Juice Galaxy Character Sliders

Optimize your life form's performance with a top-tier slider set in Juice Galaxy using the insights provided in our Juice Galaxy Character Sliders guide.

If you need a slider set that will take your life form to the top in Juice Galaxy, you can take a look at the information in our guide.

Optimal and Lore-Accurate Character Sliders

A simple no-frills set of sliders to create the most objectively superior life form in all of Juice Galaxy. Each slider was meticulously chosen for optimal balance between minmaxing and immersion.

Body (with explanation)

Optimal and Lore-accurate character sliders

The body’s unique shape is carefully calculated for optimal combat and meticulously paired with the perfect skin pattern and color to create an unknowable oily horror. The head and torso must be as small as possible in order to bring both shoulders into the same point at the middle of the waist, thus allowing arms a full 360 degree range of motion. Due to this lack of bodymass, the butt must compensate by being as large as possible. A lack of hands and feet contribute to both fashion and function by providing the oilspill horror with an abberant tentacled look that is more prone to janky, explosive movement in combat. Limb sliders must be maxed out to provide a longer melee reach and better ground mobility.

Please note that due to the size of the head, only the santa hat is visible. don’t worry, it’s worth finding one.


Optimal and Lore-accurate character sliders

The skin is crafted to look like the colorful sheen of oil slick, giving your character the look of an incomprehensible abberation made of black slime. Choose the noise pattern and toy with the offset to your heart’s content, but it is imperative that you set all three colors to 0.1 and the tiling to 0.5 and 0.2. This gives you a tar black color at first glance with the occasional oily sheen in just the right light.


Optimal and Lore-accurate character sliders

This section is for immersion. You can skip this if you don’t want to fit your character into the complex and nuanced lore of Juice Galaxy. This character is an aberrant manifestation of destruction and pain which took physical form only recently.

Juice is Everything. In order for this to be possible, Juice must contain the necessary properties to sustain the form of anything. It is believed that Juice has many archetypal forms that can be mixed to a variety of effects, and your character is a manifested concept of destruction understood by Juice’s vast, all-encompassing mind.
You have manifested by choice in a sealed pocket realm designed to contain and educate otherworldly beings like you. After all, there is a native organism like, right there, whose purpose is to teach your kind useful information about this juice-based layer of reality that you find yourself in. You have chosen to form in this prison dome because it contains four of the most highly destructive entities on this timespace vector array, and you will be one. The capacity for violence emanating from the teaching organism alone offers you plenty of archetypal destruction juice to fashion a suitable body nearby. There’s also really large containers of juice in relatively close proximity to your location and moment. You see that consuming one will attract a flying parasite which cannot be stopped by any force you can muster in this world, but you can still allocate your juice before it bites you and it seems to be able to impart aspects of gluttony and transmutation upon it’s victims.

Written by DubbleKoi

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