Jagged Alliance 3 Silent and Deadly Achievement

Discover the tactics and strategies to earn the Silent and Deadly achievement in Jagged Alliance 3 with our comprehensive guide.

You can learn how to obtain the Silent and Deadly achievement in Jagged Alliance 3 from the information in this guide.

This is the guide General M-13 it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

How to get Silent and Deadly Achievement in Jagged Alliance 3

This guide will show you how to get Silent and Deadly pretty easy and with almost no effort.

Setting up for the Achievement

Getting the achievement itself is a cakewalk (At least on First Blood), but getting the right circumstances to make it pop up were a bit hard to find, until i ran into sector A16. This guide assumes you are playing the game in First Blood and that you approach A16 from the South

A small checklist of things you might need:

  • Sector A16 with Enemies (if you cleared this sector already this guide is useless to you).
  • A merc with good sneaking skills, i used my I.M.P. Merc.
  • (My IMP Merc started with 85 points in Dexterity, Agility, and Marksmanship)
  • A Silent weapon, i recommend the M24 sniper rifle with a suppressor.
  • (I found as loot on one of the snipers i killed in Fleatown i believe)
  • Besides that the following mods might help: 10x Sniper Scope, Bidop, UV Dot and Extended Magazine.

* Optional: A bigger group of mercs to get to A16 faster if you’re “rushing” for this achievement.

Kills 1, 2 and 3

  • Deploy your Mercs on the Left side of the deploy zone.
  • (You might also want to pop a save here)
  • Run towards the ladder with your sneaky Merc, Trigger sneak right before you climb up (H) or else the enemy above will see you.
  • Your Other mercs are not needed, but use them if you need to.

The guy you see right away will walk and climb his way to the right and walk over the wooden bridge, ignore him for now and wait for the guy coming from the North
Wait for him to get close to spot the first guy was (about where the grass is) and kill him.

By this time another enemy should be coming from the right and might notice the corpse you just created, make sure he and the guy you ignored earlier are far away enough from eachother, then shoot him.
Now proceed over the bridge and shoot the guy to the north on the other “island”.

Here’s my MS Paint masterpiece to illustrate more or less what we just did.

Silent and Deadly, The Easy way

If this all went without triggering a Combat encounter i advice you to save again.

Kills 4 and 5.

Continue to Sneak to the right and you will see 1 enemy, BUT don’t shoot him just yet.
If you sneak a tiny bit further and you should see a second one.

Take them both out when they are far away from eachother so they don’t notice the other dying.

If all went according to plan you now have 5 kills without combat being triggered once.

Owh and Here’s another MS Paint masterpiece for ya 😛

Silent and Deadly, The Easy way

With this done and over, Pop another save.

Where to go next?

Now you can either backtrack all the way to the Left and then head North OR you can go Right and head North.
IF (like me) you decide to go right, make sure you watch out when you climb the stairs.

Because at the top of the stairs the 3 stooges will be patrolling 😛

Silent and Deadly, The Easy way

I waited around these 3 for a tiny bit before i got impatient and tried looking for a different guy to kill.
I am not sure if these 3 EVER seperate from eachother.

If you head left, just keep going all the way left, then up and you should end up near a group of 4 enemies.

The Last 2 Kills

Let’s call these guys, the 4 musketeers, cuz they seem to really like eachother 😛

Silent and Deadly, The Easy way

This may actually seem like it will be hard to pull off but it is actually rather easy to get kill 6 and 7 here.

If you stick around without getting spotted you will notice that every once in a while Makasi breaks a tiny bit off from the group and goes right.
And this is exactly what we need!, you might know that if an enemy starts to notice you, they freeze in place for a bit until they either spot you completely or you move away.
(Indicated by the red bar under your merc’s portrait (and also the red line on the selection circle under your merc)

Silent and Deadly, The Easy way

If you want: Save your game then move towards the spot shown in the above screenshot.
If you wait there and all goes correctly you should be able to “Bait” Makasi stick around a bit.

Keep him “occupied” there (make sure the red bar doesn’t fill up entirely) until he and his 3 buddies are seperated from eachother far enough and then shoot the guy.

You can use pausing to make this process a tiny bit easier, this allows you to take your time to aim and click the body part of your choice, just make sure he dies in one hit 😛

If you did this correctly his buddies should NOT notice you just killed him it should look something like this:

Silent and Deadly, The Easy way

All you have to do now is kill any of the other enemies on the map in 1 shot and the achievement should pop up!

Written by General M-13

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