Just Cause 4 – How to Liberate

Just Cause 4 Liberation

The other method for unlocking more Squad Reserves in Just Cause 4 is to liberate more regions. When a hostile region is bordered by two or more of friendly regions (regions that Rico has already liberated), players will then unlock additional Squad Reserves by liberating it. It isn’t necessary to spend any Squad Reserves to liberate this region, either.

For this method, Just Cause 4 players will want to think tactically about how they liberate regions. Plan ahead to choose regions in the game world that will end up bordering other regions, so that they can then be liberated and yield more Squad Reserves.

Speaking of thinking tactically, it should also be pointed out that different regions require different numbers of Squad Reserves in order to be liberated. As such, players should focus on regions that cost as few Squad Reserves as possible in order to border other regions which can then be taken over to unlock more.

Q and A for Liberation

Q: I know this sounds like a simple question but I can’t find the answer anywhere on the internet. So can you liberate individual outposts in JC4 or just contribute to liberating the entire province.

A: Getting 100% no longer liberates bases or outposts from what I seen they’re tied to front line missions, objectives you have to complete in order to Take over a region. Any and all locations will be liberated in the region you takeover.

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