Just Cause 4 – Follow the Waypoints to Reach Illapa Walkthrough

This is the first mission in Just Cause 4 and will cover movement and combat basics […]

This is the first mission in Just Cause 4 and will cover movement and combat basics through on-screen button prompts.

Follow the Waypoints to Reach Illapa Walkthrough

Step by step

  1. Follow the waypoints and move forward until you reach a wall – jump over it to trigger your parachute
  2. Navigate your parachute to the landing zone
  3. Follow the metal piping up towards the mountain until you reach a helipad platform
  4. Eliminate the enemies on the helipad
  5. Follow the waypoints through the cave – eliminate all enemies while you make your way through until you reach another platform
  6. Grapple and use your parachute to make your way across the cliffs
  7. Turn to your right, following the metal pipes and green waypoints to reach Illapa

Tips for steps

1. Follow Waypoints

  • Waypoints Are Green

You won’t be able to miss the waypoints in your path. They are green arrows that float in the general direction of where you need to go.

3. Navigate Your Parachute

  • No Need To Land, Use Your Parachute To Go Up Mountain

You’ll need to follow the metal piping that goes up the mountains. You don’t need to land, you can simply navigate your parachute to go up to the helipad.

4/5. Eliminate Enemies

  • Dispose Of Enemies As You Wish

At this point of the mission, you’ll only come across a couple of enemies. You can easily dispose of them using your guns, in whatever manner you choose.

Follow the Waypoints to Reach the Console Walkthrough

Step by step

  1. Make your way up the structure, using your parachute & grappling hook
  2. Continue to follow the waypoints to direct you towards the location of the console
  3. Once you reach the console, interact with it to initiate hacking
  4. Stay close to the console to keep Mira connected
  5. Defend yourself from the enemies that will appear during the hacking process
  6. Once the hacking process is done, a cutscene will trigger

Tips for steps

5. Defend Yourself During Hacking Process

  • Use Rocket Launchers To Hit Multiple Enemies

You’ll be faced with many enemies at this point. Use a rocket launcher to dispose of multiple enemies in one shot.

  • Beware Of Snipers

You can easily spot snipers due to their Red Dot Sight. Aim for towers around the console to eliminate them before they damage you.

Congratulations! Just Cause 4 first mission is completed.

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