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Judgment How to win With Jeffry

Learn the strategies to gain control and achieve victory with Jeffry in Judgment with our comprehensive guide.

Check out our guide to learn how to gain control and emerge victorious with Jeffry in Judgment.

Virtua Fighter Jeffry

This guide will show you details on how to win with Virtua Fighter Jeffry.

How to win With Jeffry

Besides just picking Jeffry and spamming hip checks (J+K on Keyboard) (L2 on controller) there is something you can do that almost ensures damage.

When you first knock down any foe regardless of what move you use they take a moment to stand up, back far away from them and when they have gotten up again they will sprint to close distance and won’t be able to defend themselves and takes slightly longer than normal to initiate an attack.

By taking advantage of this you can get them in a loop that almost always works.

After you hit with a hip check you must move away from them, this gives enough distance that they always sprint towards you, just wait a little bit after they stand up so you don’t fall short when you hip check -> repeat until you’ve won.

You might get combo’d and die sometimes before you start the loop but it’s far easier than simply spamming Hip Checks.

Used this to go start to Dural in ~10 mins. This time could just spam L2 to use it right away after you roll away to get up on Dural so even easier than in Yakuza: Like a dragon.

Managed to even get a flawless win here this time.

How to win With Jeffry

TLDR: Knock them down with any move, move far away, they start running after they stand back up, initiate hip check, they nearly always get hit, double tap away from them on the movement key to get back up, when they stand up wait just a slight moment and then hip check again. repeat until you win.

How to win With Jeffry

Virtua Fighter 5

This trick will not work for Virtua Fighter 5 as hip checks are removed and replaced with a useless taunt.

Can instead spam kicks with Vanessa instead, not as consistent but worked first try for me.

Written by Hollowriller

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