

Why Grizzly ?

  • Grizzly has strength=95, sometimes you need this for looting. And Grizzly has sufficient marksmanship.

Perfect team and perfect guns

Why Barry ?

  • Right from the start of the game you are confronted with hidden and dangerous landmines. Barry can find all of them and can disable them right from the start. Furthermore Barry manufactures shaped charges, so you always get own grenades for free.

After hiring all these 6 mercs with a weekly contract you have $ 5495 left. But you will get more money soon for to buy your IMP.

1 non-combat IMP and Larry

The 6 mercs of the main team above fulfill all requirements on the battlefield, so you only need someone for non-combat tasks like building plates in underground sector, scouting and creating militia. Sectors with militia are attacked by the enemy very often and so you can send your non-combat IMP there to fill up the lost militias without using your main team. So this should look like this:

Perfect team and perfect guns

Why this ?

  • high wisdom: for scouting and learning
  • high leadership: necessary for creating militia
  • mechanical >=80: required for manufacturing plates in underground sector
  • high explosive: so your IMP can also manufacture ammo at your home base
  • sufficient medical: necessary if scouting ends with wounds
  • sufficient strength: for carrying loot from previously attacked sectors

Perfect team and perfect guns

  • perks:
  • handshake: cheaper traveling
  • doctor’s cap: faster militia creation

Build this IMP when he is affordable to you.


Perfect team and perfect guns

When you have found Larry you can hire him for free. As explosive expert put him into your home base to manufacture ammo and grenades. If you are specialized into sharpshooting you need .50 ammo for the M-82 gun. There is special .50 burning ammo that is especially funny on the battlefield. And building grenades is always necessary. Scrap all abundant guns and suits into parts and put most of the parts as well as gunpowder into Larry’s inventory.
Then build .50 standard ammo and molotov cocktails from standard components. With both you can then build .50 burning ammo. For grenades you need C4.

Choke Point F13

In the later game nearly all enemy assault groups have to pass sector F13. So you can protect your whole mainland by intercepting these enemy groups in this sector. For that you need a group with:

  • high marksmanship
  • high leadership for rebuilding militia
  • sufficient medical in case of injuries
  • sufficient mechanical to repair the equipment.

The perfect choice for that are Scully and Raider:

Perfect team and perfect guns
Perfect team and perfect guns

This team can act without any outside support. Give them grenade launchers, the packed enemy assault groups are perfect for the explosive circle of grenades. After each battle repair the equipment and rebuild lost militia.This team is very expensive, so you should have sufficient income from your mines !

The Right Guns

I recommend to use sharpshooter guns right from the start. That means most times 1 shot=1 dead. And they have long range so you don’t waste time to get near the enemies and often the enemy can’t detect you from such a long distance. So sharpshooters are the perfect choice. For that you only need 3 different guns:

Early game: Gewehr 98

Perfect team and perfect guns

Don’t waste your chips for this gun, chips are rare. Uses NATO ammo.

As soon as possible: M-24

Perfect team and perfect guns

this is an important gun as long as you can’t get the M-82. Upgrade them to the best. Uses NATO ammo.

As soon as possible: M-82

Perfect team and perfect guns

This is the best gun you can get. Upgrade them to the best. Uses .50 ammo and can shoot .50 burning ammo for more fun on the battlefield.

All other guns you can scrap for parts. Take also a grenade launcher with you, that makes life pretty easy.

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